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How To Find The Best Diatonic Harmonica

Updated on June 19, 2013
A Great Sound!
A Great Sound! | Source

For those of you who play harmonica, let me suggest the Lee Oskar by Tombo. I have played many different diatonic harmonica brands, but I have not found a sweeter sound or reeds easier to control the bends. I have an A, B flat, C, D, E, F, F sharp and a G. The sound is clean, crisp and I swear you will play the blues with greater soul with the Tombo’s. Go get yourself a Tombo and see for yourself. They are moderately priced, have a great interlocking case so you can stack them together and the case is a cool black color. The only negative with the Tombo's is the case has a plastic hinge that after time and use breaks apart and now you have a useless case. You can order a replacement, but it would not be difficult to redesign the case so it would last. Still, if you want great sound, you just have to put up with a bad case.


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