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Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Review

Updated on October 2, 2018


Tokyo Ghoul was a series with a lot of hype behind it, so as a result I went in with no expectations. Why? Well I went into Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, and Re: Zero looking to enjoy them, but I didn't. So I went into Tokyo Ghoul with no expectations, and yet I was still unsatisfied. but I'll save that for the conclusion, for now on to the summary.

There's a dated joke here, so I won't make it...
There's a dated joke here, so I won't make it... | Source
Oh look it's Jason Voorhees
Oh look it's Jason Voorhees | Source


So in a world where man eating humanoid creatures called ghouls coexist with humans, we follow the exploits of Kaneki Ken, on orphan who's parents died when he was very young. He met a girl named Rize, who he started dating. She turned out to be a binge eating ghoul(ghouls who essentially eat humans for the Hell of it) and started eating Kaneki before support beams from a construction site fall on Rize and kill her. From there, Rize's organs are implanted into Kaneki's body to replace the ones she destroyed, turning him into half a ghoul. From there Kaneki learns to adapt to life as a ghoul. Kaneki embraces his new ghoulishness after being kidnapped and tortured by the Jason Voorhees, and then eating said homage after he breaks free. He then joins said group you had him abducted so he could better learn what it means to be a ghoul.


Criticism and Conclusion...

Episode one while predictable was fun for me, especially with the introduced of the Jason Voorhees homage. My expectations sadly shot up somewhat when Kaneki became a ghoul and regurgitated his food, as I it reminded me of UnderWorld Evolution, and I sadly assumed this would slightly go in that direction. I also sadly assumed we were going to get in depth characterization for the cast, but we got bear minimum. Kaneki's a whiner, Touka's angry, and the ghoul investigators hunt ghouls to protect humanity. That's it, as we get no further elaboration on any of these characters. There are also hints of moral ambiguity in this show, but it's kind've hard to take the human's side when there's no benevolent meeting of human and ghoul. It's like the Ghoul Investigators are made to be the antagonists in this series when we hardly see much of their personal lives to get a sense that they might be good people. Or see them interact with ghouls in a way that lets them understand why ghouls eat people. I get that this series meant to advertise the manga, but I've seen that done better with the original Dragon Ball/Z, the 1991 adaptation of Sailor-Moon, Naruto, Bleach, One-Piece, and My Hero Academia, just to name a few. What these anime did that Tokyo Ghoul didn't do was be accessible to a wider audience. They told the full story and made some changes that made the non manga reading audience follow the series. Though you can make a series for the fans, but it's irritating to get a series that says:"You've already read the manga, so we'll give you the bear minimum, and you'll be happy that this exist." Berserk 2018 and Attack On Titan does that, and it's irritating. If you want to entice me to buy the full steak, you've gotta give me more than crumbs.

But that aside, Tokyo Ghoul is a c- for me... Reason being is that despite my criticisms, it's a fairly average show. Not the best anime I've seen, nor the worst, and overall harmless.


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