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Toddlers And Tiaras -- Out Of This World Pageant

Updated on July 26, 2012

I started wondering how the show picks the three contestants to follow. For example, last week I saw a past highlighted child, McKenzie, who was a real trip, was at the pageant, but she wasn't the child they followed. Did McKenzie's mother not like the way she and her daughter were viewed after cooperating with the show and refused to let them follow McKenzie, this time? Or do they pick kids they feel have a good chance to win the top titles?

Another thing I've noticed is some of the father's are becoming involved in the pageant business themselves. So any hope the fathers might talk some sense in the mothers and get them to stop putting their children in beauty contests looks like a vain hope.

This week's pageant is being held in South Georgia. It's called Out Of This World Pageant and the woman sponsoring it, Chastity Saunders, seems a little bit out of this world, herself. She says that South Georgia is where it's happening, but the venue this pageant is being held in makes it seem like its on the bottom of the rung. It seems to be held in the gymnasium of some school and the judges had to sit in kid's desks to judge the contest in some school classroom. It just made it seem very low rent district. Add to that parents couldn't get their child's pageant scores until midnight and no one was going to wait around that late to get them. And one of the backstage handlers caused one of the little girls to be late getting on stage.

Dallas, Georgia:

I didn't know there was a Dallas in Georgia. Juliet is the mom of 2 year old Bella. Bella has been kicked out of several day care centers for biting. Juliet brags that Bella has been in from 30 to 40 pageants. I was actually appalled at this. The kid is only 2 and to do that many pageants? Seems Mommy leaps on any and every pageant she can find. She brags and it's kind of a sick bragging when you think of it that the only pageant Bella lost was because her eardrum burst on stage. I'm sorry, but there had to be some symptoms this child was sick and she apparently ignored them to cart her child out on stage.

Lakeland, Georgia:

This one starts out weird. Little Ava is crawling on all fours wearing dog ears while Mommy Ashley tempts her with a dog bone. Ava is 3. Ashley says Ava is a miracle baby because she wasn't expected to be able to talk or walk. She doesn't exactly explain why, though.

Ailey, Georgia:

Perhaps the strangest child of all is 7 year old Jayla. Andrea reveals that Jayla was 15 months old when she first started putting her in pageants. She gives the patent excuse for starting her that young. She didn't want her to be shy, but how could you tell if she'd be shy or not at that young of an age?

Jayla claims she has a good personality sometimes. When we see her it's not one of those times. I've never seen a child so lifeless. I swear, there were times you needed to put a mirror under her nose to see if she was still breathing. She claims she wants to be Miss America, but isn't sure what Miss America does. I wonder if Mommy Andrea put that goal in her head?

Lakeland, Georgia:

Ava is wearing what she plans to wear for Outfit Of Choice. She's dressing like Men In Black. Her brother will pretend to be an alien attacking the judges, and Ava will save them. This is the first time Ava will be competing with the big girls.

Dallas, Georgia:

Juliet says she's going to polish Bella's teeth for the pageant, but Bella won't let her. Keeps making her polish her teddy's bear's teeth instead. Juliet thinks pageants are good for Bella. Yeah, biting people so she gets thrown out of daycare seems to show how much pageants are having a good affect on her. Juliet says she's glad Hillary Clinton didn't win the presidential election, because she wants Bella to be the first female president.

Ailey, Georgia:

Jayla is at the Sassy Sisters Dance Studio to practice for the pageant, although all she's doing is standing around looking lifeless. She finally starts practicing and becomes a totally different child. She becomes animated. It's kind of creepy. I guess this is a drastic example of what they call in sociology your own stage persona.

Dallas, Georgia:

Juliet is going on about how much Bella loves to do pageants, but she won't practice her dance steps. The adults are practicing them for her. Daddy Kevin is just as deep in Pageant Denial Land as his wife is. Kevin declares she's a natural. Bella starts screaming when they try to force her to do stuff. Juliet says a lot of people have criticized her. Probably because she took a sick child out on stage instead of to a doctor and her eardrum burst.

Ailey, Georgia:

Ava is getting fitted for her pageant dress. Bella is also getting her dress from the same place. Ashley hopes that the judges like Ava's dress better. I don't see why? Bella isn't in the same group in the pageant as Ava will be in.

Darien, Georgia is where the pageant is being held. Instead of Ultimate Grand Supreme the top title is Mega Grand Supreme. Something tells me Chastity thought that up so she could be different, just like her pageant is. Chastity gives her opinion on the three featured girls: Bella has a great personality, Ava is a little diva and Jayla has a wow factor on stage.

Meanwhile, Bella is fighting it as make-up is being put on her and she starts screaming. Ava lets make-up be put on her but starts crying when her hair is being done. Andrea is doing Jayla's hair and make-up. Says Jayla has a wow factor. Jayla, with a dead expression on her face, says she's excited about the pageant. Glad she told us, because you sure couldn't tell by looking at her.

Beauty is the first event. Kevin runs afoul of a backstage handler. She won't let him get in line with Bella. When Bella's called she doesn't come on stage. Finally, Kevin brings her out on stage, but she stumbles and falls a couple of times.

Afterwards, Kevin tells Juliet what happened. They go after the backstage handler. The woman walks away from him basically telling him to talk to the hand. When Kevin vows to stop the pageant the woman threatens him with a lawyer. Kevin declares that something stinks about this pageant.

While Ava is on stage by herself, her mother is standing up in the audience pantomiming what Ava should do. I think that more than anything else makes me cringe. It's almost like the mother thinks she's on stage. Let your kid do her own thing.

Jayla feels she'll do good because she's been practicing her facials. Her mother tells her she did good, but Jayla said she messed up on a turn.

Outfit Of Choice is next.

Jayla is wearing a sailor swim suit for her outfit of choice. Don't really see how that fits in with the theme of the pageant. Andrea notices that Jayla is squirming before she goes on. Jayla starts her routine and then freezes with a look of panic on her face. Andrea reveals to everyone that Jayla has to go to the bathroom badly and she takes off the stage to do just that. Then she insists Jayla get back on the stage and do her routine as if nothing happened. Jayla does what she's told and does it flawlessly.

Ashley is nervous about how the judges will take Ava and her brother interacting with them. The judges play along and the routine goes fine.

Bella is going to be the one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater. It doesn't go well. Bella wants to do her routine alone and is pushing her mother away, but Juliet won't take the hint. It even looks like Juliet is forcing Bella to go through the motions like she's her puppet and Juliet is pulling the strings. It doesn't really sit well with the judges.

The judges have to penalize Bella because of her mother. Ava gets kudos for her performance. And Jayla scored well for recovering from her onstage disaster.

Chastity reveals before the crowning commences that she doesn't do double crowning. One to a customer, thank you, very much.

Bella gets a second runner up prize and Juliet declares that Bella was robbed. She wants to see Bella's score sheet. That's when the emcee announces the scoring sheets won't be ready until midnight. Emcee adds sarcastically, "Have fun with that." Kevin doesn't think this was a fair pageant.

Ava gets pulled for a higher title. She gets upset and starts crying because she didn't get a trophy with the other girls she was standing on stage with. Jayla also gets pulled for a higher title. Says she enjoys seeing who wins what. Ava and Jayla are both crowned Grand Supreme. A girl names Salee is named the Mega Grand Supreme.

Andrea declares she's very proud of Jayla and doesn't see her wanting to quit doing the pageants any time soon, while Jayla is back to her lifeless persona.


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    • profile image

      Andrea phillips 5 years ago

      I'm Jayla's mom. Regardless of what you might have seen on tv, Jayla has more life in her than I'm sure whoever wrote this does. She is a perfectionist. She was sooo worried that she would say the wrong thing on camera, she would rather say nothing at all. Lifeless and dead are two things she will never be! How many 7 yr olds do you know that can tell you exactly what Miss Anerica does??? Just because she might not know what she stands for, she does know it is one of the greatest titles in the world.

      Tv is tv as we all know.... They will make it look how they want. I would not and never have made her go onstage or be in a pageant if she didn't want to be. Anyone that knows her, knows that she is determined and strong willed and no matter what you did, she wouldn't do something if she didn't want to do it. If t&t showed everything that happened backstage, you would know that she was crying because she wanted to go back up on stage but didn't think they would let her because she ran off. She was worried that everyone knew what happened and was embarrassed, but still wanted sooo badly to be on that stage to try to win grand supreme. So I told her if that was her goal, then she should go back up there like nothing ever happened and do her routine like she always does and no one really knew what happened. Jayla does competition dance and gymnastics, modeling, and pageants and has won numerous awards in all competitions........ Definitely doesn't sound like the lifeless child you claim her to be does it???

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago

      I thought Ava Layne was wonderful and I thought it was cute when she acted like a puppy. This is very normal for toddlers. This author must not have kids, so many people don't these days.

      I also thought Bella was robbed and this pageant was run horribly. How rude the pageant helper and emcee were. Ridiculous and very dishonest. I have watched for a few years and parents can usually see the score card and should be allowed on stage on time if they are there on time. Line up has nothing to do with when their number is called.

    • profile image

      AshleyYoung 5 years ago

      I'm Ava Layne's mom. I agree the our part did look a little weird when it started. However, she had part of one of her outfits on and being a 3 YEAR OLD, pretended she was really a puppy... Not that cool, the end.

      Secondly, I did explain why the doctor's told us she may have a rough life... Google it.

      Third, Things are edited to seem a certain way. I didn't say I hope they like Ava's dress "better." Watch it again, and you can tell they added that.

      Lastly, my daughter was 3... on stage by HERSELF. If she needs help with her routine, I'll make myself the fool to help.

      Thanks for your time.