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Tom Platz ' The golden Eagle'

Updated on December 28, 2012

The golden eagle

Tom Platz ' The Golden Eagle'

As a 14 year old hitting the gym in 1980 the world of body building was all new for me and I did not have a clue about training or diet.

The initial aim of joining a gym was to build myself up for rugby and then the body building took over.I have never taken steroids but one of my all time greats in the sport was Mr Universe Tom Platz and in 1984 I watched him being interviewed on the BBC and was amazed how articulate,friendly and likeable was this giant of body building.

Up and till this interview any body builder shown on TV was used just for laughs and were always show just as meat heads....but this interview changed a lot of peoples perceptions of body builders.

Within the interview Tom is very open about using steroids but really hits home with his view points on the matter. After seeing the interview I bought his book 'Pro style body building' which became my training bible through out my twenties and changed the way I trained and ate.

I still train at my own gym located at the Brittany holiday cottage in France and hope to compete again next year.

The interview


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