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Tim Chapman

Updated on April 17, 2014

Introducing Timothy Charles Chapman.

Tim Chapman was Born and raised in California, Tim Chapman who is called Youngblood by Dog the Bounty Hunter, is the Original "Quiet Man" a man of few words, but capable of lightning fast action-which has seen many "Bad Boys" face to face with retribution!!


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Early Tim........

Tim was raised with an abusive father, who would later end up in prison. Starting at a young age Tim was beaten, starved, and neglected by his father. Over the years Tim would learn that he was not the only one being assaulted by this man. By the time Tim had reached his teens, he had finally had enough and ran way with his brother to his mother.

It was after being reunited with his mother that his love for bounty hunting would begin. Little did he know that one day a red light and a fugitive would start a career that would go on for decades. At 14 Tim made his first arrest under the watchful eye of his mother. Just a few years after his first capture he would find the one man that would be like a father to him, Duane "Dog" Chapman.

While working side by side with "Dog" Tim has learned many things, including that you can be clean and straight and still kick some butt. He found a father figure in "Dog" and would later return the favor to "Dog" by helping his son, Leland.

Bringing Perverts to justice is not an easy life..............

Tim Chapman, (at front of photo) along with Duane "Dog" Chapman and Leland Chapman, (leland at rear of photo) was arrested on September 14, 2006 in Hawaii. The arrest comes three years after traveling to Mexico to capture Andrew Luster who was on the run from criminal charges of multiple Rape.(among other things) Tim faced charges of illegal detention, conspiracy and kidnapping. (Can you smell the injustice!!)

Revenge is Sweet!!

After suffering years of abuse Tim would finally get justice, he played a crucial role in getting his father convicted and now has some closure.

About Tim........

Tim first learned of Duane "Dog" Chapman when he was 17, from that moment he wanted to work with Duane. Although credited as Duane "Dog" Chapman's brother, Tim is not actually related to Duane. Tim plans to start a foundation that will help at risk children turn their lives around. In 1992 Tim moved to Hawaii to partner up with Duane "Dog" Chapman. Tim made his first arrest at age 14. As a child Tim grew up down the street from Max Factor heir Andrew Luster, whom Tim helped capture in Mexico. Tim's mother was a bondswoman from Colorado, Diane Wimberly. Dog's nickname for Tim is "Youngblood

Family man....

Tim is a proud father, he has a son from his first marriage-called Timmy and is currently married for the second time.

With his father in prison and his step-sisters on the streets, Tim is determined to make a name and a good life for himself and his family.

Where is Tim?

There has been a lot od specilation about the whereabouts of Tim on the Latest Dog the bounty Hunter Series, No, He has not been sacked or kicket out for bad behaviour, Nothing so sinister, here is a quote directly from Baby Lyssa's My Space Blog explaining.

"I have gotten a lot of emails since last Wednesday about Tim not being on the show. Tim is not on the show this season. He wanted to take some time and be with his young family. Our working hours are from early morning to late evening, plus the travel. This did not allow Tim the time he needed to be with his family. Tim may be back for next season, no decision has been made yet. We will announce it on our website when we know".

So there you have it, He is taking time out to be with his family-end of story.

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