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Too Close To Home -- Goes Out With A Bang...

Updated on October 17, 2016

Who will survive the attack on the trailer park?

Tonight is the season finale and I've got a bad feeling they're going to whack off Bonnie to make her pay for “betraying” the precious Anna. Meanwhile Anna's equally nasty “friends” made plenty of enemies in Happy as they demanded to know where Victor the idiot was, while Victor made heavy passes at Brody.

Anna watching Brody and Bonnie going at it, as Valerie starts knocking on the door demanding to be let in. Dax and Valerie rush to Victor while Anna acts like the betraying girlfriend she isn't. How many times did she think of Brody while she was screwing the president? Seriously, this show needs to get real with this stuff.

Dax looks like a lovesick fool over Victor. Dax wants to take Victor out of there. Valerie blames Anna because she and Dax got fired. Bonnie about to take on Valerie for insulting her precious Anna, but now might not be the best time since she's probably still covered in Brody's semen. I know...ick!

Anna doesn't want Bonnie to touch her. Brody says it'll be good having Anna back. Anna's acting like the betrayed victim not wanting Bonnie to give her a ride. Bonnie insists. Bonnie says that Brody still loves Anna. Brody says he just wants her. Brody says she's only seeing what she wants to see. Bonnie says they shouldn't have done this. She says she won't do this to Anna. Bonnie says she can't do this; Brody says he loves her. She says he's a better person than she is and he says she's punishing him because of that. That she only got involved with JB beause he was convenient. Brody tells her to just leave and now he won't let Bonnie touch him, either, and tells her to get out.

Sheriff looking for Horace the guy the drug guy killed in front of JB. JB plays dumb. The sheriff wants to talk about him beating up Victor. The sheriff wants him to turn himself in, but JB won't do it and takes off. He goes into the john and snorts some drugs up his nose Behind him is the drug dude. JB tries to get some more time. The man just walks away.

Anna comes out of Brody's house as Valerie lays in wait. Valerie blames her for being selfish and has ruined her life and did nothing but lie to her. Anna says she's sorry and Valerie says she doesn't forgive her. Bonnie tells Anna it's time for her to go. Valerie yells at Bonnie that Anna is going to destroy her. No, it looks like Shelby and JB will have that honor.

Bonnie tells Anna she's a good person. Anna says Brody is still hurt by what she did to him. Bonnie says Brody is a good man. Anna says Brody isn't the little boy she left. Bonnie offers to have Anna sit with Brody's father, instead, to promote a reunion between them, no doubt. Talk about ick. Bonnie confides in Anna that JB's been running drugs. Anna encourages her to tell someone what happened. So they're both pretending what happened with Bonnie and Brody didn't happen. Oh-kay! We should all remember this, as this may be how this family works, when the big reveal [which TLC ruined with promos the first week] is revealed.

Brody sitting by himself when Valerie comes in. She apologizes for her behavior. He offers her coffee. She asks how well he knows Anna. If she was always a liar and manipulator. He makes no comment when she says she's selfish. Brody says Anna always wanted more than what she had. She asks if Brody went to college and he did. He studied veterinary medicine. He came back to take care of his mother and father. Valerie says he's a beautiful man. Not another one. What is Brody's theme song? Everybody wants him? She asks if he ever thought about modeling. He's not interested.

Brody tells Dax and Valerie they can both stay here. Brody warns them both that his father has dementia. He warns them they might need to lock their doors at night. Valerie thinks Brody wants her. Talk about delusional.

Brody sees a pick-up driving up. It's JB. JB says ne needs his help, but they get into a fight about Victor. He wants money. He wants to put the house up for sale, but Brody won't do it. Brody tells him to get out of there. JB gets a call and leaves, but says he'll be back to get what's his. When Brody finds out what happened to Bonnie, he may live to regret this moment.

Rebel and Mac coming home from school as Bonnie and Anna arrive home. Then Bonnie sees Shelby. Bonnie throws her boyfriend out and won't let Shelby go. Anna starts blaming Shelby for Victor getting beaten up. Shelby tells Anna that Bonnie started screwing Brody when Anna left. Bonnie says all she tries to do is help Shelby, and Anna says to let her go. Shelby says she can't let go of their father molesting her and they let him do it. They should have stopped him. Anna says she told Brody's father and the sheriff and their mother hates her for it. Then Anna reveals they all had their daddy's babies and that's why she can't look at Rebel in the face and Rebel and Mac hear it. Anna tells Shelby to leave. Shelby breaks down crying in Bonnie's arms and says she tries to do better but it hurts so much.

JB comes up and grabs Shelby. Bonnie asks Shelby what she did with JB's stash. She finally tells what she did with it, then JB makes a grab to take Shelby with him and Bonnie tries to fight him off. That's when a bunch of men come in a black van and starts shooting at them. Since precious Anna is in the background she'll probably be the one who doesn't get a scratch on her.

Anna said Bonnie buried a bunch of babies. I wonder if that's why Bonnie says she's bad. I wonder if she stuck something up inside her so she'd lose the babies so she wouldn't have to birth her daddy's babies.

The season left us with more questions than answers. Just where is the girls dirtbag daddy? Who are those two young kids living with Bonnie? And, of course, will anyone [but Anna] survive the drug hit on the trailer park?


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