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Top 10 Actresses who were Beauty Queens

Updated on February 27, 2015

List of Actresses

1. Amanda Kimmel

2. Cerina Vincent

3. Jessica Collins

4. Kelly Hu

5. Lucy Lawless

6. Rachel Boston

7. Roselyn Sanchez

8. Shanna Moakler

9. Tiffani Thiessen

10. Vanessa Minnillo

There are several actresses in Hollywood film industry who were once a beauty queen before entering into movies. Not only in movie industry but in other professions also former beauty queens are working. It is not that beauty queens are more attractive than other actresses but they definitely add some extra dose of beauty in the eyes of viewers due to their previous fame. Since earlier times beauty queens are coming to perform in front of cameras and in current times this ritual is no exception.

Facts about Actresses

1. Amanda Kimmelwas born in Los Angeles and she is 5’ 11” tall.

2. Cerina Vincent was born in Las Vegas and her brother is also an actor.

3. Jessica Collins was born in New York and she has two twin brothers.

4. Kelly Hu was born in Hawaii and she has a black best in karate.

5. Lucy Lawless was born in Auckland and became mother at 20 of her first child.

6. Rachel Boston was born in Tennessee and she is a vegetarian.

7. Roselyn Sanchez was born in Puerto Rico and she is a bilingual.

8. Shanna Moakler was born in Rhode Island and she had done plastic surgery on her body.

9. Tiffani Thiessen was born in California and she has two dogs.

10. Vanessa Minnillo was born in Philippines and she has an adopted brother.

1. Amanda Kimmel

Amanda Kimmel is an actress and model seen on both movies and television. In 2005, she competed for the title of Miss Earth and Miss USA, but lost both the title. Amanda came into notoriety in the reality show on television named Survivor. She participated in three different versions of this show and broke many records, but unable to won any position. Kimmel appeared in the movie Into the Blue. Amanda Kimmel played the role of Amanda, which was released on 2009.

Calling the Clock: Amanda Kimmel

2. Cerina Vincent

Cerina Vincent is an author and actress appeared in television series and movies. In 1996, Cerina won the title of Miss Nevada Teen USA and competed for the title of Miss Teen USA, but lost it. Later, she performed in the movie Not Another Teen Movie in 2001. Vinent played the character of Areola, who was a foreign exchange student. This was her first film in movie career.

Cerina Vincent shares five tips for living like a Hot Chick

3. Jessica Collins

Jessica Collins is an actress seen in movies and famous for her performance in a television series. She appeared in television series The Young and the Restless as Avery Bailey Clark. Jessica also nominated an award for this series. Collins won the Miss New York USA title in 1988 and later participated in Miss Teen USA, but lost the title.

Jessica Collins

all credit goes to Mingle MeiaTV on flickr
all credit goes to Mingle MeiaTV on flickr | Source

4. Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu is a famous actress and model as well. She came into fame in the movie The Scorpion King. Kelly played the character of Cassandra in this movie. She has also done television series, which was just boost her career to a new level. Kelly Hu won the Miss Hawaii USA title in 1993.

Kelly Hu

all credit goes to May S. Young on flickr
all credit goes to May S. Young on flickr | Source

5. Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless is a singer and actress seen on many movies and made good number of albums. But her most memorable performance appeared in the television series Xena: Warrior Princess as Xena, which was the longest soap in her acting career. In 1989, she won the contest of Mrs New Zealand, which was conducted for only married women.

Lucy Lawless

all credit goes to Iuy290368 on flickr
all credit goes to Iuy290368 on flickr | Source

6. Rachel Boston

Rachel Boston is basically an actress seen on television series. She has performed in movies also, but story was revolving around her of this series. In 1999, Rachel Boston selected as Semi-Finalist of Miss Tennessee Teen USA at the age of 17.

Rachel Boston

all credit goes to Genevieve on commons wikimedia
all credit goes to Genevieve on commons wikimedia | Source

7. Roselyn Sanchez

Roselyn Sanchez is a singer and actress as well. She has been seen in movies and television series. Roselyn’s best performance came in the movie Rush Hour 2, where she played the role of Isabella Molina. Her performance was also nominated for an award and she got this movie in her initial stages of acting career. Roselyn Sanchez was a winner of Miss America Petite title in 1994. It is considered as a beauty contest.

Roselyn Sanchez Plays "Dance It Out" on The Queen Latifah Show

8. Shanna Moakler

Shanna Moakler is basically a model besides an actress. She appeared in many movies including Poison Ivy: The New Seduction in 1997. Moakler played the character of Jaimie in this movie. Shanna participated in several beauty pageants and won various titles. Miss USA was one of them, where she was first runner-up in 1995.

Shanna Moakler arriving to the QVC Pre Oscar Party

9. Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen is an actress and model seen on several movies and television series. She came into fame in the television series Beverly Hills, 90210, which was running for four years. Thiessen played the character of Valerie Malone in this series. This series had so many replacements happened and Tiffani is also a result of replacements. Tiffani Thiessen had been participating in many beauty pageants from very childhood and won Miss Junior America title in 1987.

Tiffani Thiessen

all credit goes to Rach on commons wikimedia
all credit goes to Rach on commons wikimedia | Source

10. Vanessa Minnillo

Vanessa Minnillo is an actress but several times she was seen on hosting television series. Her most famous hosting show on television was Total Request Live, which had been running for five years. This was the longest show in her career that made her famous. Vanessa Minnillo won Miss Teen USA title in the year 1998 at the age of 18.

Miss Teen USA 1998

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