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Tips for Attending a Movie Premiere

Updated on March 21, 2013
This is before the movie premiere starts.
This is before the movie premiere starts.
The premiere of the movie Puss in Boots
The premiere of the movie Puss in Boots

If you are planning on going to a movie premiere or are going to one and if it is going to be your first time going then here are some good first time tips that will help you not to get nervous or do something that will embarrass you later on at the event.

  1. The best object to get a celebrity autograph on is in a 8x10 picture index card containing a quality looking auto car one that looks nice or luxurious and a silver or black marker pen or if you don't have one of those items then carry a wad of index cards with a biro or felt tip. Remember that the celebs usually don not carry pens with them so now you know why you have to bring one of your own.
  2. Take a camera with you to remember this special day use it to take pictures make sure that the camera still works good and that it takes good pictures otherwise if you end up forgetting it then you might have to stick with the pictures from the Internet and sometimes that is not much fun to see.
  3. Take a friend to the movie premiere event its always much funner if you bring someone so you can talk and have fun.
  4. As you are on your way to the premiere it's better if you bring your own food such as a sandwich, water, and a fruit or chips if you would like since the food that restaurants sell can be expensive and it's not worth it to pay a lot of funny just for food that you want to eat. So its more economical saving you money.
  5. Get in the know that some actors may or may not show up to the premiere it might be a sad thought but don't expect all of the stars to attend.
  6. Another good advice is if you want to have a good experience and view is for you to come early if in the ad event says that the movie premiere will start at 7pm then do not be there at 6:30pm since it is not a party. If you are going to go to a huge movie premiere then get there around 3pm to get a good spot for a most unpopular film premiere be there at 4pm if you follow these tips trust me there is a greater chance that you will get autographs and meet celebs as well.
  7. When you get there have your bag with you and put it in front of you or your feet keep it against the barrier since pickpockets do arrive at the movie premieres due to the pockets that might be open.
  8. Carry along with you some plastic bags you may never know what you will need them for.
  9. Next tip and this is one of my favorites when you are there you have to smile and for you to smile good and show your teeth because a smile is better when you show your teeth and for that brush your teeth by using a whitening toothpaste that will make a big difference in the look of your teeth.
  10. Last but not least do not let yourself hold back just be yourself, do not be shy, dance and have lots of fun enjoy the moment and be happy.

Do you see the crowd of people at the breaking dawn movie premiere?
Do you see the crowd of people at the breaking dawn movie premiere?


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