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"To Do" List For Your Independent Film

Updated on February 12, 2013

1. Submit to film festivals, which I've listed a top ten in my previous blog.

*Do not allow deadlines to affect the quality of your film.

*Research festivals

*Submit to ten "A" film festivals

*Submit to another Ten to thirty "B" film festivals

*Follow up with festivals

*Promote movie online with website

*Get local media to do some press.

*Set aside funds for for marketing, travel and your festival debut

*Build buzz through all of your efforts

2. Build The Team

You will need the following




*Producer's Rep


*Friends ( for support and for assisting with tasks)

3. Create marketing materials

Start a campaign

*Take production stills during shooting

*Headshots of key cast, crew

*Schedule photo shoot during production, for pictures that might be used on on posters, DVD sleeve, and potentially for magazine covers and press.

*Stickers with movie logo

*Press kit (with B&W, color, and digital photos)





*Website (with e-mail newsletter to promote site)

*Create a "Press Only" area of your website for photos, press materials

*EPK (electronic press kit)

*CD-ROM/DVD Press kit

*Promo items (witty, clever, and original)

*Trailer (Post online)

*Invitations/Postcards to screening

*Plan a Party

Minor Details

*Book Travel

*Restaurant reservations

*Make a schedule of screenings, parties, events

*List Your goals and keep them in your purse or wallet

At the Festival, make valuable contacts and friends

*Invite reviewers, distributors, and VIPS if you know any :-)

*Distribute postcards and posters at festival

*Contact local media

*Paper the town with your marketing materials

*Give out promo items

*Promote your screening

*Get reviewed

*Wear something that stands out

*Throw a party

*Attend parties

The ultimate goal

*Secure distribution

*Make contacts with distribution

*Set up post-festival screenings

*Collect all press clippings and reviews

*Explore attending other festivals

*Have a next project

*Send thank you notes

And good luck with your independent film!!


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