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Toddlers and Tiaras -- Hollywood Stars Pageant And Talent Show

Updated on August 4, 2012

There was any really horrible mother in this episode. The interest was that unlike some other pageants the winner of this pageant would win a modeling contract, which could lead to bigger and better things than just prancing around on stage at one of these pageants.

Pageant director, Jonel Stanek, declared she was bringing Hollywood to New Jersey. Parsipanny, New Jersey, to be precise.

Toms River, New Jersey

Little Mia age 4 is practicing being Madonna. It seems to be what she's famous for. Mom Tina apparently got a lot of flack for sticking the metal cone boobs Madonna wore on a 2 year old. Tina says Mia is a blonde bombshell. That's not what most mother's probably say about their four year old child. Mia needs a new Madonna routine now that she's four.

St Albans, New York:

Casey 7 is practicing a hip hop routine. Mom Melissa says Casey is a pageant super star. Casey says she's never lost so she doesn't know how it feels. Melissa says she never thought she'd become one of those pageant moms. That it's stress, chaos and torture.

Hegins, Pennsylvania:

Kelsey 5 is practicing a ballet routine. Mom Jillian says Kelsey is going to rock it on the stage. Her personality is bubbly and energetic. Kelsey has been doing pageants since she was 10 months old.

Toms River, New Jersey

Mia going to do Vogue Madonna routine. Tina says Mia can do it without the metal boob cones. Mia looking at horses. She gives on a carrot. They have a photo shoot of Mia on the back of one of the horses looking natural instead of all glitzed up.

St Albans, New York:

Casey going to the spa for a facial. She's going to have her first spray tan. Melissa says it's because Casey's skin is a bit blotchy because she has eczema.

Hegins, Pennsylvania:

Kelsey doing Hairspray for her routine. Performs with a giant hairspray can. She has to make a costume change in the middle of the routine.

Toms River, New Jersey:

Mia having lessons with her coach to practice her beauty walk. Mia hates doing beauty. Tina worried because Mia has two new routines for this pageant. After awhile, Mia sits down on the steps refusing to practice her walk anymore saying she's too tired to do it.

Parsippany, New Jersey:

Jonel, the pageant director says the child that wins Ultimate Grand Supreme wins $800 and a contract with a talent agency. Janel says Mia is a firecracker on stage. Casey has a joy for pageants. And Kelsey is a great performer. Very energetic.

If Jonel could see Kelsey at the moment, she wouldn't describe her as energetic. She's sound asleep as they're putting make-up on her and doing her hair.

Melissa says she's always stressed on pageant day.

Mia's flipper isn't fitting right and she says her feet hurt.

The pageant begins with Beauty.

Kelsey still sleepy even though she was being given sugar to perk her up. She's a bit cranky. Kelsey perks up on stage. Emcee says Kelsey just wants to start kindergarten, make friends and she love macaroni and cheese and ice cream.

While Mia's on stage she keeps putting her finger in her mouth pushing her flipper back in place. Tina groans that Mia is damaging her scores by doing that. Mia cries afterwards. One of the judges admits she's going to deduct points for the flipper incident.

Casey loves reading, dancing and pageants. Judge says she knows how to work the stage, but thinks maybe she overworked it.

Next up is Born To Be A Star Celebrity Wear.

Kelsey doing Hairspray. Kelsey says her mom isn't doing good. She's nervous. Costume change goes fine. Kelsey says she rocked it.

Mia is doing Madonna. Before she's set to go on she has a blue lollipop that stains her teeth and mouth blue. Tina freaks out when she can't find Mia. Mia is in the bathroom with her coach getting her teeth and mouth de-blued as much as possible.

Once on stage, Tina and the Coach are doing the routine in the audience so Mia will know what to do. I cringe when a mother does that. It's like she's trying to pretend it's her that's on stage performing. Mia doesn't take off her coat and seems to get lost on what she's supposed to do despite the prompting from mom and coach in the audience.

Casey has never practiced her Beyonce routine with props. Melissa worried about how she'll do coming through the fringed curtain. She does good. She does her routine without any prompting from the audience.

Judge thought Casey's Beyonce routine was magnificent. Melissa says Casey deserves to be Ultimate Grand Supreme.

Judges, however, don't like Mia's new Madonna routine. They said her previous one with the boob cones was better. Think Tina wanted to change it because of the criticism she was getting about putting boob cones on a small child.

The judges say Kelsey had good eye contact with the judges and nailed her Hairspray routine.

Jonel is back to explain they use the bumping system for awarding titles. You don't want to get called until the very end.

Mia starts crying when she doesn't get called up on stage. Of course, the irony is when Mia is called to be awarded Grand Print Supreme she's so deeply asleep they can't even wake her to put the crown on her head, so Tina wears the crown while Mia remains fast asleep.

Casey declares she's getting a supreme title since she hasn't been called on stage and Jillian says it would be great if Kelsey won a supreme title.

Kelsey is named Grand Supreme. Casey wins Ultimate Grand Supreme. Casey says this is only the 5th pageant she's been in. Melissa says she was stunned that Casey won the top prize.

Jillian says Kelsey woke-up on stage.

Tina says she regrets putting the flipper in Mia's mouth.

Casey says that her next stop is Hollywood.


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