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Too Close To Home -- On The Way To Happy...

Updated on September 6, 2016

Bonnie and Shelby throw the bad sister title at each other...

Last week we learned JB was Brody's half-brother [same mother/different fathers] and they don't like each other. Shelby, in a moment of true irony, sold JB's load so she could get high, not realizing he had a big stash of dope hidden in it. Now JB's in trouble and so are Shelby and Bonnie, cause the dude whose stash that was wants it back and is willing to leave a trail of blood behind to get it. In short, the non-Anna part of the show is still the interesting part of the show. Meanwhile even knowing her “friends” want no part of her smutty little life, she inflicts herself on them because Little Anna needs help getting back home to Happy. Dax's boyfriend, Victor, agrees to drive her, even though he was warned an openly gay man in the deep south could be in big trouble. And, of course, selfish Anna doesn't care as long as it gets her what she wants. Which is to inflict herself on the family she abandoned and hasn't given a thought to while she was screwing the president.

Victor driving Princess Anna. He asks if she loved the president, but she doesn't want to answer. She shakes her head no. He asks why she did it. For the expensive apartment? She claims she was flattered that he wanted her. She says she doesn't want to talk about it. Then she says how does she know he won't tell anyone. Considering he's risking his neck for her, that's a lot of nerve. She claims she was the president's confidante. That he told her things. Victor says she's in danger. No one can know the president told her things. I wish I could really care about this unlikable twit.

Then we have to sit through a long scene of how she became the president's squeeze toy. I could literally care less so much I actually started reading a book while she was telling her tale of woe and seduction. If that wasn't enough to put you to sleep, then we had to hear Victor's tale. Seems he's not gay; he's AC/DC. Also sounded like a bit of a hustler the little I was listening to his boring back story. Together or apart these characters are boring and uninteresting. But I guess Anniebelle needed a bestie to talk to. Their scenes were scattered throughout the show and each one was as boring as the last. There was just way too much of them in this episode.

Bonnie's at work. She waits on the guy whose stash Shelby sold. A fellow waitress leaves Bonnie alone, planning to check on the kids for Bonnie. Then her nephew Mac comes in. So the other kids aren't Shelby's, they're Mac's cousins. So just who do they belong to? Anna? Lucky for Bonnie, the sheriff enters. The man takes an interest in Mac. The sheriff tells Bonnie that Anna was the president's concubine. Princess Anna isn't answering her phone, and Bonnie is in complete denial about Anna-Banana, refusing to believe she'd do something like that.

Brody taking care of his father and hears about his precious ex and the president. He hears all the gory details of her giving the president a heart attack via sex. He tries to call up Anna-Banana. He's trying to track her down. So much for him being over her and being in love with Bonnie. Fool!

Shelby in a no-tell motel with a guy getting high. Guess it's the boyfriend that gave her a black eye; although I thought his name was Ray, not Rick. Shelby hears the truth about Princess Anna on the news. She asks Rick to give her his keys, and that's she'll be back. When she comes back, he may be dead if Drug Dude finds him.

JB in a bar looking for Shelby. The bartender doesn't know where she went, but says she was with Rick. He learns she had a wad of cash. He realizes she sold the stash. He wants to know who Shelby's dealer is.

Back to Brody. He listens to the news about his precious ex. The president didn't croak. This time he calls up Bonnie. He tells Bonnie he tried to call Anna. At least he's being honest. I'll give him credit for that. He says he just called to see if Anna was okay. He says he knows she thinks the only reason they started up things is because he missed Anna. So, his declaration of love isn't completely out of the blue. In short, he's rode that pony before. She says what they had is over. She says she'll bring him his bike.

Shelby shows up to see Bonnie, but she doesn't want to talk to her. Least Bonnie isn't being a doormat and letting this bimbo slide on what she did cause she's a junkie. Shelby says she wants to talk to Anna. Bonnie tries to throw her out, because she's high. Bonnie says that Shelby hates Anna and can't keep the smile off her face because of the mess Princess has gotten herself into. Bonnie tries to take the car keys away from Shelby. Bonnie calls the sheriff on Shelby.

Bonnie follows Shelby outside and takes the keys from her. Shelby throws it in her face that Bonnie had sex with Brody in the past, when she confronts her about sleeping with JB. That Bonnie is older than Brody and she's a cougar. And just what are you, Miss Funky Junkie? I don't think you want to know. Shelby lies that JB came on to her and then she storms off, with Bonnie asking what's wrong with her? She's her sister and she's supposed to love her. I'm sure her son, Mac, wonders the same thing. The only thing this girl loves is what she sucks up her nose.

JB arrives outside the no-tell motel little Miss Shelby is shacking up in. He sees her returning to it on foot. He heads in to go after her. She goes back to her room to find Rick out cold. She finds out he used it all. JB breaks in the room and demands to know where his load is. Rick saves the skank by hitting JB on the head when he's trying to choke the life out of the miserable little bimbo and the two of them escape.

Drug Dude confronts Bonnie as she's leaving the diner. He says he left his wallet inside the diner and gets her to reopen the closed diner. She looks for his wallet for him. He puts on a pair of black gloves and starts strangling Bonnie. What's with these drug dudes and them strangling women?

They showed a scene where Gentleman Brody looked like he was smacking the Funky Junkie across the face, so I guess we know why. But seriously a better name for this show might be Keeping It In The Family


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