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Tom Cruise New Movie Rock of Ages Has Him Playing A Rock Star?

Updated on April 21, 2012
Tom Cruise In Rock of Ages
Tom Cruise In Rock of Ages

Based off the Broadway smash hit, Rock of Ages, New Line Cinema will bring the musical to the silver screen in a remake to hit theaters June 15th this summer! Who is to star as rock God Stacey Jaxx? None other than Tom Cruise!

Yes, that Tom Cruise. You know, the Top Gun, Mission Impossible star. The same actor who screamed out, "Show me the money!" in Jerry Macguire. Well, now it seems he'll be belting out more screams playing an 80s metal icon.

Upon hearing about Tom Cruise playing a rock star in his new movie Rock of Ages, I had to seriously laugh. Don't get me wrong here. I wasn't laughing because it sounded absurd. There's actually a few reasons why I found this bit of news amusing.

As a hard rock fan who grew up during the 80s, who rocked out at concerts (often coming home with an assortment of bruises), and who played in bands since age thirteen and walked that wild side, you'd expect me to be rolling over in my own drunken puke!

Not so much. Even though I can hear other hard rock fans of that era groaning in disgust, most likely muttering "lame" through gritted teeth, it really doesn't bother me that much.

Actually, I'm applauding it. I see the hardcore rock fans getting out their pitch forks already, but let me state my case in why this move by Tom Cruise is Rock N' Roll to me!

The Whole Irony of It! Can We Say "Queen of The Damned"?

Hey, remember when Anne Rice wrote a whole article that writhed with contempt that Tom Cruise was going to play her beloved Lestat? Remember how fans groaned and also voiced their opinion about how Cruise was going to mess up the character?

Do you also remember the retraction Anne Rice made after the movie Interview With A Vampire came out? Tom Cruise did an amazing job as Lestat in that movie, and his performance baffled me also.

Sure, I'll admit that even I had my doubts, but then again, I also liked Tom Cruise as an actor.

Now fast forward to the really, really terrible Queen of the Damned movie. In that storyline, Lestat actually becomes a rock star and fronts a Nu Metal band. They opted not to recast Cruise for that movie because, "Tom wouldn't make a believable rock star."

Could it be that Tom is giving Hollywood the middle finger for dismissing him as being a "believable" rock n' roller? Maybe. The Queen of the Damned movie was terrible so Cruise should be grateful they did dismiss him.

There's Nothing More Rock N' Roll Than That!

Tom Cruise playing a roll that most people doubt he could ever pull off is just rock n' roll. That's what the rock n' roll of the 80s chanted: Pure rebellion!

Don't tell me what to do! Don't tell me who I'm suppose to be! Don't tell me what I can and can't do! And don't tell me not to dream!

For many of the rock bands who's music is on the soundtrack to the movie, they dared to follow that dream when everyone said they'd never make it. Tom Cruise giving the roll a shot and playing something he's never done before is his job. He is an actor after all, you know?

That I commend, and it takes guts to try something when most are routing for you to fail.

Hey, if Mark Wahlberg, the hip hop star of Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch, could pull off playing an 80s rocker in the movie Rock Star, I think Cruise has the acting chops to pull it off as well.

From the picture, you can see he has the look down. Kinda like an Axl Rose look about him, but when you watch the trailer, you can see he has the look and attitude down.

I'm actually interested to see this one. Gonna bring back some great memories like the movie Rock Star did. I'm not a big Broadway musical fan, though.

A star-studded cast inhabits this movie with Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta Jones, Russel Brand, Paul Giamatti, Mary J. Blige, and Tom Cruise.

So the Tom Cruise new movie Rock of Ages has him playing a rock star. How about we see how he does before getting out the tar and feathers?

Rock of Ages Trailer


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