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Too Close To Home -- Meet Mama

Updated on September 19, 2016

Bonnie continues to keep Brody at arm's length

Last time on Too Close To Home, Victor and Anna traded war stories on their way to Happy. Bonnie was targeted by the drug thug, while Shelby escaped nearly being strangled by JB.

Brody sleeping by his father's bed. He wakes up. He looks out the window. He calls up Bonnie's phone asking where she is. Meanwhile Bonnie is laying on the floor choking after Drug Thug stopped choking her. Drug Thug says he's sending a warning to JB. He asks if she has a sister. She denies having a sister named Shelby. He tells her unless JB gives him back what's his in 18 hours or she and all of them will be in the morgue. The sheriff shows up and Bonnie begs Drug Thug not to hurt him. She gets rid of Drug Thug when he starts asking Drug Thug too many questions. Bonnie asks the sheriff if he knows where Shelby is.

Back to boring Anna and Victor as they arrive in Happy. Victor wants to stop in the bar. She tells him the town isn't fond of outsiders and makes him promise not to go there. She doesn't want to bring Victor home to her family. He says he'll check into the Peppermill Inn.

Mac sees his Aunt Anna was involved with the president. Is his cousin, Rebel, Anna's daughter?

Bonnie finally arrives at Brody's. Brody kisses Bonnie, but she says he can't do that. She doesn't tell him what happened. Brody says he still loves her and she never told him why she ended it. Bonnie says she got involved with JB because she knows Brody is still in love with Anna and she reminds him of her and she can't be Anna. Honey, you wouldn't want to be her. That he's with Anna and she's with JB and that's the end of it. She takes off looking for Shelby.

Anna arrives home. Victor says he'll come by tomorrow to say goodbye to her. Inside, Mac thinks it's Shelby arriving. Then he sees it's Anna. His cousin, Rebel, doesn't want him to let Anna in. Can't say I blame her.

Mac goes out to meet Anna with his cousin, Rebel, in tow. She asks Rebel how she is, but Mac answers that they're all right. Mac wants to let her in,Rebel doesn't. Mac gets his way as Anna comes inside.

JB wakes up in the hotel room. He goes out to his truck. Shelby and Rick come out behind the dumpster after he leaves. Shelby storms off cause Rick used all the stuff.

Victor doesn't heed Anna's warning and heads into the bar she told him to stay out of. This guy is a dumb idiot. He tries talking with a fake southern accent. Yeah, that's not going to insult anyone there, is it? The bartender isn't friendly to him. The bartender has a woman wait on him, instead. He wants a martini glass when she gives him a plastic cup. She tries to warn the idiot he should take his drink and leave. Only he's not listening. It seems he wants to stir up a mess of trouble.

Shelby comes in and meets Victor. He tells her he's gay. She gets him to dance with her. Hey, Vic, what happened to you being AC/DC?

Rebel won't speak to Anna. Rebel asks if she screwed the president. Rebel says a lot has changed since Anna walked out on her. Rebel says a lot has changed since Anna took off. Rebel urges Anna to go over and see her mother, while Mac tells her not to go. Anna says she'll go and do it.

Anna enters her mother's trailer. Her mother looks like she belongs on My 600 Pound Life. She asks if Anna was having an affair with the president. She denies it and she says Anna is lying. Anna doesn't act like she wants to get too close to her. She apparently stinks. She makes Anna hug her. Mama says she would never want to be that skinny. She tells Anna to sit down, but she says she'll stand. Mama says she knows she disgusts Anna.

Mama says she broke her knee and couldn't get around anymore and she got bigger in the four years she's been gone. She says all her girls have the whore gene, and she hoped it had escaped Anna, but she's brought shame to the whole family. Yep, Rebel is Anna's daughter. Then she complains that Anna had money and she didn't give the family a dime.

Anna runs out and vomits.

You know, as sick as it is, I kind of like Mama. Least she isn't kissing Princess Anna's behind.

JB shows up at the diner and Bonnie sees him. He's trying to get in Rick's truck. Bonnie grabs him and confronts him. She wants to know what was in the truck that Shelby stole. He claims he only did it one time. She realizes he was transporting drugs. She hits him. She says never to tell her he was sorry, again. He claims he did it for her and her family. She walks off saying he better fix this. She walks off and leaves him.

Shelby and Victor dancing on the floor. Victor, the idiot, grabs another man's butt and nearly causes a barroom brawl. The owners tell Shelby to leave and say she's going to get Victor killed. Nah, Vic's going to do that all on his own.

While Anna's puking, Rebel comes up to her. Rebel says if Anna was really sorry she would have helped them.

Dax calls up Victor. Dax asks where Victor is. He says he's calling to see if Victor is safe. You know, whatever happens to Victor, this idiot more than deserves.

JB shows up looking for Shelby. Vic calls JB “baby”. One of the men tells JB that Victor grabbed his ass and tells JB to get him. Too late, Victor the idiot realizes he's pushed it too far. JB goes for Victor's throat as Dax listens on the phone.


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