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Too Close To Home -- Bonnie Is Blind, Death And Dumb When It Comes To Anna

Updated on September 25, 2016

Dax and Valerie Head To Happy

Last time on Too Close To Home, Victor pushes a few of the men in Happy too far. Anna was reunited with her morbidly obese mama and the daughter she abandoned and Bonnie kept from Brody the danger she's in because of Shelby.

Washington DC. Dax getting dressed as Valerie comes knocking at the door. Dax says he's going to go and rescue Victor the idiot. Valerie says she's going with him, because he's too upset to go alone. Victor aint worth it.

Victor having the crap beat out of him as the rednecks kick the crap out of him. The sheriff comes and puts a stop to it. He says what they're doing is a hate crime and the FBI will be coming. He orders the rednecks to go put themselves in jail and surprisingly enough they obey him.

Rebel gives Anna stuff to take to Mama. Anna says she can't go in there. Rebel wants to know why Anna left her. Anna claims it's complicated as she doesn't want to go back in to take care of Mama. No, let your teen daughter do it, instead. Can this broad get anymore disgusting. Oh, I'm sure she can.

Bonnie is happy to see her precious Anna; she's the only one. Bonnie makes Rebel take the drink to Mama. Bonnie starts singing Anna's praises, telling her she's a good person. She acts like she worships the ground she walks on. Anna says she's sorry she never returned Bonnie's calls, but Bonnie doesn't care. She says she's going to go inside and fix Anna a good meal. It's enough to make you vomit.

The sheriff brings Victor to Brody's house. He wants Brody's father to help him. The sheriff doesn't think he'll last much longer. Brody says he can see what he can do. Brody agrees to try and help him.

Guess now that Bonnie's got her precious Anna back she's forgotten all about the death threat she's under. Bonnie's losing major bonus points with this Anna worship. Bonnie doesn't care what anyone says about Anna because she's her sister. Bonnie's definitely an Anna enabler. She opens her home up to Anna. And let me guess. If anyone says a cross word to her, Bonnie will smack them. She's even trying to say she made Anna leave. And did you make Anna never call? What a freaking sap.

The sheriff and Brody drag dumb-dumb into the house and put him in a bed. The Sheriff wants Brody to do something for him. Brody tries to wake him up. The sheriff says since Victor doesn't have insurance the ambulance might not come. Brody's father comes in and tells Brody to give Victor a shot of something. The sheriff urges Brody to do what his father says. Brody reluctantly gives him the shot. Victor starts coming to and when Brody asks his father what to do next his moment of lucidity is gone.

Shelby asleep on a pool table in the bar. Shelby doesn't care that Victor got beaten up and says she wants another drink. Shelby gets thrown out. The bartender calls JB to tell him Shelby just left the bar.

On the way to school Rebel says Anna is dead to her. Anna asks questions about how Rebel is doing in school. Bonnie says Rebel is going to go to college. Bonnie suggests giving Rebel some time. How about forever. Bonnie tells Anna that Brody's father, Dr. Allen has dementia. Then she asks about Brody's mother and learned his mom died three years ago. Bonnie asks if Anna wants to see Brody, but she says she's not ready to see him. Seriously? What if Brody doesn't want to see her?

Anna offers to help out with Mama when Bonnie is going to head over to take care of her.

The sheriff arrives back at Brody's. He's still trying to get them to send an ambulance. Dr. Allen says Victor can't be moved because he's not stable. Brody not thrilled the sheriff going to leave Victor with him. Let me guess? When Victor sees Brody he'll fall in love with all that manly muscle. Sorry, dude, he doesn't ba for your team.

Bonnie and Anna make their way into Mama's trailer. Bonnie goes through the morning routine of checking her mother's sugar and bringing her breakfast. Mama's nasty to Anna. Mama orders Anna to wash her. Mama orders Bonnie to take care of her. Mama brings up Anna having an affair with the president. Bonnie punishes Mama whenever she's nasty to her precious Anna. Anna and Bonnie bathe Mama. When the smell gets to Anna, Bonnie makes an excuse so she can leave. Mama tells Bonnie that Anna is here to use her. Mama asks why Bonnie idolizes Anna. Mama says Bonnie will let Anna walk all over her the way Shelby does. Bonnie takes off when Mama says she saw JB and Shelby in the truck. Then Bonnie goes out and comforts her. Why is Bonnie comforting her? She was only in there five minutes. Give me a freaking break.

Back to Brody's house. He walks in on his father doing something to Victor.

Well, we have a lot of questions. Like just who are the fathers or Rebel and Mac? Are we really supposed to root and sympathize with the Anna character when she abandoned her child for four years and never even sent any money home to take care of her? Seriously, this character thinks the world revolves around her. She doesn't contact her boyfriend in four years and she's asking after him? Tell me, was she thinking about good old Brody when she was spreading her legs on top of the President's desk? And she's the character that's being promoted as the lead character we should be rooting for. Not on your life.


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