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Tiger Woods: Divorce and Infidelity – More Lessons from His Father?

Updated on December 19, 2009

Tiger Woods: Cheats Himself Out of Life . . . and Perhaps Happiness

Claude “Butch” Harmon’s book on Tiger Woods entitled, The Pro: Lessons from My Father About Golf and Life, seems sadly mistitled or aptly titled, depending on how you view what’s going on with the billionaire golf great right now.

I watched the clip of Tiger Woods’ first girlfriend, Dina Gravell-Parr, 34, on Entertainment Tonight. She described their meeting and breakup in the following manner.

They met when she was a senior and he was a junior in high school in California. She was 17 and Tiger was 16. She says they met in accounting class, starting out as friends.

Tiger Woods: Lessons about Infidelity Learned from His Father?

During the three years they dated, she said there was one part of his father, Earl Woods, that Tiger could never reconcile himself to – the part that had numerous affairs. She recounted how Tiger would sometimes call her in tears saying that he knew his father was out with one of his mistresses.

And, this is the part that caused me to sit up and take note . . . she said that Tiger described the women as well, kind of skanks. She didn’t use that word, but she said he would say stuff like, “I can’t believe the type of women he goes for.”

Now, does this ring familiar? Does this sound like lessons from a father to his son?

She also said that even back then (’92, ’93), Tiger’s parents seemed to live separate lives. Maybe they had an “understanding.” We don’t know, but it certainly seems to have left an impact on their only child, who was at an impressionable, maturing point in his life.

It’s amazing the way that things play out. All of us carry our past with us – the good and the bad. It seems that Tiger learned some lessons from his father that he didn’t need to learn – like infidelity.

In another part of the interview, Ms. Gravell-Parr recounted how Tiger was pushed to succeed. She seemed to almost offer it as a possible explanation – not an excuse – for his behavior, saying, “He didn’t have it so easy growing up; there was a lot of pressure.”

Tiger Breaks His First Girlfriend’s Heart

The part of the interview that was really disturbing – and was perhaps the beginning of what seems to be some type of character flaw – is how Tiger broke it off with Ms. Gravell-Parr. She said his parents urged him to do so, fearing their relationship was interfering with his golf.

She said he sent a letter to her hotel. She and her family were visiting him at Stanford. He sent a letter telling her not to show up at the tournament the next day because she would be “unwelcome.” In the letter, he also asked her to return a necklace he’d given her.

She said she was devastated. She still had the letter – even after all these years.

Tiger Woods Breakup with First Girlfriend: Was This Turning Point for Tiger?

The, what one could call “callousness”, with which this long-term relationship ended could have turned something in the young Tiger. At the urging of those who loved him the most, he was prodded to end an obviously important relationship with no thought for the person on the receiving end.

And now, at last count, allegedly 14 mistresses later, the same lack of thought is given to his wife.

Is this another lesson from father to son? Only Tiger knows.

What’s for sure is that there’s no peace in this Tiger.

Tiger Woods: Divorce? Is Elin Really Going to Go Through with It?

The latest reports are that Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren is definitely going to divorce him. According to the ABC News article, Tiger Woods: Divorce Looms for 'Athlete of the Decade', “A source close to Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, told ABC Wednesday [12/17/09] that a "divorce is 100 percent on." . . . Nordegren, a 29-year-old former model, was recently photographed without her wedding ring.

Let’s hope that Tiger – and his wife Elin and their children -- find the peace and happiness all human beings so richly deserve.

Tiger Woods: A Sex Addict?

Tiger Wood's Wife, Elin Nordegren


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      breakups among famous personalities are increasing and tiger woods story is another one


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