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Learn Magic Tricks

Updated on December 12, 2010

Learning magic tricks is a cool and fun thing to do, many want to know how to learn magic tricks simply for the fun of it, you can even learn free magic tricks just by asking your friends or family, i myself was taught this trick from my father. It is easy to learn magic tricks once you know how,and then you can add your own flavor to the trick to make it even more amazing.If you want to learn how to do magic tricks then i may have just the trick for you, this is just one of the many magic tricks to learn and perfect, you may want to do it to empress your family or startle your friends or just for the love of magic itself, what ever your reason it is good to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

The Magic Disapearing coin Trick

To do this magic trick all you will need is a coin, place the coin in the palm of your hand and cover with a piece of white cloth or handkerchief, to prove to your audience the coin is still there have them reach under the cloth and touch the coin. once the audience is satisfied then, quickly flick away the white cloth to reveal that the coin has disappeared and is some how now in your pocket.
To make this trick believable you will need the participation of a audience member preferably someone you know this is the only way you will get this trick to work. As i said before when you ask a few of the audience members to check to see if the coin is still there, the person that you know will be the last to check the coin and will actually  take the coin from your hand.. you will also need a second identical coin to put in your pocket and wala!

Performing This Trick

To begin, show your audience there is nothing in either hand, make it even more believable by rolling up your sleeves to show them there is nothing there, take out your coin and place it in your hand and cover with a white cloth or handkerchief .Now to prove that the coin is still in your hand, have a few of the audience members reach underneath the handkerchief and touch the coin.As i said before save the person who will take the coin for last,say some mystical magic words and vala!the coin has disappeared then reach into your pocket to reveal the other exact same coin pretty easy!.If you would like to learn easy magic tricks than have a look at these amazing magic books from amazon to get you started you never know you could be the next Houdini!.


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