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Too Close To Home -- Rebel Without A Cause

Updated on February 14, 2017

JB nearly tricks his stepfather into killing himself

Last time, Shelby blurted out the truth to Rebel, when she wouldn't believe what Bonnie was trying to tell her. Frankie almost manipulated Nelson into catching Regina and Elm Tree in the act. And Anna-Banana wanted to know why Brody didn't screw her when she spent the night over at his place.

Rebel won't believe Shelby. Rebel accuses Bonnie of wanting her to be pregnant when she's a virgin. Bonnie tries to get her to see the truth, but she won't listen. She believes everything her molesting dada has told her, even though it's Bonnie that's raised this ungrateful brat. Anna has a fit that Shelby told her the truth. And Shelby can't forget that neither Bonnie nor Anna tried to save her from Eli like they did Rebel. Bonnie tells Shelby unless she gets help she can't come around anymore. I still feel more sorry for Shelby that rotten Rebel. Maybe the moron will finally get it when daddy slimeball is trying to rape her, but by then it'll be too late.

So it seems that pregnancy test may belong to little Anna-Banana, after all, making her all kinds of a bitch, as she allowed Bonnie to think Rebel was pregnant by their father. And she's also trying to get Brody to screw her so she can pass the kid off as his. It's pretty low letting Bonnie think that pregnancy test was Rebels when all along she knew it was hers.

JB goes into the house. He finds his stepfather sleeping and sneaks upstairs. He goes in where Victor is asleep. He takes his pills. He pulls down the covers to look at Victor. I'm thinking JB might be gay, himself, only he's in the closet. He seems a little too interested in gay men. Dr. Allen wakes up as JB comes down the stairs. The old man tries to hit him with a broom. He says JB killed his mother. JB claims he loves him, but Doc Allen aint buying it. He says JB's mother was whoring around and tried to tell him that JB was his son. JB asks him to give him something because he's sick. Then JB offers to give the doc something to improve his memory. He tells him to mix two different pills and it'll make his memory better. JB sneaks out when he hears Brody coming.Brody won't believe the doc when he says JB was there.

I have to give dumb old JB some credit. That was a clever way to try and kill someone and keep the blame off you. Had it succeeded it would just have appeared the old man accidentally took two different medicines and killed himself.

Bonnie tells Anna she needs to move out. She offers to give her some money. Bonnie says she tried to raise Rebel right. Bonnie promises on her life she won't let Eli do to Rebel what he did to them. Bonnie says she never meant to steal Brody from her. She says Brody doesn't love her, she only reminds him of Anna. Bonnie says Brody doesn't want her. Anna says she thinks she's wrong and it's her that Brody loves. Anna tells Bonnie everything is going to be fine and work out. They head off to clean Mama's trailer.

Regina tells Nelson she needs to take another shower. Did she take that many showers when she was screwing Elm Tree?

Valerie and Dax arrive back at Brody's. Dax apologizes to King Brody. Brody takes off while they go into the house. Valerie wants Dax to make up with Victor. Dax calls Caitlyn. Dax says he wants the senator that Victor was screwing dead. In exchange, he has to stay in Happy. He gives her Anna's address, only she's not about to live there, anymore.

Victor is dressed when Valerie arrives. Victor says he doesn't care if Dax is there. Victor says he used his contacts to get his parents back in the country. Victor tells Valerie that Dax can go to hell.

Octavia comes up to see Frankie. She thanks her for helping her to find out the truth. Octavia says Nelson has a switch. If its flipped he'd kill Elm and Regina. Frankie confides that she was married and her husband cheated on her, too.

I've been trying to figure out where I've seen the actress before who plays Frankie. Her voice sounds like the actress that plays Leslie on Tyler Perry's sister show, “For Better, For Worse”. I think it's her, only she's really glammed down in this show.

Valerie comes downstairs and says they should go back to DC. He realizes Victor doesn't want to see him, so he goes up to see Victor. Victor brags to Dax all the people he slept with, which are all of Dax's friends. Dax calls about Victor's parents and tells them to send them back out of the country. Dax says he's always two steps ahead of him.

I don't feel sorry for Victor, but I do his parents. They're being treated like a yo-yo by the gay version of War of the Roses.

Elm Tree comes up to Frankie. Elm says Tina and Regina think she wants him and that's why they don't like her. She tells him to get off her porch. He wants to know what she and Octavia were talking about but she won't say. He says she's hiding from someone. Frankie says he needs to be hiding from Nelson. She tells him it's not wise to threaten her. But that's why I call him Elm Tree. He's a dumb piece of wood. He also seems to think he's a babe magnet. Dude, you're a lazy leech letting your wife work two jobs while you screw the neighbor. You're the epitome of a loser, dude.

Brody shows up to talk to Elm Tree. He wants to talk about Regina. Brody says Elm needs to leave her alone. Brody fears Nelson will do something to him. He also orders him not to go over to Frankie's again. Nelson comes out and hugs the lowlife skunk. Nelson reveals he's out of the military. Nelson offers to go off with Brody cause Regina is acting funny and he needs to get away.

The sheriff arrives. He announces to Bonnie and Anna he's got trustees on the way. Bonnie pissed off the sheriff won't give her some time, and storms off.

Bonnie and Anna come in to see Jolene. Bonnie learns Mama shot at Shelby. Shelby enters and she and Mama get into it. Bonnie tries to make Mama understand if they don't clean the place, they sheriff will throw her out. The girls leave when Jolene won't cooperate. Then the sheriff brings Frankie in to talk to her. Frankie says she'll take pictures of her stuff and see what she wants to throw away. No one will listen to Frankie to treat Jolene gently. Guess none of them have watched an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Dumbbell Rebel gets on the phone with daddy molester and takes off as Mac follows her. Seriously, I don't feel any sympathy for this idiot. She trusts some dude she's just met instead of the woman that's raised her. How dumb is this little bimbo? It seems only having the slimeball molest her will make her see the truth.


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