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Toddlers And Tiaras -- Motown Comes To Texas

Updated on August 18, 2012

You usually see some determined pageant mom, but it was the first time we've seen such a determined pageant grandmother.

Annette Hill is the pageant director for Universal Royalty Pageant's Tribute To Motown. She says you better be jamming. She's also pretty strict with her rules. Anyone who comes late on stage will get a point deducted from them by each judge.

Commerce, Texas:

We meet Loni who may be the first pageant mom that registered her daughter, Mackenzie, in a pageant while she was still in her womb. She also went into labor with son, Christian, at a pageant, and I think she said she came back to the pageant after she popped him out. My brain was still stuck on the registering your child in a pageant before they're even born, so I wasn't listening that closely. Mackenzie laments over the fact that Christian wins better awards at the pageant than she does. Yep, that's right, Mommy Loni, has also got the boy doing pageants, as well. Loni says Christian is a Momma's boy, and that he has to work less less to win than Mackenzie does, because there's not that many boys who compete in these pageants, and they don't have to get glitzed up like the girls do.

Sugar Land, Texas:

Jayla is 6. Jamesia is her mother. Jayla did her first pageant when she was 18 months old. Jamesia claims from their first win they've both been hooked. But how can an 18 month old baby become hooked on doing pageants? I think it's more that Jamesia became hooked and projected those feelings on her baby. Jayla is going to dress as a male Motown artist and she wants to win money.

This is another thing. These mothers are always saying how much the children want to do the pageants, but if you started making them do them as babies, doing pageants is going to seem normal for them, since you never gave them a chance to choose when they were old enough to make an informed decision. It's like teaching them to speak French as soon as they could speak. It's going to seem normal to them to speak French, because you made them feel that it's normal for them to speak French. So unless some child saw Toddlers and Tiaras on TV and said they wanted to do a pageant, then I don't think you can really claim they chose this way of life and want to do it if you've made them feel doing pageants is normal for them.

Humble, Texas:

I thought Lana was Chloe's mom. No offense to Mom Amanda, but she seemed to have as much input in the matter as a painting hanging on the wall. Lana is actually three year old Chloe's Grandmother and she really seems to be pushing the pageant thing and calling all the shots. She claims Chloe wanted to do them. See the above paragraph for my opinion on that. I mean, how could a three year old even know about these pageants unless Granny Lana told her about it to begin with. Granny Lana is getting Chloe to practice her walk. Dad Joshua knows nothing about pageants and doesn't want to know. Both Joshua and Amanda seem to be letting Granny Lana call the shots.

Commerce, Texas:

Mackenzie and Christian are going to go head-to-head in the upcoming pageant. Christian vows he'll take the money from Mackenzie should she happen to beat him. Mackenzie is worried she'll never be able to beat Christian in the pageants. I have to say this girl seems like she's already developing an inferiority complex thinking they just like her brother better and that's why she can't win better titles than him. She doesn't seem to get her brother wins because he has little to no competition as most boys don't do pageants.

Sugar Land, Texas:

Jayla goes to have her hair done by a hairdresser named Barbie. Barbie and Jamesia fight over how Jayla should have her hair done. Jayla likes Barbie's do.

Commerce, Texas:

Mom Loni decides not to waste money on going to a professional spray tanner and decides to do it herself. Mackenzie doesn't want to do it but Loni just laughs and does it anyway.

Humble, Texas:

Granny Lana bring Chloe to practice her Motown routine. Amanda feels they're prepared and ready for the pageant.

Sugar Land, Texas:

Jamesia worries about Jayla's beauty routine. Now that she's older she can't do the things she used to do when she was younger on stage, because the judges won't allow it. Jamesia criticizes Jayla so much she runs into her room and cries, refusing to practice anymore.

Plano, Texas:

Is the site of the pageant. Annette reveals the winner of Ultimate Grande Supreme wins $1,000 and that there are only 15 titles, so a lot of kids may be going home with nothing. She gives her opinion of the four children featured: Jayla is wonderful in pageants. Chloe is a little sweetheart. Mac and Christian are a true rivalry as a boy or girl can win Ultimate Grande Supreme.

Amanda, per usual, just stands by as Granny Lana calls the shots and wants Chloe glitzed-out.

Barbie comes with Jayla and Jamesia. Jamesia is nagging Jayla constantly about not getting stains on her white dress. Barbie actually puts a lipstick stain on the white feather in Jayla's hair, and tells Jayla not to tell her mother, who will freak out about it.

Before the pageant starts Annette announces she's strictly enforcing the rule of not being let on stage. If you are, you'll be deducted a point from each judges score. Unfortunately for Jayla, she is late on stage Hew bow keeps coming out of her hair. She finally makes the stage once the problem is solved. One of the judge feels Jayla lost her personality during the end of her routine.

The judges are impressed by Chloe, who is on stage all by herself at 3. Joshua thought she did good.

Mackenzie is worried because there are a lot of girls competing in her category. Judges says she was good.

Annette reveals for the Motown Tribute Talent portion of the pageant she wants to see some old school Motown.

Granny Lana has a problem when Chloe doesn't want to do her routine. Joshua tries to talk to Chloe and she goes all spoiled brat on him. Granny Lana is in the audience trying to remind Chloe what she's supposed to do, but Chloe freezes on stage and won't do anything. Judges think Amanda should have been on stage with Chloe.

Christian says he doesn't know what Motown means. He doesn't do his routine too well because he needed to practice more.

Jayla declares she's not in a boy mood as she takes the stages. Judges feel she's the complete package.

Judge comments that Mackenzie looked like she was having fun on stage. Christian is still confident he'll beat her.

Judges comment during judging that Chloe was just done, Jayla needs to work on her beauty routine, and Mackenzie was watching her parents more than the judges.

There will be no double-crowning. So when Christian is named 1st Runner Up, that's it for him. He doesn't win anything, and he's upset by that.

Joshua says if Chloe gets a package of saltines that would be great, while Jamesia vows it won't be sad for Jayla.

Chloe wins Universal Queen and gets a crown.

Jayla is named Ultimate Grande Supreme and gets the big cash prize.

Mackenzie is named Future Queen and gets upset because she doesn't win a crown. She starts crying because she never wins a higher title. Still, Mackenzie declares she still wants to do pageants even though they make her sad.

Chloe declares she's going to keep doing pageants, while Joshua vows this is the last one he's coming to.

Jayla sees a lot of winning in her future.


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