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Updated on May 13, 2011

My Grandma used the word toleration as an exclamation.

“Toleration!” she would say, “Teddy, take that cap gun outside to shoot it!”

I find myself using the word in the same way. Toleration! Why does he think it necessary to share his rap music with me three cars away. Meanwhile, my car rocks to the beat until the light changes.

At the grocery store a lady bends over to reveal her posterior cleavage; not a pretty site, especially, at the meat counter. At least the hams are stamped with grade “A”. That tattoo is not reassuring for me. Then she turns toward me with a frontal cleavage as big as the first. Toleration! The cleft in my chin should amount to something. See here, I have a cleft in my chin like Kirk Douglas and Cary Grant. Like, who are they, right?

Toleration! All of our cloths are being made in China. Judging by the masses of poor fitting cloths, I think china makes them one-size-fits all or else the Michelin Tire Company man has many fans. Rolled and pleated, use to be a term for a customized auto interior.

Men walk down the street holding what appears to be their genital. I think maybe it is a Michael Jackson fantasy, but there is no white glove. So many men would not be hunting a restroom, would they? I figured out with some pondering, they are holding up their pants. Toleration! I guess that puts us back to China-made clothing.

Toleration! What’s with bumper stickers? Terrific kids! Does any one know terrific comes from Latin meaning, causing terror? This I believe, but why advertise it?

When my Grandma was frustrated or amazed, she said, “Land O Goshen.”

This was her Bible reference, I guess, to the Hebrews being frustrated by their ordeal in Egypt and later by their amazement in the land of promise, which they named Goshen.

Grandma had it right. Toleration, frustration, amazement can be best dealt with by a simple exclamation, for heaven’s sake!


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