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Too Close To Home --- Octavia Learns The Truth

Updated on February 8, 2017

And helps Regina to cover...

Last time Nelson returned home, while Octavia tried to prove Regina was cheating on him.

Elm Tree and Regina at it, again. Frankie hears their music. She sees someone drive up. Its Octavia. Octavia gives her attitude. Frankie meets Nelson and asks him to take a look at her car, while Octavia gives her attitude. Regina and Elm Tree see Nelson outside. Frankie tries to send Nelson over to the van, but Octavia goes and looks in the van and sees her cheating sister-in-law in the act. Octavia says she owes Frankie and she'll talk to her later. Is that a good thing or a bad thing. Octavia goes to the van, tells Regina to take a shower. She grabs her by her dread locks.

Bonnie is trying to call Anna-Banana. JB shows up at the diner. Bonnie tells him to get out. He thinks she's just pretending to be mad. He says he has no place to stay. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away from him. He suggests she's back with Brody. He says he wants to come back home. Bonnie says she doesn't love him and to get out. She tells him he can take his coffee with him. He thinks she'll get over it, cause she's always does. JB has got a whole pack with him to try and go over Dax, because he's not man enough to handle him on his own. Why is this piece of garbage still alive?

Bonnie tells him to get a life and get out.

Bonnie asks Mac to find Anna and to get Shelby to meet her at the trailer.

Octavia sits by Nelson as they wait for Regina to come out of the shower. Regina says she can't face Nelson. Octavia tells Regina in a few days she's going to tell Nelson she wants a divorce. But until then she's to make Nelson happy,

Little Annie is still at Brody's. She helps him turn on his tractor. She says he makes her feel safe and protected. She wants to know why he didn't screw her last night. He says he needs some time to figure things out. Annie whines she wishes she'd never left and they'd still be together. Valerie is watching from the porch as Annie puts the moves on him, and declares she still loves him and isn't going to stop pursuing him until she gets him back. Valerie jibes Annie as she asks where Dax is. Brody gets all huffy cause she insults his precious Annie and tells her it's time for she, Victor and Dax to leave his town. Maybe they should change the name of the town from Happy to Brodyville.

Brody moves the trailer out of the way and Valerie gets out of dodge, while the sex toy stays behind to work her magic on Brody. She wants to make sure Brody doesn't believe those things Valerie said about her. She asks Brody to take her home, when Frankie shows up. Anna-Banana says she'll introduce her to her mother. Brody pawns off taking Anna-Banana home on Frankie. Frankie tells Brody about Regina and Elm. She suggests he go talk to Elm Tree.

Seriously, what can Anna-Banana tell Frankie about her mother since she avoids her like the plague.

Shelby goes to the rest room and Eli is in there. He says she looks good. She freezes like a deer in the headlights. He sniffs at her hair as he walks by and leaves. She breaks down and cries after he leaves. She's the one I feel sorry for, not the President's whore.

Valerie comes knocking at Dax's door. Dax is drunk. She tries to talk to him about Victor. She still won't believe that Dax had his family deported. She finally gets that he did. She asks if he's doing this because of Caitlyn. She says she's the devil. He throws in her face she slept with the president, but Valerie says she didn't sleep with him. Valerie said he flirted with her, but never wanted her since Anna-Banana came. She admits she wanted El Presidente. She tries to bring it back around to Victor. Dax doesn't buy it.

Dax thrilled to learn the rental car available. She says he can talk to Anna and Victor. JB's man is about to knock when they leave. With this ruin the punk's plan to beat Dax up for beating him up.

Anna-Banana puts Frankie off about meeting Mama. She goes in to see Bonnie. When she arrives Bonnie is comforting Shelby. Mac tells Bonnie that Rebel is interested in Eli's grandson. The three sisters take off to find Rebel.

Sam Johnson, a reporter, knocks on Mama's door. She tells him to come around to the back window. He sees Mama in bed. Mama agrees to sell Anna out for some money. She wants $100. He says all he has is $40. She takes the money and doesn't tell him anything. She won't tell him anything unless he gives her $100.

Bonnie faces Eli down. She says she won't let Eli do to Rebel what he did to the rest of them. Shelby forces Rebel into the car with them.

JB drunk and watching Brody's house. He says he's going to kill Brody's father. When his companion won't get on board with it, JB throws him out of his truck.

Bonnie asks Rebel if she's pregnant. When she denies it, she confronts Rebel with the pregnancy test. Bonnie tells Anna to shut up. And Shelby tells Rebel that Eli is her father.


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