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Tim Tebow: A Role Model Who Gives Hope

Updated on June 12, 2018
Tim Tebow "Tebowing"
Tim Tebow "Tebowing" | Source

A True Role Model for Kids and Adults

Thank goodness for Tim Tebow. He continues to be a professional sports hero of this decade that parents can feel good about. Tim Tebow is truly a role model on and off the field. Now maybe Tebow's stats are inconsistent. There sure are plenty of doubters who question his ability to be a winning quarterback. But for every skeptic of his professional football ability there are just as many believers who want him to succeed. Why? Because Tim Tebow takes his responsibility of being in the spotlight seriously. I appreciate that far more than a touchdown pass.

Football expert I am not, but parent of a 12 year-old boy, I am. My son watches ESPN SportsCenter every morning before school. Many times I am compelled to grab the remote and turn it off. We have been through the Duke University Lacrosse mess, the Penn State horrific scandal, Tiger's womanizing, Vick's dog fighting, Kobe's mountain mishap, NFL bounties and countless acts of violence and disregard for the law by many pro athletes. Tebow is refreshing.

What Makes a Good Role Model?

A good role model is one who inspires greatness, makes positive choices, demonstrates confidence and shows respect to himself and others. Time Tebow is all that and more. At a Father's Day speech in June, 2012, he spoke on the topic of role models. “One of the most frustrating things – and last time I said it, I got a lot of flak for it, but it doesn’t bother me too much. There are a lot of role models. There just aren’t a lot of good ones,” Tebow said, according to U-T San Diego. “If we would come together and be great role models, it would be amazing to see how the next generation turns out.”

Wow. He realizes what he says is not popular as he is criticizing fellow athletes, yet he knows he speaks the truth and his message should be heard.

Tim Tebow Gives Kids Hope

Youth athletes, like my son, don't just watch Tim Tebow, they resonate with him. "If he can do it, maybe I can too," they say. Tim Tebow gives kids a glimmer of hope. He is living proof that with hard work and an abundance of perseverance, it is possible to beat all odds.

Athletes Have a Responsibility to Our Youth

Who is Your Favorite Role Model for Young Athletes?

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Taking the Path Less Traveled

Thank you, Tim Tebow for standing up for your beliefs. How many kids are out there today caving in to peer pressure on a daily basis because they are not strong enough to stand up for what they know is true and just? Tim Tebow was asked at a news conference if he was saving himself for marriage. He did not back down. He confidently said, "Yes I am." Indeed it is the path less traveled. Many times Tebow has been criticized for wearing bible references on his body during games. Isn't he just standing up for what he believes in and thanking God for his ability?

Tebow's "Hail Mary" passes and his proclaimed virginity make him the butt of many jokes. His desire to publicly credit Christ for his successes was the inception behind a recent SNL skit. As a parent, we teach our children to think for themselves; to stand up for what is right; and not to alter their opinions based on popular vote. We tell them to take the path less traveled and to leave no stone unturned. As evidenced by the mounds of Tebow criticism, this is not an easy path for him to take. Yet he travels it without hesitation.

Mark Sanchez, NY Jets quarterback
Mark Sanchez, NY Jets quarterback | Source

Tebow Continues Class Act as a NY Jet

No doubt, Tebow received a low blow when Peyton Manning became a Bronco, yet he handled it with class. As a backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez, his future is uncertain as a Jet. Instead of wallowing in his demise, he hit the gym and gained ten pounds to increase his versatility on the football field.

Do You Think Tebowing Should be Trademarked?

Is Tim doing the right thing by trademarking Tebowing so people don't abuse it?

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Tebow's Popularity

There is no debate that people continue to be intrigued with Tim Tebow. With 1.9 million Facebook subscribers, people love Tim Tebow. Just check out the website (with more than 17 million page views) and see people across the nation striking the Tebow Time pose. People also strongly dislike Tebow as well. Some think he is a fake. Some claim him to be a weak football player. To me, I appreciate him for being a professional athlete that I can respect on and off the field.

Tim Tebow Gives Back

Through the Tim Tebow Foundation, Tim is able to use his status as a pro football player to help children in need all over the world. His foundation partners with many different charities to help those in need. His W15H programs provides a child and their family to attend a football game and get to spend time with Tim. After many games, Tim is seen talking to these children on the sidelines. He clearly recognizes that football is his path to help people for the greater good.

Tim Tebow Foundation W15H Highlights

A Sincere Thanks

The mere spotlight of pro athletes causes them to be watched. Our youth emulate their behavior and activities whether honorable or not. Tim Tebow's autobiography, "Through My Eyes," he discusses that many have the ability to influence others, but with that ability comes responsibility. Tebow knows our world needs more athletes with good behavior for youth to follow. On behalf of parents everywhere, thank you Tim Tebow for being a responsible role model for our kids.


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