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Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland: A DVD Review

Updated on February 7, 2011

Alice: Delightful in both "New" and "Original"!

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - 2010

Quirky, bizarre and fascinating are the words that come to mind when one imagines any joint venture involving Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, and Alice in Wonderland surely does not disappoint! This movie is dark, Gothic, a lot of fun and bit horrifying. Trust Tim Burton to find the twist in any situation! The movie features lots of wacky and impressive special effects and CGI work and broad, sweeping, outrageous make-up and romping performances by Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen.

Alice in Wonderland has been billed as a retelling or an interpretation of the Lewis Carroll classic; however, it is not that. It is a sequel, and the script does a nice job of taking us forward 10 years in time to Alice's second visit to Underland (mistakenly called Wonderland on her previous visit) and the quest that will ultimately help her find and define herself. Mia Wasikowska is interesting and winsome as the 19-year-old Alice who would prefer to chart her own course rather than submit to an arranged marriage.

Alice in Wonderland is rated PG, and I think parents should take that seriously with children under ten and watch with them. Some parts are quite violent and gory and could be frightening. Overall, though, this is a fun family movie that would be enjoyable to have on hand during the holidays.

I give Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 4 Stars for imagination!

Thanks! :)

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  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 7 years ago from Texas

    I always enjoy well made kids movies; although, I don't know if I would exactly call this a kids movie!

  • PaperNotes profile image

    PaperNotes 7 years ago

    I also liked this movie. I guess I may not be a young girl anymore but each time I watch films like this I realize there is still some signs of youth in me.

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 7 years ago from Texas

    Yes, it was a lot of fun and a little terrifying! :D

  • cwarden profile image

    cwarden 7 years ago from USA

    I loved this movie. Good review!

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 7 years ago from Texas

    Understandable. You have to just think that it is not going to be a remake, because it's not. It is definitely the seamier side of "Underland"! :D

  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    I don't know if I would like this or not. Some of the movies done on Alice are amusing but it is hard to mess with a classic.