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Too Close To Home -- Shelby Flips Out All Over Mama!

Updated on February 21, 2017

And Rebel chooses to believe Eli over her family

Last time, JB nearly tricked his stepfather into killing himself. Jolene became the star of her own private version of Hoarding: Buried Alive. And dumb Rebel chose a pedophile over her family.

The President having a news conference. He's lying he didn't have a heart attack. He's claiming he got sick from the mercury in some fish he ate. He's questioned about Anna and he tries to lie his way out of that, as well. One of the reporters confronts him about taking Viagra and having a heart attack while having sex on his desk with Anna. Of course, he denies it all.

He wants to know whose been talking to the press. He questions his secretary. Caitlyn tells him she was the one who told them. She also claims she'll be good during a sit-down interview. El Presidente says don't worry about Caitlyn, she'll be on his side. Really? He's cheated on her and flaunts his hoochie in her face and he really thinks she's going to roll on her back and let him scratch her belly without trying to take his hand off at the wrist?

Mac tries to stop stupid Rebel from going off to meet Eli. Stupid thinks Eli is a nice guy. Whatever happens to her, I'm not really going to feel sorry about, considering how she's turning on her family for some creepy old dude she barely knows.

Shelby says it's Bonnie's fault Mama is so fat because she' keeps feeding her. Shelby's boyfriend shows up wanting Shelby to take off with him, but Bonnie grabs his paycheck and won't let Shelby leave.

Elm's wife, Tina, comes home and finds a bra hanging out of his van. I hope she doesn't think it's Frankie's. It's kind of creepy his wife and mistress' names rhyme; Tina and Regina.

Frankie doesn't think Jolene is going to take well to this forced cleaning up and tossing away of her things because taking her stuff away will take away her control and she could have a breakdown. This people apparently have never seen as episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Frankie lies to Tina she doesn't know who the bra belongs to. Not even when she says she's working two jobs and he's cheating on her. She should have told. Why is she protecting Regina? That skank has been nothing but nasty to her, while she was doing everything she could to make Nelson walk in on the tree giving Regina some wood in his van.

El Presidente calls the secret service guy watching Anna. He wants to know how much time she's spent with Brody. He wants to make sure she hasn't spoken to the press. He wants him to do something even though the press is on him. I so hope Caitlyn barbecues his butt.

Octavia freaks out when Nelson says Regina sleeps like a pregnant woman. Nelson says there's no way she could be pregnant cause he's just got there. Nelson thinks Regina is acting strange cause she hasn't seen him for so long. Poor dumb fool. Nelson suggests he and Octavia go and help clean Jolene's trailer. Nelson is a lot nicer than his sister.

Nelson hugs Anna. Bonnie turns down Nelson's offer, but Anna takes him up on it. Shelby asks where Regina is. She goes to wake her up. Regina says Shelby shouldn't be there because Octavia doesn't know that she knows Shelby. Oh, no, Shelby sprays Regina's perfume on her. For once Shelby is going to be accused of something she didn't do. Nelson asks why Octavia didn't tell him Regina and Shelby are friends. What's the big secret? Does this mean she sells her wares to men, too?

Elm's wife asks to see his phone when she hears he's being texted. The scum bag won't let her see his phone unless she lets him see hers. Her password is “IloveElm” which is sad and pathetic. She throws the bra at him asking who it belongs to. He tries to make her think she's paranoid. He lies he doesn't know who the bra belongs to. She insists he give her his phone. He tells her she can apologize to him and he'll be waiting in his room. This slime is too much.

Tina shows up at the clean-up. Bonnie tells Tina she and JB are over for good. God, I hope so. Tina tells Bonnie she found a bra in Elm's van. She didn't find anything on his phone. She's going to smell Regina's cheap perfume on Shelby and think it's her all because Frankie wouldn't name names and told her to be on the scent for the same cheap perfume on the bra.

Slimy Elm has a secret phone he uses to sex-text Regina. Nelson almost catches his skank wife texting Elm that she loves him. He tries to get Regina to go out and help with the trailer clean-up. Then she lies that she and Shelby aren't friends.

Brody won't believe his father saying JB comes there sometimes at day and night.

Nelson calls Brody on his phone. He tells Brody about the trailer clean-up. Brody offers to help with the clean-up.

More Dax and Victor going at it, again. Victor starts bragging how good his lover is in bed and how he's much better than Dax. This dude is so disgusting. He keeps rubbing it into Dax's face. He tells Dax he's weak and pathetic and the only way he can have a man like him is to pay him. That he never loved Dax. Dax starts beating the shit out of Victor, which he absolutely deserves. The little bitch ripped open his stitches. Now the piece of garbage isn't so smug. Hate to break it to you, Vic, but a man like you can be found on any street corner. You're nothing but a pathetic hooker who probably has some kind of STD.

Brody comes in and takes the little bitch's side saying if he dies Dax will be accused of murder.

Back to Stupid and Mac. Stupid gets in the car with Eli. May she get exactly what she deserves. She was warned about what this pervet is and she's taking a stranger's word over the woman that's raised her. Absolutely no sympathy for this moron.

Shelby finds a dress of hers that makes her freak out. It's the dress Eli molested her in and Mama's kept it as a souvenir. She goes to Jolene asking why she did it. Shelby says she hates her. Shelby gets back at Jolene by throwing her clothes out of the closet. Mama starts asking for Anna to help her, but she won't. Shelby says she's going to throw all her stuff away like she threw their lives away. Mama grabs Shelby by the hair as Bonnie and Anna try to save her from Mama.


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