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Too Close To Home -- Is Rebel The Latest Victim?

Updated on January 18, 2017

And will Dax be JB's next victim?

Last time, Brody heard about the shooting but the sister that he was concerned about was Anna, not Bonnie. A connection between Caitlyn and Dax was revealed. And Dax served up a dish of revenge on Victor that was very cold indeed. We also met several new characters living at the trailer park. Frankie, who was involved with Brody and who seemed to be in some kind of danger. And Elm and Regina who are having an adulterous affair.

On a side note: Elm is the perfect name for this character since the actor who plays him has the personality of a piece of wood. It's great to add some new characters, but how about using some actors that can act.

Anna tells the secret service guy to leave and won't tell Brody who he is. She tells her devoted puppy to go back in the house. The secret service guy puts El Presidente on speaker when she won't speak to the slime bag. El Presidente tells her he wants her to come back to Washington. She tells him it's over. She drives off leaving Brody and the Secret Service guy in the dust. The SS guy asks what El Presidente wants him to do next.

Octavia is woken up by a call from her brother. He asks her to go get Regina. Only she finds her bed empty. She tells her brother she isn't there.

Regina's in bed with Elm Tree. Elm Tree says he loves Regina. She says she has to go. She asks why he has to make things complicated. She reminds him he has a wife and she has a husband. He says they're not here. He says he feels so free when he's with her. She says this is wrong and she's sick of this life. She was homecoming queen and voted most likely to succeed. Now she's a trailer park tramp. She's still stuck in this trailer unhappy. She says Elm Tree doesn't have a damn thing, either. She says she's got to go because it's getting late. She heads to the bathroom and says bye.

Frankie sees her coming out of Elm Tree's trailer and Regina sees her. Regina says she doesn't like her and she'll mop this trailer up with her skinny ass if she messes in her business. Frankie tries to close the door but Regina won't let her. Frankie tells her to move. I would have loved to see her give the trailer park tramp a shove and see her fall backwards off her stoop.

Anna returns to the trailer park. Mac greets her. He was worried about her. Seems all the men are. Mac says he loves her. Let's hope he doesn't mean he's in love with her. She says she wishes Rebel was more like him. He mentions at school Rebel gets made fun of. She says it breaks her heart. Mac says he's teaching Rebel to be strong. Bonnie comes out and Rebel says she heard them say she and Mac have the same father. Rebel says that's why she didn't want her. Rebel asked Bonnie if she was raped. Mac says their father is looking at Rebel now. He's not in jail. When Anna gets on her back, Bonnie is no longer kissing her ass. Bonnie says she's the one who had to take care of those kids and she'll take care of this. Anna says Bonnie wants her gone, and Bonnie says Anna doesn't know her at all and she's going back to bed. Bonnie needs to turn some of that venom on good old Brody Boy next.

Victor tries to talk some sense into Dax. Valerie comes in saying Dax loves Victor. Dax says she doesn't know him, at all. Dax says he knows Valerie was sleeping with El Presidente too when she calls him a bitch. He accuses her of being a bitch to Anna cause he dumped her once Anna came to work for him.

Octavia corners Regina when she comes slithering back into the trailer. Regina claims she would never cheat on Nelson.

Brody's father says he needs to let her go cause she's moved on. Even his Crazy old Daddy knows Grody Brody wants his precious Anna. Dax comes storming out demanding Brody move his tractor out of the way so he can leave. Brody refuses to move it. So Dax decides to walk his way out of there. Wow! It's amazing what a big ass Brody has become in the new season. He's not even likable anymore. He whines about how Dax needs to treat him with respect. Brody's daddy starts calling Valerie Sheba. Starts talking all sexual about her. Says how he loves brown bodies.

Mama spies Shelby and her boyfriend coming back to the trailer. She says she's sorry. He rebuffs her attempts at seduction. Rick says he gives her everything. He says he loves her, and she says she loves him, too. They kiss. She refuses to come back to his place because his mama doesn't like her. Mama calls out to Shelby wanting her to come here. Mama says Rick is a loser. Mama says she can smell the drugs from here. Mama says she's hungry and wants something to eat.

Shelby goes into Bonnie's trailer even though Bonnie kicked her out. Shelby says Anna is in her bed. Mac comes in to protect Anna and treats Shelby like crap. Mac tells her to leave. Bonnie comes out and says Shelby can sleep with her. Shelby brags that Bonnie is mad at Anna. Shelby goes into the bathroom to take some drugs and finds the pregnancy test. Shelby comes out with the test. Bonnie says it isn't hers. They both think it's Rebel's. Shelby wants to go wake her up, but Bonnie looks like she's afraid Rebel is pregnant by their daddy, too, after what she found out, earlier.

Dax ends up back at the trailer park. He bangs on Bonnie's door and Anna answers. He asks for a ride to the airport. Dax accuses Anna of knowing Victor was cheating. She asks if Dax is going back to Washington. He gets her to tell him that the secret service was there and El Presidente tried to get her to talk to him on the phone. He tells her to go to hell when she gets on him for not driving her here himself and yells that he hates this place. Why should he have? Why couldn't you have gotten home on your own?

Brody's daddy crawls in be with Valerie. He says he loves her and doesn't want to be with his wife. Brody tells her she should have locked the door. Victor starts laughing. She brings up his family and he starts getting upset about his parents situation. Victor says they're getting out of there tomorrow.

Dax flags down JB to give him a ride. Dax offers to pay him. JB says there's only one hotel in town and he can take him there. I'd watch out if I was Dax. JB says he knows that queer guy that got his ass kicked. JB won't let Dax get out of the truck. Is he going to beat up Dax next?


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