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Top 10 1960's Songs

Updated on March 15, 2018

Sorting through song after song, one has to determine a proper order in selecting a list of music that properly addresses what may or may not sound strong in the year of 2009. With so much time to slowly collect and listen to songs from the 1960s, these lists can only improve with age. With instrumentation, experimentation, and indoctrination, music, along with the ideas that are carried along with musical 'staticos', in my opinion, are forever preserved. What are 'staticos'? I'm sure you all know exactly what 'staticos' means! The progress that has been achieved by songs from the 1960s is exemplary, and to remember that, once again, another guide. Here, is a guide to the top 1960s songs. Read on, listen on, and remember, that the times live on through their music. Never forget, never get tired, and always remember that the 1960s had music that made living worthwhile. These songs are listed in no special order, so feel free to peruse and select a few, or even change the order at your own discretion.

1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Jimi Hendrix) - Are you experienced? I listened to a video on, with a live performance recording from 1968. I found this through a list of Mojo's June 1996 issue, which has a list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time. It even mentions which type of guitar each musician utilizes! With over a minute and a half of instrumental guitar playing, all I can hear is lyrics about "holding hands" and "sunrises". This song makes people want to get up and do something that will make the world a better place, in my opinion! Jimi Hendrix actually asks questions in his music, and it is these questions which make this song, along with the guitar-playing, so memorable. The album, Are you Experienced?, was released originally in August of 1967, and is in the top 1000 of's sales ranking system. The guitar playing was the reason this made my list.

2. The Drifters - Under the Boardwalk. I always hear this song on the television, but I didn't know that it was sung by The Drifters. All I can think of when I hear this song is that this is down by the sea, not under the sea. Who came first? Obviously The Drifters arrived before Disney's 'The Little Mermaid". Another way of thinking of it is under the boardwalk, not under the sea. Even under the sun, not under the sea, would work. A surefire head nodder, go to the beach, and listen to The Drifters as they serenade you well into the next century! This song reminds me of oceans and that's why it made my list. Also, no one usually has problems when they listen to the Under the Boardwalk song.

3. Geoff Goddard - Just Like Eddie. This song made my list because it sounds like a song that won't bother people very much. Just like Eddie, or Just like Heaven, by the Cure, another musical group? With its chirpy guitar grooves, and infective jovial atmospheric projection, there is indeed, a lot of movement, and a lot of feeling. This is a timeless performance that is great to listen across a variety of formats, all they need to revamp this classic is an audience and great fan response. Picture ten thousand rounds of applause for "Just Like Eddie", and you have an idea of how great this song is and why it belongs on a list of top 1960s songs. A tribute song to Eddie Cochran (Raymond Edward "Eddie" Cochran), this song was also covered by the Silicon Teens and continues to glitter to this very day.

4. Ben E. King - Stand by me. With lyrics that can be sung along to, background vocals, and strings, Ben E. King sings without The Drifters, and performs quite well. This song made my list because of its attention to fortitude, and its ability to provoke great sentiment and understanding within the audience. Also, this song is a great example of singing. It's not a song for weeping, not a song about revenge, and it is a very clean song.

5. Love - The Red Telephone. This song has a lot of positive energy, and that may energize you to the point of anger, but bear with this last of just 5 songs. This is under an hour of music, but it sounds like much more, and encapsulates every other song that has been cited as representative of the period of 1960s. A lot of it fits in even towards the year 2025, even though it was released in 1967, and most listeners will wonder how they may have overlooked these classics that have continued well beyond their expectations. This song is off of their album, Forever Changes, and the entire album has songs that you will enjoy. You can find this album at

6. The Fifth Dimension - California Soul. With its brass, vocals, and rhythm, The Fifth Dimension takes a swing at the top ten list and connects, electrifying listeners with their sound and presence. This song is great in the mornings and afternoons, keeping things quite lively and entertaining. The light piano adds that ray of sunshine that keeps the music fresh and quaint. I really think that this song includes a lot of people and that is why I put it on the list. This song was certified 09/17/1968.

7. Tommy James And The Shondells - Crimson And Clover. 1968, and a fine pick! This song, with a wide range of pitch in the guitar play, is notable for its choral feel, and uses beat and rhythm sparingly without much effort. This is actually the first time I've heard this song, and that is why I put it on this list. This song really cleans out the eardrums and cranium, though I'm not sure if children or babies would start weeping for joy when listening to this. Another happy sound is never unwelcome.

8. Bert Jansch - Angie. This is a guitar song, and it will keep the top ten song raising alive and well. A great instrumental, strumming and finger-picking are truly utilized within this piece. Many will wonder about guitar picks and guitars when they listen to this song, sooner or later. These last few songs I've just found and that is why, once again, they make the top 10 list. Most of these songs are no longer for repeated listening. This song was released in 1965. Do you think you can make it through this entire list? You can do a lot with this music, as it invigorates you to maintain duties and organization.

9. George Harrison - Something. This song is from 1969, and seems to reach a fine peak, especially when it cleans up the rest of the bog. Even the live performance on stands out, and the listen-ability is extremely high on this performance. Imagine, Let It Be, Yesterday: These songs all run in similar veins. It's easier to just sit back, relax, and listen to this song and absorb its greatness.

10. Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone. Released in 1966, with harmonica, soul, and guitar strumming along, this is a song that gathers no moss. Has everyone heard it, though? Shiny guitars, and velvet curtains make this one of those songs that was released before I was born. It makes me feel like I'm missing a lot of years, and that's why it is on this list. This is where glam rock started from! This song may or may not have had an impact on the percentages of crime in American cities. Please be forewarned!

Feel free to leave constructive comments describing your 1960s experience. These comments may enlighten the musical youth that have had no experience living in the 1960s. Also, if you have any further information on these albums, groups, or miscellaneous information, please share! Thank you, and have a nice day.

© 2018 Albert Chang


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