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Too Close To Home -- Oh, No, You Didn't, Brody!

Updated on January 11, 2017

Oh, yes he did!

From the promos it seems that none of the sisters got shot, but I don't see Brody's half-brother in the promos so maybe they took out the one they were aiming for. There's a first time for everything. It also seems they've added some new characters and deep-sixed the Washington friends of Anna. They're also no longer featured in the cast line-up. And the first lady will be back, even though it makes no sense.

Everyone manages to dive for cover. This almost made me laugh. First time no one got shot when someone was firing an uzi at them. The guys in the van take off. The man, aka Secret Service, who El Presidente had watching Anna shoots the driver in the van and it crashes. From the trailer park they hear gun fire in the distance and the shooter gets in a car and takes off. Anna recognizes the car, but doesn't tell anyone.

At this point the new cast members are introduced en masse.

We meet two black neighbors in the trailer park. One is named Regina. Another is named Elm. And his wife is named Tina. Seems like Elm and Regina may be getting it on. Regina thinks the person to blame for the shooting is some other new character that drives by in her car and her name is Frankie.

Mama thinks the secret service was behind the hit on them. Mama's kind of right.

The president is alive and well, but tired. He doesn't believe he had a heart attack. He wants to address the nation. The doctor wants to see the pills he gave him to take. Guessing it's magic penis pills.

Valerie wants to head back to DC, but Dax doesn't think the place is so bad and wants to know why she's being such a bitch. He doesn't buy her reasons for being so angry at Anna. Valerie wants to know how the president is doing. Oh, let me guess, she wanted to screw him, herself, and that's why she's so mad. It doesn't stop her from drooling over Brody. Gee, and here I was hoping Valerie was gone.

Marnie from the White House rings up Dax. He goes outside to take the call out in private. It's actually Caitlyn, the first lady. She sends Dax pictures of Victor cheating on Dax. She orders him to forget about Victor and to move on to Plan B, whatever that is. Did she and Dax doctor up the President's magic pills. Dax calls up Hal Monroe in immigration. He asks him to deport some people. Why do I have a feeling that one of those people is Victor?

Brody and Frankie, have something going on. Some kind of secret. So far, the writing has gotten better, this season, and their adding some much needed depth to the characters.

Caitlyn comes to see her cheating husband. She questions the doctor how he couldn't see this happening with him supplying her husband with sexual stimulants. She asks if they caused his heart attack. She asks the doctor to leave her alone with her husband. She slaps her husband awake. She threatens to tell the world about his affair when he tells her to get out. He demands to know where Anna is. Caitlyn reveals she tampered with his sex pills. She admits she tried to kill him. He threatens to have her brought up on charges, but she says he can't do a damn thing cause she knows all his secrets.

Sheriff at the trailer park. Regina talking to her husband on Skype asking him to get her out of there. Her husband is in the military. She don't get no satisfaction from him. JB won't tell the sheriff anything. Shelby announces JB had drugs in his truck. Brody arrives and rushed to Anna to make sure she's all right and ignores Bonnie. Seems Bonnie is right. That about made me sick to my stomach. Brody tells Frankie this wasn't about her.

Shelby's boyfriend dumps Shelby for lying to him. Sheriff plans to arrest JB. JB refuses to say who shot at him, but he doesn't reveal the President's secret service man did the shooting of the druggies. Brody then asks if Bonnie is okay. Too little too late butt-wipe, and you just screwed her, too. I'd give him the finger if I were Bonnie after that. Regina asks Brody about Frankie.

When Frankie arrives Regina gets in her face.

Victor sitting up talking with Valerie when Dax returns. He asks Valerie to get Vic some water. Dax acts like he doesn't know what a love cheat Victor is. Victor starts coming on to Dax. Victor puts his head on Dax's shoulder. Dax brings up Victor's mother and father. The phone rings and Dax says it's for Victor. It's his sister. He starts speaking in Spanish, I think. Victor tells Dax his mother has been deported. Victor realizes Dax was behind it. Dax shows Victor the sex pictures. He tells Victor his father will be next. Dax says Victor will be next after them.

Brody with his precious Anna. God, he makes me sick. Brody says Bonnie is tough and doesn't need to be looked after, but Anna isn't. Then he wants to talk to Bonnie. He asks if she's okay. Yeah, after running to Anna in front of her. She says they shouldn't have done what they did, as Brody says he's not going to let her do this to him. Seriously, dude, whatever high ground you had ended when you ran to Anna instead of Bonnie. That said everything. I wouldn't even speak to him after that. Go chasing Queen Anna if she doesn't dump you for something better, again, and forget you exist for another four years.

Shelby rubs it into Bonnie's face how Brody ran right to Anna and ignored her. Bonnie kicks her out, while Anna is throwing up in the toilet. Anna finds a pregnancy test under the sink. Oh, god, don't tell me she's pregnant by the President. Didn't she take the morning after pill? I'm sure Brody will be happy to marry her.

Anna confronts Bonnie about Brody. Bonnie assures Anna it's over with Brody. Anna says Bonnie seems upset about Brody. Bonnie denies being in love with Brody. She even offers to let Anna have her car keys so she can go to Brody.

Regina sneaks out of her sister-in-law's trailer to go sneak in Elm's trailer. Guess his wife must be at work or she's a very heavy sleeper.

Anna comes to see Brody. He says it's always good to see her. She asks Brody to tell her why he didn't tell her he was with Bonnie. Brody says Bonnie doesn't care and it's over between them. He says when he saw her he felt like no time has passed at all. She runs into his arms and tries to kiss him. He says they can't do this. Anna says that Brody loves Bonnie.

The secret service guy comes up saying Anna has a call.

Can I say Brody and Anna have no chemistry and their kiss was awkward, gross and embarrassing to watch. But after Brody ran to Anna and cared more if she was unhurt than Bonnie he doesn't deserve Bonnie. Whatever he gets he more than deserves. Too bad JB is so gross. Because Bonnie deserves better than him, too.


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