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Tomb Raider Underworld Strategy Guide 22: Southern Mexico, Part 2

Updated on February 19, 2009

Shimmy around the pillar to the left and haul yourself up when you reach a balance beam.  From here, you will need to make a diagonal jump to another balance beam that you will be able to see clearly.  On this beam, you have to hang on the left side, the same side where a gash on the stony pillar is.  This is so when you hang on, you can just shimmy to the left and get to where you need to go: another balance beam. 


Stand up on the balance beam and jump to another beam straight in front of you.  Shimmy right until you can’t any longer, then jump up one.  Sideways jump to the right, and you will see a flip-pole that you can flip off of to another area.  Before you flip, you will want to adjust Lara so she flips off the end of the pole, not the base.  You don’t want to miss it from here. 


You will see an entrance to a new area, so go in.  Keep following the tunnel, and you will come to an area where you will slide to get down.  You will soon find a ledge you can jump up to which is the start of another room.  There is a big square cube of a rock here, so jump and haul yourself up to the top of it.  Jump to a ledge near that rock, and shimmy left until you can no longer shimmy any more.  Jump up one level, and then backwards jump to a ledge. 


From this ledge, go left and jump to another ledge above, then another one.  Shimmy left until you come to an arch, then sideways jump left to get to another ledge.  Shimmy all the way to the corner, then drop down one ledge.  Backwards jump to another ledge from there. 


At this point, there will be a small bridge that will allow you to stand on the edge.  You will need to jump to a balance beam board on the other side that is not complete.  Carefully walk across until you get to the next area. 


Follow the hallway, and you will come to something that you can interact with.  It is a puzzle, but it is easier than it looks.  For the sake of simplicity on my description, I will call the tiles names.  Just picture them as north, east, west, and south, like on a compass.  Just move the east tile, then rotate it clockwise.  Move the north thing, and then rotate the wheel clockwise.  Insert the east tile in its proper place (the shape will match).  Rotate the wheel clockwise and move the north tile in its proper place.  Move the southern one onto the wheel while you are at it.  Then rotate counter-clockwise and move the western tile to the wheel.   Fit them into their proper spots, and the door will open. 


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