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Toddler's and Tiaras -- Around The World Pageant

Updated on July 14, 2013

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Super Brat!

This time the pageant mom's took a back seat to perhaps the brattiest contestant ever on this show, or at least that I've seen, so far, and the return of trash-talking coach Nikki, who were first met last season. Since Honey Boo Boo is back next week, I'm guessing this was the season finale for Toddler's and Tiaras.

Super Brat was Brenna age 6. She was featured when she was younger and I seem to vaguely recall her. She was bratty then, too, but not to this level. I shudder to think what she's going to be like when she's a teenager. I feel sorry for her parents. They're definitely going to reap what they've sown.

I guess the most appalling scene was Super Brat making her father bow down to her and ordering him to shine her crown for her and he did it. Followed by her having a fit and stomping off because her toy car wouldn't work when she wanted to drive it. She slammed into her bedroom cursing her father. Then Daddy rewarded Super Brat by getting her a special vehicle with her sour puss plastered on it to drive to the pageant.

The most hilarious moment had to be her coach, Cambrie, declaring that to most people Brenna might seem like a brat, but there's another side to her. Too bad the cameras didn't capture it, since all viewers got to see is one out of control brat.

At one point the camerawoman makes the mistake of asking Brenna if she's pretty and Super Brat takes that as saying she isn't and she has a total melt down. How dare someone suggest she isn't pretty. She stomps in her room at the pageant and orders the cameras not to film her and when they don't obey her instantly, she screams at the top of her lungs. They continue filming from outside the door and since Super Brat still has a microphone on you can hear her carrying on inside.

There's also trouble when Brenna sees another girls she thinks is dressed just like her. They quickly reassure her the other child is dressed as Aphrodite and that's completely different. I don't even want to see what Super Brat would have done if she hadn't been convinced the little girl wasn't dressed just like her. It wouldn't have been pretty.

Unfortunately all of Super Brat's bad behavior is rewarded when she's named Ultimate Grand Supreme and gets to ride in a hot air balloon. It's just reinforcing her bad behavior. If you ever wondered how those high school mean girls are born I think we've just witnessed one in the making. Her parents need to start nipping this behavior in the bud, because if they wait until she's a teenager to do it, it'll be too late by then. Ultimately, they're not doing the kid any favors by letting her obnoxious bad behavior go unchecked. Not only will she be a terror to anyone who has the misfortune to be around her, it'll end up hurting her in the end when no one can stand to be around her because of the way she acts.

And if that wasn't enough for one show to handle we also had the return of Coach Nikki. You'll remember coach Nikki from last season with her trashing the other kids as being either fat or ugly or both. She also trashed the fellow pageant moms. Madison aka Mad Dawg's mommy saw a message the pageant sent out and was sure it was aimed at Coach Nikki. It said if any member of a kid's entourage is caught trash talking another contestant or their entourage that child will be escorted from the building and removed from the contest. Ironically, it was Mad Dawg's mommy who declared Madison has a big butt.

Coach Nikki didn't care. She said she's young, so apparently she thinks that makes it okay to trash talk about little kids and their mothers. Ultimately, she managed to control herself, however, Coach Nikki did have a problem with Madison kicking her and she said if the kid ever does that to her again she'll make her live to regret it. Yeah, this really isn't someone that you should want around your kid influencing her.

Coach Nikki was unhappy when another of her proteges got named Beauty Supreme. She says it's a worthless title. She doesn't understand why everyone she coaches ends up getting that award.

The final child was Sophia-Rayne, who seemed the nicest child in the pageant. She was sick as a baby from black mold. After she recovered her mom, India, got her into pageants. Tanisha, the pageant director, declares Sophia has a good on-stage personality. Sophia ends up winning 0-4 Grand Supreme, Her mother, however, said something that made me want to hit her upside her head. She says her goal is for Sophia to become just like Brenna. This dumb bunny should be down on her knees praying that never happens.

I'd love for both India and the judges to spend one entire day with Brenna. Let's see if India would still want Sophia to become just like Brenna or if the judges would still want to crown her best in show.


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