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Too Close To Home -- Bonnie and Brody Give Into Their Passion...

Updated on October 10, 2016

Unfortunately, they've got an audience...

After a week break, it's back, tonight, before next week's finale. Bonnie was the only one happy to have her precious Annie back, forgetting all about the death threat she's under. A beaten Victor got dumped on Brody's doorstep while his father went in and out of lucidity on how to treat him. And Dax and Valerie head to Happy to find Victor, who wasn't really much a friend to them when push came to shove.

Brody tries to get his father off Victor, who his father thinks is a walrus. Brody goes and gets the sheriff. The sheriff says the ambulance is there. He says he's trying to get this walrus to blow-up. He keeps sitting on top of Victor with his hand inside of him and finally says he's got it. And no one thinks to pull him off of him. The paramedics come in and the old doctor finally crawls off of him. Brody learns his father saved Victor's life by what he did.

Brody takes his father to get cleaned up, since he doesn't notice he's got blood on his hands. His father says it's JB's fault Brody's mother died. The paramedics says they can't take Victor and have other cases to go off to.

Anna and Bonnie sitting on the steps. She thanks Bonnie for getting her out of the trailer park. Anna asks if Bonnie ever wants to get out of there. Bonnie says if she leaves, who would take care of mama and the kids. Bonnie says that's why she admires Anna so much, cause she got out of there and made something out of herself, but not really when you think about it. Bonnie says she puts on Anna's shows when she wants to pretend she's out of there. That she's never been mad at her and she could never get out of there like Anna did.

Bonnie won't tell her about the problems with JB. Anna says she may have to stay there for awhile and that scares her. She suggests getting a job so she can help out; getting her some shifts at the diner. Then Anna wonders where Victor might be.

When Bonnie says she has to go to Brody's, Anna asks if he's seeing anyone and if he still loves her. Bonnie says he doesn't because he's moved on. Bonnie says that Brody has changed a lot. He's a man now. Bonnie wants to make sure that Anna has no feelings for Brody, and she says she doesn't. But, of course, she does, now her precious little life has blown up in her face. In short, he wasn't good enough before, but now he is.

Valerie and Dax arrive at the trailer park. They knock on the door of one of the trailer's. It's Mama's trailer. She tells him to come in. Valerie doesn't want to go in to see Mama. She reveals she's Anna's mother. Mama isn't nice to them and they aren't nice to her. Valerie is pissed at all the lies Anna told them about her rich parents. You weren't anymore a real friend to her than she was to you so get over it.

Mama calls up Anna to tell her that Valerie and Dax are looking for her. She goes out to see them and she says she doesn't know where Victor is. They tells her about Victor being drunk at a bar and Anna says she told him not to go there. They demand she drive them to the bar.

Brody shows Bonnie Victor when she arrives. Bonnie says she'll sit with both of them. Brody tries to kiss her and she pushes him away. She tells Brody that Anna's there. He asks how she is. Bonnie says Anna is staying with her. He wants to know why Bonnie brought Anna up. She says she just thought he should know. He says he'll be back in a couple of hours.

Anna takes the two “friends” to the bar. Dax shows Lily, the woman who runs the bar, a picture of Victor and she lies about not seeing him. Valerie starts acting the bitch to Lily. Anna tries to shut the two idiotsup. Lily finally admits Victor was in there messing around with Shelby while the uppity bitch Valerie [Lily's description and a perfect one cause that's exactly what she is] starts spouting hate crimes and FBI. Sorry, but just because you're black or gay doesn't give you the right to grope people and and insult them and get in their face and then play victim. Whiny Dax and the uppity bitch are the epitome of the Ugly Americans who go to a strange country and then start insulting the locals and then act like they're the victims when the locals don't bow down and kiss their butts.

Bonnie hears Victor crying out. Like his two buddies, Victor the idiot is acting like a donkey butt. Bonnie realizes Victor is the friend Anna was waiting for. Victor the idiot goes on about how he worked hard not to have any scars on his body. Bonnie says she'll call Anna, which means her two ugly companions will come storming in there, as well, probably threatening to sue Brody's sick father.

The sheriff tells Anna and Frick and Frack that Victor is at Brody's and they head there. I'm surprised the uppity bitch managed to keep her trap shut with the sheriff and didn't threaten him with the FBI, too.

Brody returns and Bonnie tells him that Victor is awake. Of course, Victor is smitten with Brody. I called it. Geez, he's coming on to Brody. Time to tell him you don't bat for his team. Victor tells Brody what he remembers and says Tanner and JB attacked him. Victor is really grossing me out with all of the come-ons to Brody. Once again, the guy is asking for it. Does Whiny Dax know what a ho his boyfriend is?

Bonnie tells Brody she's done with JB. She won't tell Brody how her neck got hurt. This time it's Bonnie that kisses Brody and they start going at it against the kitchen wall, just as Anna and Frick and Frack arrive. Damn, talk about ruining the moment. Anna starts looking in the window and sees Brody and Bonnie.


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    • Carol Cassada profile image

      Carol Cassada 16 months ago from VA

      Too Close to Home is one of my favorite new shows. Bonnie and Brody are my favorite characters.