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Toddlers And Tiaras -- Carolina Queens And Icons Pageants

Updated on December 19, 2012

The Carolina Queens And Icons Pageant is being held in Columbia, South Carolina. Tanisha Dorsey is the pageant director. The three girls featured this week are: Selena, Mackenzie and Faithlyn.

Mackenzie 6 lives in Goose Creek, South Carolina. She likes to make up songs about everything. Has personality plus, says mom, Stephanie. Thinks everyone is jealous of her. Mackenzie practices her routine with an umbrella and knocks everything over. Mac says her mom is getting on her nerves. Mac tells girls at school she’s going to teach them how to be a pageant princess and shake it on stage. Teacher thinks Mac was born to be a superstar. Thinks Mac helped build the girls self esteem.

Faithlyn 9 has been doing pageants for 8 months and seems to always win the Beauty Supreme. It may have been Faithlyn's idea to become involved in pageants, because we never meet her mother, so she isn't one of those pageant mothers. Her parents seemed to have hired a pageant coach named Nikki, who is probably more a pageant mother than most pageant mothers. Nikki will get mad if Faithlyn doesn't win. Nikki can get rude if Faithlyn doesn't do her routines correctly. Nikki having someone cut Faithlyn's hair. Nikki and Faithlyn like to make fun of pageant moms who are fat. Hate to hear what they'd have to say about fellow contestant, Selena.

Selena is 3 and well on the way to becoming morbidly obese if her mother Sabrina doesn't start watching what the girls eats. Selena doing her first glitz pageant. She says she wants to be the next Beyonce. Sabrina doesn't think Selena's weight is a problem. Sabrina is a bit overweight herself.

I have a cat and I'm always keeping an eye on his weight because someone I know has a cat that is morbidly obese and she's doing nothing to get the cat's weight down. I'm the one whose feeding my cat and if he's getting too much food, I need to cut back on the food. And I think it's the same with a parent. If you see your child is putting on too much weight for that child's health you need to cut it back so the child doesn't become too overweight.

The problem with Selena's mother is she bribes Selena to practice for the pageant. In this episode she bribed her with chocolate. She even admitted she once bribed the kid with a flat screen TV. She doesn't seem to get she's teaching this kid some very bad behavior and she's only 3. What's she going to be like when she grows up?

One thing Sabrina puts her foot down in is not allowing Selena to play outside. Sabrina feels Selena has a perfect golden skin tone that gives her an advantage over the other girls. But she can't allow her to play outside or it'll ruin her skin tone. The sad thing is if she'd allow Selena to play outside and get some exercise she might not be putting on so much weight. So Sabrina earns worst mother title in this episode

At the pageant in Columbia, Selena acts up when her hair is being done and make-up is being put on her. She also doesn't want to get dressed. Nikki gives the make-up lady trouble as she directs every minute detail of Faithlyn's hair and make-up. And Mackenzie is like the perfect little Barbie Doll letting the make-up people make her up how they please.

Selena wants her daddy, Sergio, before she goes on stage by herself. Sergio says he loves pageants. Both he and Sabrina are in the audience acting out what Selena needs to do on stage.

Faithlyn doesn't think she has any competitors that can touch her and believes she'll get Grand Supreme. However, disaster strikes when Faithlyn is about to go on stage in the beauty portion. She can't get her flipper to fit and has to go on stage without it. Nikki doesn't like how Faithlyn's name was pronounced. She says it was pronounced like it was two names instead of one. Nikki feels Faithlyn won beauty.

Icon Wear is the next portion of the contest. Selena is dressed in a revealing wedding gown as she goes on stage with her older brother pretending to be Beyonce. When she can't pull off the skirt of her routine, Sabrina blames her son for not helping Selena. Eventually, he pulls it off for her and she gets her act together. Selena thinks she's going to win a big crown.

Mackenzie goes on stage with her umbrella and does her routine perfectly.

Nikki nearly has a meltdown when the girl before Faithlyn is dressed just like her as Jeannie from I Dream Of Jeannie. Faithlyn says she'll just have to outshine the girl. Nikki is talking to a blonde woman in the audience. I can't be sure if that's Faithlyn's mother or not or just someone Nikki met there. If it isn't her mother, then Faithlyn's parents appear to have absolutely no interest in Faithlyn's pageants. Nikki is convinced Faithlyn will win nothing less than Grand Supreme.

The Crowning --

Selena wins 2nd runner up. She says she doesn't need a big crown because she's got a nice bag of candy.

Mackenzie gets Queen, but her mother wanted her to get Grand Supreme. Mac seems pretty philosophical about not winning Supreme. She says it's just someone else's turn to win it.

Faithlyn is confident she'll win Grand Supreme, but she once again gets Beauty Supreme. Nikki is not happy. Feels the award is pointless since she's seen the ugliest kids win it. Faithlyn trashes the girl that won Grand Supreme and says she's only going to do it until she's 11 or 12.

Sabrina says more glitz pageants are in Selena's future.

Mac's mom says she'll continue to do pageants, as well; while Mac sings a song about liking the rainbow jewels in her crown.


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