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Toddlers And Tiaras -- Little Miss And Mr. Nevada Glitz Pageant

Updated on August 26, 2012

Pageant moms took a backseat to a pageant dad and pageant grandmother. Maybe I blinked and missed it but I don't think the mother with the pageant grandmother even spoke a word as granny was large and in charge. And there were quite a few spoiled brats in this episode.

Tami is the pageant director and she's expecting beauty, personality, attire and stage presence from the contestants.

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Kylee is 6 and her father Marty is a single father. Marty said Kylee's mother started her in the pageants and he's continued it. He didn't say if she left them or if she's dead. She's just no longer in the picture. Kylee says she's used to wining Grande Supreme because she's so pretty.

Henderson, Nevada:

Elizabeth is 5 and she's sassy, beautiful and perfect. Her grandmother Patty, known as Nonni, is the moving force behind Elizabeth's pageant career. Her mother is kind of like a piece of wood just standing around not saying anything as Nonni calls all the shots. She says Elizabeth was born with glitter in her veins. Elizabeth says her personality is over the top.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Scarlett and Isabella are 3 year old twins, and I held back from labeling them as spoiled brats, but since one of the judges said it, I have to say these two kids are spoiled brats. Their mom, Kelli, says they've competed in over 100 pageants. Kelli says Scarlett is easy-going while Isabella is just the opposite, as we get treated to her throwing a temper tantrum. Kelli also intends to put her infant Baby Gavin into the pageant. She feels that will increase her chance of winning something.

Georgina Vaughn is Kylee and Elizabeth's coach. Georgina doesn't feel there's any conflict of interest. Unfortunately, it turns out that Georgina is kind of a one-trick pony. Later during the pageant Nonni will complain about Georgina giving Elizabeth and Kylee the same hairdo, having them wear the same dress and having them doing the same dance routine. Nonni will also complain that she feels Georgina is giving better treatment and more time to Kylee then she is to Elizabeth.

Right now, Georgina had the idea of Kylee dressing as one of the Blue Man Group for her photo shoot.

Henderson, Nevada:

Nonni takes Elizabeth to Auntie Floozie's. No, it's not a brothel. She's dress designer. I actually thought I was hearing things when I heard that name. They're getting the dress tha Elizabeth will be wearing in the pageant. Elizabeth says Nonni spends all her money on her. Nonni estimates she's spent from $80,000-$100,000 on Elizabeth's pageants. Elizabeth says she's spoiled. It's always great when a child knows what she is.

Kylee is planning to do an I Dream Of Jeannie routine, while Elizabeth is doing a Madonna routine. Only problem is Georgina has choreographed both dances and aside from a few tricks that she put in Kylee's routine, both dances look a lot alike.

As it turns out, a pageant in Las Vegas isn't like other pageants. For instance, our three featured contestants decide they must arrive in style. Kelli rents a long stretch pink hummer because Scarlett wanted it. Meanwhile Marty and Kylee arrive at the pageant by helicopter. Another difference is the judges are all celebrity impersonalors. For some reason Kylee threw her suitcase with all her hair pieces in the water.

Isabella throws a temper tantrum as she's getting ready for the pageant. Keeps screaming she wants to get down.

Marty says they walked in like they owned the hotel.Kylee says she's pretty, but prettier with make-up on.

Nonni feels Elizabeth's hair looks bad and that Georgina spent more time doing Kylee's hair.

Scarlett is irritated when she goes on stage her music isn't on so she just stands there doing nothing. Isabella has a temper tantrum because she wants to go on stage...NOW! Kelli declares if they're all just had it, she'll pull them from the pageant; she's done it before. Bratty Bella is all smiles when she goes out on stage. However, the male Cher impersonator says he doesn't feel the twins were poised or as well prepared as the others.

Nonni can see how much Georgina has made Kylee and Elizabeth look-alike because they go on stage one after the other. Feels they have the same hair; only Elizabeth's isn't done as well. And feels they're pretty much wearing the same dresses. Something tells me when this is all over Nonni will be finding Elizabeth a new coach.

It's not that she's making stuff up. Nonni has a point about Georgina showing a preference to Kylee. She's even sitting with Marty during the pageant.

The Cher impersonator says Kylee reminded him of a beautiful drag queen he know. Come on, don't all these little girls all glitzed out look like drag queens? Someone finally had the guts to say it.

The twins are carried out on a surfboard to do their routine. Isabella is into it, but Scarlett turns her back on the audience and does nothing becaue she doesn't like sharing the stage. Kelli likes to describe Isabella as the spoiled brat, but let's be honest, they both are.

Another judge decides the twins didn't want to be there.

Kylee doing her genie routine. When she's coming out of her bottle, she falls off stage. She's a bit banged up but not seriously hurt. She goes on stage and does her routine all over again. The judges are impressed, however, Nonni feels Kylee's routine is very similar to Elizabeth's.

Elizabeth gets kudos from the Britney impersonator for her Madonna wedding tribute. Judge says he thought Elizabeth and Kylee were also twins they looked so much alike. Georgina, you in trub-bull!

During judging, one of the judges labels the twins as spoiled brats. Also Elizabeth is judged as having a fake smile, while Kylee has more of an IT factor.

Kelli thinks one of the twins could win supreme. Talk about a delusional pageant mom. While the twins are on stage waiting to see if they won anything, they're acting like spoiled brats. Scarlett wins princess and Isabella wins queen.

Elizabeth wins Supreme Personality and isn't happy about it. She didn't want this title, she wanted Ultimate Grand Supreme. I'm surprised she didn't throw the crown she got on the floor and stomp all over it in a temper tantrum. Nonni feels she didn't win because of her hair. I don't think the judges even noticed her hair.

Marty is happy when Kylee is named Mini Grand Supreme. Marty says they'll try again.

Kelli takes the screaming twins out.

Nonni expresses her disappointment in Georgina. Feels she doesn't have as much time for Elizabeth as she does Kylee. Meanwhile Bratty Elizabeth is declaring Georgina is a liar because she promised her she'd win Ultimate Grande Supreme.

I think this episode really showed the negative effect these pageants can have on children.


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    • bredandagnes profile image

      bredandagnes 5 years ago from Ireland

      I think they are absolutely dreadful-what are they teaching our children?