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Toddlers And Tiaras -- The When I Grow Up Pageant

Updated on June 21, 2013

The battle of the red-heads

When pageant director, Chastity, grows up she's going to go around trash talking one of the contestants family to the other contestants to the point she almost gets her face punched in. But first, let's me our contestants for the evening. I did wonder at one point why two were only featured, then after what was to come I saw why.

Lyric is 2 and did her first pageant when she was three weeks old. I think that's the youngest I've ever heard of a child doing one. Amber. her mother, had her when she was 17, and she said if she was a girl she wanted to do pageants. And it sounds like she started it as soon as she could. I really think an age limit should be applied to these contests and no one under five should be able to enter. I'm sorry, but a three week old baby is just way too young to start doing these pageants.

Lyric has a kingdom of women supporting her in her entourage and they're all related to her. There's her great granny Valerie and grandmother Jenn.and Ashle who I think is either Jenn or Amber's sister, making her Lyric aunt. Jenn is a wrestler, and that almost comes into play later in the show. Jenn is our first red head in the battle of the red heads and pageant director Chastity is our other red head.

One of the judges declared Lyric has no personality when she had her back to the judges throughout her Beauty portion, playing with Ashle, since she didn't want to go on stage with Amber. It's actually something that happens later that caused the ruckus. When Lyric was on stage in her What I Want To Be Wear, some woman was in the back of the audience standing up and making faces at her, and it totally distracted the child. It was weird. Whomever this woman was, she didn't get called out for what she did, but she was the catalyst for what was to come.

It seems Chastity heard a member of Lyric's entourage drop an F bomb and was appalled at such language in front of a child. So does Chastity go to them and tell them to watch their language? No, she goes around to different contestant families trash talking Lyric's family. Can you say unprofessional?

But then her entire pageant wallowed in unprofessional. Both contestants featured complained it was the worst pageant they'd ever been at. There was hardly any room in the hotel to prepare their children to go on stage. And the master of ceremony was a bad joke. He couldn't keep track of how many contestants there were in each category and got contestant names confused. If Miss Chastity continues to conduct herself in the unprofessional manner she did during this show, she won't be a pageant director for long.

I think it was Valerie who saw and heard was gossipy Chastity was doing and went to confront her. When Chastity accorded Valerie no respect, enter Jenn who was getting ready to slam this broad into the mat. At that point her tall hefty dark-haired assistant got into the mix to protect her girl, Chastity. At that point threats of the police being called, got Lyric's family to not only leave the building but the hotel, as well.

The talk heifer of an assistant chortled about how the trash had been thrown out while Chastity whined that Jenn had laid hands on her. You know what? This could have been all avoided if this broad had behaved herself in a professional manner instead of gossip going from one person to another to spread her juicy tale. She had a problem with Lyric's family's language, then the professional thing would be to take them aside and speak to them in private. She got what she deserved by spreading gossip around. Too bad Jenn didn't pop her in the mouth, maybe then she'd keep her big trap shut from now on. Team Jenn all the way.

While the other contestant featured Kelly chortled about the trash being taken out, before the end of the night, she too would be endanger of getting arresting for slugging one of the judges in the mouth.

Kelly has actually been featured before. She has twin daughter, Gia and Aly, that have now been dubbed the Tiara Twins. She always blames her husband Ron for what goes wrong and one of the twins usually crashes and burns while on stage.

Gia actually did well on stage, unlike her sister Aly, but she only got a Queen award. When Kelly looked over the scores that Gia got she was fit to be tied. She felt the judges had marked Gia too low on beauty and she got into it with one of the judges, accusing them of sabotaging Gia by the marks they gave her.

Kelly says the only thing that stopped her from slugging the judge was seeing Gia standing in the back of the room.

So who won the big award? It actually wasn't even important as all the action took place off-stage. Not one but two contestants almost attacked a member of the pageant staff. This was really the first pageant where the pageant just served as a backdrop for the backstage shenanigans.

As I said, I don't think Chastity has a future as a pageant director, because of how unprofessionally she handled herself. She wouldn't have nearly got her face punched in if she had taken Lyric's family aside in private and told them to please watch their language. Instead, she couldn't resist acting like a gossip. That's fine if you're not the pageant director, but when you are you have to conduct yourself in a professional manner. She also employed an incompetent master of ceremonies who was so incompetent he made it clear to everyone there just how incompetent he truly was.


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