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Tomb Raider Underworld Strategy Guide 2: Mediterranean Sea, Part 1

Updated on February 19, 2009

What’s this?  A cutscene?  And your buds are shooting at you!  Say what what?   Yeah, as I mentioned before, this is one of those stories that starts out with the BIG SCENE first, and then most of the story leads up to this BIG SCENE.  I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick of this storytelling device used on movies and television, and now video games are starting this habit. 


So, I guess we’ll have to see all the events that lead up to it.  This is why you find Lara on a boat in the Mediterranean a few weeks prior to these events. 


The only thing to do from the boat is jump out and then learn to dive and swim into the water. 


As you go to this central area, turn to the left and go around a pile of rocks.  There is an entrance partially concealed, which will take you down a winding corridor.  The room dead ends suddenly, and the First Treasure will be there.


There is a large pile of rocks here, and you can go to the left and dive down some more and find a small pile of rocks.  On what looks like to be a pink lily pad you will find the Second Treasure.  Go ahead and take it.  This is one of seven on this level. 


You will find that there is a tall pile of rocks with an opening on it.  In this area is some stairs that you can descend by swimming, and you will find an opening.  It dead ends on a wall, but you will notice that you can spin one of these areas.  You will notice the steering wheel like crank located on one of these things.  Spin the crank so the blue eye part is on top.  This will be obvious when you see it. 


I’m sure you probably realize this by now, but the other two wheels do not have any cranks on them. Yes, yhou will need to find the other two cranks. 


For that, swim back up and out of this tower that you are in.  There is another tower very close by with a similar entrance.  Follow it deep down and you will come to a place with a dead end.  There is a panel on the wall here that you have to “blow off” with a tool.    Here, there is a puzzle that must be solved.  What you want to do is activate all three tumblers on the side.  The bottom one should be turned first, until the things stick out.  You will notice that the top one will turn when you turn the bottom one.  Turn the top one until the tumblers extend, then do the center. 


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      nora 8 years ago

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