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Too Close To Home -- Mama Takes Some Pot Shots At Shelby

Updated on January 25, 2017

After she takes a twenty out of her wallet...

Last time a found pregnancy test and finding out the girl's father is eyeing young Rebel caused a lot of concern.

JB takes Dax to a no-tell motel. If I was Dax I'd be worried. He should have left him alone after driving him there. Dax tries to get him to leave. JB says Dax owes him a favor now. JB says he doesn't want his money. JB sits on the bed and he's giving me the creeps. JB says Bonnie put him out. JB lays on the bed and says he wants to sleep there. Dax throws money at him and tells him to get another room. He asks if Dax is gay. JB shuts the door so he and Dax are trapped in the room together. He starts sniffing at Dax. JB starts telling him how he beat Victor. Dax beats the crap out of JB and drags him out of his room, saying he hates this place. It's a very good thing Dax knows how to fight or there's no telling just what JB would have done to him.

Bonnie shows Anna the pregnancy test. Then she calls for Rebel whose gone. Bonnie learns Rebel didn't go to school. Anna offers to go look for her, since Bonnie has to go to work. Bonnie demands Shelby take breakfast to Mama and then to leave.

When Bonnie is gone, Shelby starts taunting Anna about Brody and Bonnie. She suggests Bonnie is trying to kill their mother by over-feeding her.

Elm Tree's wife is home and tired. She's working two jobs while he's staying at home waiting for disability and screwing the neighbor. He has the nerve to say he loves her and asks if she loves him. This guy is a real lowlife. He says he'll cook dinner and clean up the place. He has the nerve to say he loves her, again. What a rodent. Regina sees Elm's wife going to speak to Frankie. Frankie tries to be nice to her, but she isn't friendly back. Frankie isn't the one she should be giving attitude to.

Instead of doing anything, Elm Tree is watching TV. Regina tells Elm Tree that Frankie saw her sneaking out of his trailer, last night. Now he's worried his wife, Tina, knows what he's doing while she's out working two jobs. Elm invites her over. Regina says as soon as she talks to Frankie she'll see him.

Regina gets in Frankie's face, again. Elm calls to her and Frankie says to go and run to her boyfriend before his wife gets back.

Shelby goes to give Mama breakfast. Mama tells her to go away and says she's as mean as a snake. Shelby says she wants a hug from Mama. Mama asks what she's up to. Shelby hugs Mama and grabs Mama's wallet. Mama starts shooting at her as Shelby slithers out of the trailer. She tells her boyfriend she only copped twenty. That was a lot of danger for just twenty. Can she really even get a decent high from that?

Victor trying to get out of bed and Valerie trying to tell him he can't get out of bed. She calls in Brody. Brody's daddy is still calling Valerie, Sheba. He begs for Brody's help so he can help his parents. Daddy gets on Brody's back for treating him stupid. Brody goes to get his laptop so Valerie can help Victor.

Octavia works with Bonnie. She offers to make lunch for Bonnie's mother and bring it back. She wants to talk to Mama to find out where Regina goes. Octavia tells Bonnie that the secret service guy shot the druggies and Anna is somehow involved in it, but Bonnie won't believe it.

The Sheriff comes to see Mama. He comes in the trailer. Mama says Shelby stole her money. She wants her arrested. He tells her her place is a damned mess. He tells her she can't live in there like this. He says she could start a fire with all the stuff she's got plugged in. She tells him she shot at Shelby. The sheriff says he can't let her live there like this and she has to clean the place up. He says he has to report it. She says his only obligation is a piece of ass on the other side of town is wife doesn't know about. He says he knows her dirty secrets, too. He says he's not going to let this go on. She throws him out, but he says he'll be back. He says he'll talk to Judge Collins about her. She refuses to see anything wrong with the way she's living.

Anna finds Rebel and gets her away from Eli. She ends up slapping Rebel and Rebel slaps her back.

Dax takes a call from Caitlyn. Dax says he wants out of the town. Dax tells her that El Presidente has been in contact with Anna.

Caitlyn goes to confront El Presidente. He smugly admits to have been calling Anna. Caitlyn says she's going to go make her move. Caitlyn says to call his little screw toy in an hour and she's sure little Anna will have a lot of info for him.

Brody sees Nelson on the road. He got an early discharge. Maybe he'll find his darling wife in the sack with Elm Tree.

Brody sees Rebel walking. He tries to get her to tell him what's wrong. She says he wouldn't understand.

Elm Tree and Regina in the sack. God, I hope her husband catches them. That lazy lowlife. He tries to get Regina to cook his dinner, then he notices Tina is coming home. She lays down on the bed to take a nap, with good old Regina hiding under it.

Octavia points out to Bonnie all the cars and trucks coming into town. She says she told her so. It's secret service.


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