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Tomb Raider Underworld Strategy Guide 38: Jan Mayen Island, Part 4

Updated on February 19, 2009

From here, shimmy around until you are on the right side of the hammer.  You will notice that the camera angle will change, and you will see a square pillar of rock below.  Perhaps square isn’t the right word, as the shape reminds me of the state of Utah, upside down.  You will need to get to this, even though it seems like you are going backward on the path you want to go. 


To land on it, just jump off and out at the proper time.  You will reach a checkpoint, and a cutscene will show you what path you need to take.  Start by going right and hanging off the edge.  Release once, and then shimmy right to another ledge.  Release again, then again, and use the last ledge to shimmy right until you are on another ledge.  Shimmy all the way left and go around a corner, then drop one more ledge down. 


Do a sideways jump and you will end up on a ledge with a ramp on it. Shimmy all the way around, and you will have to make a tricky jump.  Just wait until the camera won’t move anymore, and go to the lowest part of the ramp, and jump to a ledge on the side of the pillar behind you. 


You will then need to jump to a balance beam, and carefully walk to the end.  Jump to a ledge that the beam is pointing to.  You may have to shake the Nunchuk to steady yourself, by the way.  Shimmy right and do a sideways jump in that same direction.  You will land on rock with a ledge around it.  You can haul yourself up and sidle left. 


From there, you will need to make a difficult chimney jump up, and Lara will find herself on another ledge.  Pull her up, and sidle left until she comes to a balance beam.  Release onto that beam, and cross to the other side.  Once again, Lara will have to sidle left, and there is a beam here that she should stand over before performing another complicated chimney jump. 


This will get her to the top of a rock, where she can easily hop over to another path leading to doors.  Even though the door furthest away from you is blocked, you still want to use it, as the broken path will mark where you have been.  This is important. 


Now, keep going down the hall and you will come to another place with the machines running.  There is no big monster here for you this time.


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