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Tom Hanks Movies List

Updated on May 2, 2012

Tom Hanks - From TV Star To America's Favorite Movie Star

Born in California in 1956, Tom Hanks began his acting career in community theater during college. At 24 he landed a role co-starring in the TV sitcom "Bosom Buddies". After two successful seasons on the show, he picked up a few guest roles on other television shows, including "Happy Days", where he met Ron Howard. Based upon that meeting, Howard asked Hanks to read for a supporting role in his upcoming directorial effort, "Splash" - Howard was so impressed that he cast Hanks in the lead, instead, and so a movie star's career was launched.

The success of that film saw the beginning of a string of comedies for Tom Hanks - some good, some terrible - as well as a dramatic turn here and there. His role in "Big", as a 12 year-old boy trapped in a 30 year-old man's body, fetched him his first Oscar nomination. By 1993 he had his first Academy Award win with "Philadelphia", followed by another win the following year for "Forrest Gump", making him only the second actor to ever score back-to-back Best Actor Oscars (Spencer Tracy was the first).

Between 1994 and 2004, he was nominated for and won more Oscars than any other actor during that time. In 2002, Tom Hanks became the youngest actor to ever receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from The American Film Institute.

An extremely dedicated actor,Tom Hanks gained 30 pounds for his role in "A League Of Their Own", lost 30 pounds for "Philadelphia", and gained and then lost 50 pounds for his part in "Cast Away".

Tom Hanks Movies
Tom Hanks Movies | Source

Tom Hanks movies once shared the record for most consecutive $100 million-grossing films with Will Smith and Tom Cruise, but in 2008 Will Smith leaped ahead to become the leader with 8 consecutive blockbusters.

Entertainment Weekly magazine dubbed Hanks the only actor in Hollywood worthy of a $20 million salary, and yet he has been quoted as saying, "I've made over 20 movies, and 5 of them are good."

A Tom Hanks Movie List

Toy Story (1995) & Toy Story 2 (1999) & Toy Story 3 (2010)

In the first full length computer animated feature film, Tom Hanks lent his voice to Woody, the cowboy leader and favorite toy of a boy named Andy. Every time Andy leaves his room, his toys come to life. All is well with the toys until Andy gets a new favorite - Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen - who competes with Woody for the status of Favorite Toy. During their battle for supremacy, both toys get lost and must fight their way back home. In the sequel, Woody is stolen by a greedy collector and the other toys must band together to save him before he's shipped off to Japan, never to be seen again! Toy Story 3 follows the toys on an adventure to a day-care center as Andy grows up and leaves his beloved toys in the past...

Apollo 13 (1995)

In his second collaboration with director Ron Howard, Tom Hanks portray astronaut Jim Lovell in this true story about a mission to the moon that almost went tragically wrong. Most of the movie takes place in the tight confines of a space capsule in zero gravity, and to achieve the effect of weightlessness the cast and crew actually used a special airplane that allowed them to film in a zero-G for just 23 seconds at a time. This was the first movie ever made with the cooperation of NASA, and the visual effects were so well done that Buzz Aldrin requested permission for NASA to use some of the CG footage.

"Apollo 13" Movie Trailer

"Forrest Gump" on Blu-ray & DVD

Forrest Gump (1994)

In his second Academy Award winning performance, Tom Hanks plays Forrest Gump, a mentally challenged man who manages - through no fault of his own - to become involved in many of the major cultural and historical events of the second half of the Twentieth Century, including the Vietnam War, the civil rights fight and the hippie movement. He meets Elvis, multiple U.S. Presidents, invents the smiley, becomes a super wealthy investor and finally reunites with his childhood sweetheart, Jenny, but too late to save her from her tragic life. One of the most beloved and successful of Tom Hanks movies.

"Angels & Demons" on Blu-ray & DVD

Angels & Demons (2009)

In his third effort with director Ron Howard, Tom Hanks reprises the role of Robert Langdon in this follow-up to "The Da Vinci Code". He is charged with solving a murder and preventing a terrorist attack on the Vatican, all against the backdrop of the election of a new Pope. Due to the controversy of "The Da Vinci Code" novel, the Vatican refused to participate in the film's making, and Ron Howard was forced to reproduce many of the famous Roman sites that were key to the plot of the novel.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

In his first film with director Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks plays Army Captain John Miller, whose unit is charged with searching and safely returning the last survivor of four brothers serving in World War II. The opening battle scene depicting the Allied landing at Normandy beach set the new standard for all war films to follow with its frank and brutal depiction of the horrors of war. The mission to save Private Ryan is a grueling and emotional one, resulting in possibly the best World War II movie ever made.

"Sleepless In Seattle" on Blu-ray & DVD

Sleepless In Seattle (1993)

In his second of three teamings with Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks plays a newly-widowed father who calls in to a radio talk show to share his feelings about the loss of his wife. Thousands of women respond with fan mail, and Hanks' son plans an elaborate ruse to unite Hanks and Ryan at the Empire State Building. Inspired by "An Affair To Remember", "Sleepless in Seattle" was ranked #10 in American Film Institutes's best romantic comedies list, even though the two main characters share about two minutes together on screen.

"Cast Away" on Blu-ray & DVD

Cast Away (2000)

In his third collaboration with director Robert Zemeckis, Tom Hanks plays a FedEx manager whose plane goes down in the Pacific, leaving him stranded and alone on a deserted island. His only companion is a soccer ball he finds and names Wilson. Over the many months of isolation, he manages to build a raft and leave the island. When he returns home he finds that the world has moved on without him, and he must struggle to create a life at home that was a satisfying as the one he struggled to escape while stranded on the island.

The Da Vinci Code (2006)

Working for the second time with director Ron Howard, Tom Hanks plays professor Robert Langdon in this adaptation of Dan Brown's famous (and infamous) novel of the same name. Langdon is hired to decipher a coded message found at a murder scene in Paris, and soon he's wrapped up in an ages long mystery that only he can unravel.

"The Green Mile" on Blu-ray & DVD

The Green Mile (1999)

In this film adaptation of a serialized novel by Stephen King, Tom Hanks plays a prison guard working on Death Row. A new inmate is brought in, and as the guards begin the build up to the man's execution, they all begin to question whether killing him is the right thing to do. Part mystery, part spiritual exploration, "The Green Mile" launched the career of Michael Clarke Duncan, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of the Death Row inmate.

"Philadelphia" on DVD

Sharon Stone Discusses Tom Hanks' Role In "Philadelphia"

Philadelphia (1993)

In his first Academy Award winning role, Tom Hanks plays a closeted gay lawyer who develops AIDS and is resultingly fired from his high profile job. He hires Denzel Washington's homophobic small time attorney as his only hope in bringing a lawsuit against the firm that fired him. For director Jonathan Demme, the casting of Tom Hanks was critical to the film - he felt that Hanks was one of only a few actors who could draw an audience to a movie about a man dying from AIDS. For similar reasons he asked Bruce Springsteen to write a song for the film, and the end result went on to win an Academy Award for Best Song. One of the first movies to deal frankly with HIV/AIDS, "Philadelphia" went a long way towards helping people understand and sympathize with those suffering from the condition.

"Big" on Blu-ray & DVD

Big (1988)

In Tom Hanks' first Academy Award nominated role, he plays a boy trapped in the body of a grown man. While at the carnival one summer night, 12 year-old Josh makes a wish "To be big" to an enchanted machine, only to awake the next day to see that his wish came true. When no one but his best friend believes his story, Andy heads off to New York City to track down the machine and reverse the wish. Along the way he ends up being hired to work at a toy company and falls for a fellow executive, played by Elizabeth Perkins. The film was a huge success, and marked the first time a film directed by a woman (Penny Marshall) broke the $100 million box office mark.

More Tom Hanks Movies

"A League Of Their Own" on DVD

More Tom Hanks Movies

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Tom Hanks Accepting The AFI Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Hanks photo in the public domain; original source.


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  • nakmeister profile image


    8 years ago from Lancaster, UK

    A good list, including some I haven't seen. I'm glad you gave a good description of each film, easier to tell whether to give it a try.

  • AnkushKohli profile image

    Ankush Kohli 

    8 years ago from India

    I love to watch his Movie "The Green Mile"(1999). He is a great actor in Hollywood Industry. Hanks began to establish the credentials of not only a comic actor but of someone who could carry a serious role.

  • TopHubs2010 profile image


    8 years ago

    Great List, well done work, please keep up this great work

    new movies

  • amybradley77 profile image


    8 years ago

    My family and myself are also big fans of Tom Hank's movies, we own many of the and enjoy movie nights with his movies for many years now. I believe many people now have family memories in which Tom Hanks movies were probably being viewed, we are so very lucky to have him as one of our actors!! Thanks for sharing this, check out my ten list of movies, I plan to add more ten lists, so watch for them. Thank you. A.B.

  • VIJAY9988 profile image


    8 years ago

    Tom hanks is the gretest guy in hollywood industry i liked mostly all of this movies best one is cast away,forrest gump,green miles,the terminals and many more. One thing i like of him in his movies is he never give up and he should keep it up.Best of luck to him for his future

  • Alternative Prime profile image

    Alternative Prime 

    8 years ago from > California

    Great list of Tom Hanks Movies -

    My favorite would have to be "Saving Private Ryan". I think it had the best story, dialogue, & acting. One of Hanks' Brightest & Best performances.

    In my top 5 list for best movies of all time in that genre.

  • genwriter profile image


    8 years ago from Singapore

    Awesome hub! Tom hanks is my favourite actor!

    Rated it and following you. Looking forward for your hubs. Don't forget to check my hubs too :)

  • Movie_Guy profile image


    8 years ago

    Definitely Saving Private Ryan, I really liked Green Mile and Cast Away also

  • Dave Harris profile image

    Dave Harris 

    8 years ago from Cardiff, UK

    Can't decide which is my favourite out of Green Mile or Private Ryan, both great films. He part directed Band of Brothers too, fine actor!

  • Tina Kachan profile image

    Tina Kachan 

    8 years ago from Europe, Croatia

    I have two favourite actors of all time, and one of them is Tom Hanks. He can play any part. And I loved his accent in Forrest Gump :)

  • Fuller_legend profile image


    8 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

    Great hub. Makes you realise just how many brilliant films he's been in.

  • Love and Peace profile image

    Love and Peace 

    8 years ago from Kenctucky

    I love love love Tom Hanks, but my favorite of his movies, at least right now is "Catch me, If You can", also starring Leonardo DiCaprio. =)

    But all of them are GREAT!

  • Abecedarian profile image


    8 years ago from These United States, Texas

    A great man, he uses his fame for good causes and gives back. The Road to Perdition was a fantastic movie because he showed a side of him that he'd never played before.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    He is my favourite actor for sure! great post!

  • SUSIE DUZY profile image


    8 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

    He is my favorite actor. He can play any role. Loved this hub.

  • Fullerman5000 profile image

    Ryan Fuller 

    8 years ago from Louisiana, USA

    great hub. every time forrest gump is on tv i dont care how many times ive seen it, i always watch it. such a great film that has a bit of everything to offer.

  • angelahart profile image


    8 years ago

    Awesome compilation. I have nothing but respect for that actor right there. His versatility from comedy to drama is is just so amazing. Hoping to see more of him in the next decade :)

  • Ventura Rug Man profile image

    Ventura Rug Man 

    8 years ago

    My favorite scene is in "Saving Private Ryan" where Hanks finally tells the squad members that he's a schoolteacher. I used to do the monologue in acting class. Great Hub!

  • James Morgan profile image

    James Morgan 

    8 years ago

    The Money Pit is one of the funniest films that I have ever seen, I laughed till I cried!

  • RoseGardenAdvice profile image


    8 years ago from San Francisco

    Thanks a ton for compiling so much info on Tom Hanks in one page - very entertaining read!

  • John B Badd profile image

    John B Badd 

    8 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

    Great Hub, Forest Gump is my favorite but I really enjoyed Big and Money Pit growing up.

  • Lora Palmer profile image

    Lora Palmer 

    8 years ago from Warrington, Pennsylvania

    I do enjoy Tom Hanks' movies. You've Got Mail is one of my favorites.

  • jeremyframer profile image


    8 years ago from United States

    Forrest Gump was incredible and so was Saving Private Ryan. However, The Da Vinci Code was absolutely disappointing.

  • Suzi-Q profile image


    8 years ago from The Wild West, New Hampshire

    I really started liking Tom Hanks after seeing Philadelphia. He really is a great and versatile actor.

  • yenajeon profile image

    Yena Williams 

    8 years ago from California

    You got all the best! We really need a Tom Hanks of a new generation.

  • wade11hicks profile image


    8 years ago

    cool hub!! Big fan of Tom, I'll be following~

  • Andy Webb profile image

    Andy Webb 

    8 years ago

    Great actor one of the greats from the modern era of cinema. My favourite Hanks movie is The Terminal but there are so many great movies to choose from.

  • mightywarrior profile image


    8 years ago

    gr8 hub ....... one of the few actors who is still rocking the world.

  • Babylon48 profile image


    8 years ago from Lost in space

    One of my favourite actors. Great hub!

  • Madison22 profile image


    8 years ago from NYC

    Awesome list of one of the finest actors of our time. Thank you for sharing!

  • hoov45 profile image

    Terry Hoover 

    8 years ago from Denham Springs, Louisiana

    Forrest Gump is my all time favorite movie. I just thought it was SO good and Hanks was amazing. I also loved Castaway and will watch it again and again when I see that it's on a cable channel. Good work here.

  • girlincape profile image

    Kasey Rubenstein 

    8 years ago from California

    I also really love his role in The Terminal. Hilarious.

    I watched Big a lot as a kid and I always found it to be really magical. Tom Hanks portrays a child perfectly. I had no idea it was directed by a woman though, that's so cool!

  • liss1979 profile image


    8 years ago from Bakersfield, CA (unfortunately)

    Forest Gump- best Tom Hanks movie ever

  • strutzas profile image


    8 years ago from Kualapuu, Hawaii

    I really idolized Tom Hanks he is one of the best actor in America.

  • Shinkicker profile image


    8 years ago from Scotland

    Nice tribute to a fine actor.

    Tom Hanks can play any type of role, serious or dramatic

  • premierkj profile image


    8 years ago from Republic of Ireland

    Hanks could well be the best American actor ever. He does have some stiff competition though. All excellent films, I was surprised 'Catch Me If You Can' wasn't on your shortlist although he wasn't the star.

  • wavegirl22 profile image


    8 years ago from New York, NY

    Last night you brought to me Sandra Bullock whom I adore and tonight you give me Tom Hanks who I think I love even more! Not a movie on this list that I do not love love love! This man is not only a great actor but when he gets behind projects like "Band of Brothers" and now the HBO series "The Pacific" I appaud him even more. And I do the same for you for writing this great tribute to one hell of an guy-

  • habee profile image

    Holle Abee 

    8 years ago from Georgia

    Forest Gump is one of my all time faves!

  • Susana S profile image

    Susana Serer 

    9 years ago from UK

    Hey Edweirdo - I love Tom Hanks movies. I really enjoyed nearly every movie on this list, in particular Forrest Gump, The Green Mile and Castaway. I just realised one you've missed off - Terminal. I loved that one too. Great Job!

  • barryrutherford profile image

    Barry Rutherford 

    9 years ago from Queensland Australia

    i thought he was brilliant in Forrest Gump

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    9 years ago from Sunny Florida

    This is a very good hub. Tom Hands is a great actor and I love all his movies.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Tom Hanks is a perfectionist as an actor, fortunately for viewers of his movies. Saving Private Ryan was one of the best war movies ever made. Who can forget the opening scenes at Normandy Cemetery, especially the one showing row after row of headstones? This scene really makes you think about the high price of freedom and the ultimate sacrifice made by so many American soldiers in WWII. Tom Hanks has done so much for veterans of that war, many of whom were very disappointed that Saving Private Ryan didn’t win the award for Best Picture.

  • Glimmer515 profile image


    9 years ago from Never Never Land

    Great HuB, who doesnt love Tom Hanks! I love him in Joe Vs the Vocano! a less known movie of his but so cute and its with MEG RYAN! They love eahcother haha

  • zzron profile image


    9 years ago from Houston, TX.

    Great hub, Tom Hanks rocks.


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