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Top 5 A Capella Groups

Updated on November 2, 2014
Pentatonix | Source


Pentatonix is a five person a capella group. Originally there were three friends, Mitch Grassi; Scott Hoying; and Kirstie Maldonado. These three grew up in Arlington, TX and auditioned for the Sing-Off competition as freshman.

Even though they were quite talented as a trio, Scott set out seeking more talent to advance their group. First he found Avi Kaplan, a very talented bass from southern California. Then while searching on YouTube, Scott came across Kevin"K.O." Olusola beat boxing and playing his cello simultaneously.

They slowly grew into a very talented and tight knit group, not focusing on just one person but choosing songs that would play to each individuals strengths. The quintet cites songs from all sorts of genres including pop, jazz, r&b, indie, folk, dubstep and electronica. Pulling together and becoming quite a musical sensation, they won the season 3 Sing-Off.

After their victory, they relocated to Los Angeles, California where they began recording with Madison Gates Records. Albums including PTX Vol. 1, 2, and 3 and PTXmas. They have toured America not once but twice, at venues including the New York City Best Buy Theater and the San Francisco Warfeild Theater. They also toured Europe, and sold out every venue.

Their performances include openings for Quincy Jones at the Atlanta Fox Theater, and Diana Ross at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl. On top of all of these tours and performances they have also managed to appear on television several times. Appearances include Ellen, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Katie Couric Show, The Talk, The American Music Awards Red Carpet Show, and Sesame Street. Also, they have been featured on websites including Perez Hilton, Ryan Seacrest, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and the New York Times.

Their most popular venue would most definitely have to be YouTube. Here they have 49 videos, 618,545,864 views, and 6,537,985 subscribers. Also on November 3, 2013 they were awarded the award for Best Response Video at the YouTube Music Awards for their cover of the popular song "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons.

Some of their videos are featured below. Enjoy!

"Rather Be" Cover

Daft Punk Medley

Straight No Chaser
Straight No Chaser | Source

Straight No Chaser

Made up of ten extraordinary voices, Straight No Chaser began at Indiana University in 1996. What began as a handful of close friends who loved to sing became something to be noticed in a short time.

The group includes Michael Lunibill, Randy Stine, Dave Roberts, Charlie Mechling, Jerome Collins, Walter Chase, Don Nottingham, Seggie Isho, Tyler Trepp, and Steve Morgan.Some being original members and other being pulled from members of later generations.

Their YouTube sensation today includes 89 videos, 62,960 subscribers, and 16,909,065 views. The album "With A Twist", was the first time the group had strayed away from the holiday genre they had started off with. The album was also the reason for their highest Billboard debut in the Top 200 category, ranking in at #29.

Since their discovery by Craig Kallman, Atlantic Chairman, in 2007; Straight No Chaser has had 160 shows. They have sold over 225,000 tickets and had an amazing feat performing at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City with 40 shows in just 8 weeks.

They were offered a private show at the home of John Mellencamp. This was due to their dynamic approach to their contemporary musical genres.

Here are some of their videos. Enjoy!

I'm Yours/Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I Won't Give Up Cover

Gentleman's Rule
Gentleman's Rule | Source

Gentleman's Rule

Yet another group out of Indian University, from the creator of the previous Straight No Chaser, Gentleman's Rule is comprised of eight talented men. Sam Bartel, Will "Willielock" Lockhart, Brent Mann, Luck Mechling, Holland Nightenhelser, Jesse Townes, Andrew Morstein, and TJ Breen.

After graduation, the group relocated to Chicago, Illinois to further their careers in music. Eventually they signed a record deal with Arena Child Records and with their first album "Act Accordingly", the gentleman spent 2 weeks performing at the Royal George Theater in Chicago.

After the two weeks had ran it's course, they headed out on a national tour where they supported their Alma Mater's other a capella group "Under the Streetlamp". Today they are still going strong performing music genres including the 70', 80's, country, Top 40, and even classical.

A few videos from their musical collection are below. Enjoy!

Pachanelly Canon

Titanium Cover

Street Corner Symphony
Street Corner Symphony | Source

Street Corner Symphony

Founded May 28, 2010, Street Corner Symphony is an all male a capella group based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They began on season 2 of the Sing Off where they were crowned runners-up, with their unique style of being laid back, but also dynamic with their music.

In their time of being a band, they have recorded albums, provide schools with musical clinics, have benefits to support the cure for cancer, and traveled and performed worldwide.

WIth six members including three brothers, Jeremy, Jonathon, and Richie Lister; as well as Adam Chance, Mark McLemore and Kurt Zimmerman. They have collaborated with Ben Folds, Allison Krauss, and Claude McKnight.

With four of the member's being son's of ministers, they have an impressive knack for the musical arts and harmony, and also they are also very in tune with their mischievous sides. With a genre ranging from gospel to pop there isn't a generation that they can't reach out to with their music.

A collection of their music videos is included below. Enjoy!


Say Something Cover

Peter Hollens
Peter Hollens | Source

Peter Hollens

In 1999 Peter founded the first official collegiate a capella group in Oregon, On the Rocks. Originally from Ashland, Oregon he attended the University of Oregon and graduated with a Bachelor's degree of music in vocal performance.

After graduating, he spent his time helping collegiate a capella groups record, produce, and judged competitions. In 2010 he competed on NBC's Sing Off season 2.

Today he resides in Eugene, Oregon and works from his home for Sony and Epic Records.

Over the years he has had many collaborations with performers including Tyler Ward, Lindsey Sterling, Kina Grannis, Taylor Davis, Nick Pitera, Madilyn Baily, and Evynne Hollens.

Some of his solo and collaborated performance videos are below. Enjoy!

Disney Medley

Get The Album

Hallelujah Cover

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