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Tim Hockenberry Audition and Predictions For the 7th Season of America's Got Talent

Updated on May 16, 2012

Tim Hockenberry is a singer who auditioned in San Francisco for AGT 7. People who watch America's Got Talent every year already know that singers have a leg up in the public voting. So you can never totally count out a good singer when making predictions on who can win the season. However, after seeing his audition, I do not belive that Tim is one of the favorites to win this season's America's Got Talent.

Hockenberry has raised four kids, and he had another baby with his girlfriend about three weeks before his AGT audition. Tim also said he has had problems with alcohol but implied that he has stopped drinking. He was not too clear about that, though.

He has a smoky, soulful quality to his voice, but I found that his vocals also lack good control, power, and range. Tim also played the keyboard on his audition of "You Are So Beautiful." I just feel like you could see a Tim Hockenberry in just about any town. The only thing that stand out at all is his tone, which sounds sort of like the legendary Louis Armstrong. That is all I can see that would set him apart from other singing contestants.

But the judges praised him to the moon. The praise seemed like overkill to me. I don't know what is going on, but if this is the guy they want to push for a win, they could potentially get him past several voting rounds. After all, he does sing with emotion, which is probably the #1 attribute of a successful vocalist.

Still, I am not going to predict a win for Tim Hockenberry no matter how much the judges seem to like him. He really does not have a great voice. Hopefully, the show will push for opera singer Luiz Meneghin to do well and find some other suitable possibilities as a winner besides Tim Hockenberry. This guy could potentially get close to the finale, though. But his lack of overall singing talent will probably prevent a win.


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    • profile image

      Neal Johnson 5 years ago

      There is another side to this story. Tim Hockenberry is a professional musician who has 4 solo CD's released, and has recorded and toured with Trans Siberian Orchestra. There must be some rules on AGT about professionals competing.