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Top 10 Best Survival Series on TV

Updated on February 19, 2017

Adventure and TV have been an integral part of American culture for decades. The right blend of both gives us some amazing viewing experience. Classic Tv shows like, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams and Little House on the Prairie became an instant household phenomenon in 70s.

As we entered 21th century, the growth in American adventure television was prominent. Discovery and National Geographic played a huge part in the field of adventure reality television, gradually even teaching us how to survive in various dangerous situations with simple survival techniques. Man vs Wild, Survivor man, Dual survivor and man, woman, wild are few names that got audience appreciation.

Not everyone can live life like an adventure, we do have to pay our bills, so we turn our attention towards these adventurous TV shows and try to experience life through them. Here are some interesting, adventure, reality television shows which you would not like to miss.

10. Mountain Men

These are men who have carved out their whole existence through sheer perseverance, conquering winter’s wrath has become second nature. But the challenge grows greater with each passing year as conditions on the frontier become more unpredictable and the modern world grows larger, more connected and more disconnected from our primitive roots. More people than ever are plugging in and tuning out the natural world, making it harder than ever to live the life of a Mountain Man. But even as the specter of progress bears down on these veterans of the wild, a new crop of challengers are rising to join the fight and preserve the ancient ways of the mountains against all odds. In Alaska, North Carolina, Montana and Arkansas, both the experienced hands and the new blood must push themselves to the limit to survive the coming winter and to defend the endangered spirit of freedom as the lure of urban life closes in around them.

Mountain Men TV

9. Swamp People (The History Channel)

If you fear big alligator you might love this show. In this series we follow the daily activities of the legendary Troy Landry and other gator hunters during the 30 days of alligator hunting season. The hunting season is very crucial for most of these hunters as they earn their annual income by hunting and cutting gators. Hence, we get to experience the unique American skillful swamp way of life that dates back to the 17th century. It’s exhilarating to watch only one man with one bullet hunting the biggest gators in the swamps.

Swamp People TV

8. Yukon Men (Discovery Channel)

Yukon Men, as the name suggests, is after the great Yukon River in Alaska. At the edge of the Yukon River, there is a small village Tanana with a population of not more than 200 people. This series depicts the harsh situations faced by the people in their daily life in Tanana. People of Tanana convey us the true meaning of living in an isolated place where no roads, come in or go out. Trapping and hunting games are essential for their survival that makes it a hard life, but that’s how they like it.

Yukon Men TV

7. Naked and Marooned (Discovery Channel)

Ed Stafford an ex- British army captain and a Guinness world record holder (walking through the Amazon) attempts his next big adventure of surviving 60 days naked and alone on an uninhabited island of Fijian island. He tries to survive the island for 2 months with no food, no water, no clothes not even tools only some camera equipments to film his ordeal. The situation here is all real and there is no cast and crew to help around, unlike some other shows such as Man Vs Wild & man, woman, wild. This experiment comes real close to the actual condition you might suffer if in that situation

Naked and Marooned

6. Naked and Afraid. (Discovery Channel)

Naked and Afraid is the father of all survival shows. Each week in this series, you would witness two strangers, a Man and woman survive the toughest environment all around the globe with no food, no water and totally naked for 21 days. They are allowed to carry only one tool for the surviving these extreme harsh conditions. The survival skills, the inner weakness and echoes of the contestants are put to the ultimate test in this show making it unique from the other shows.

Naked and Afraid TV

5. Alaska Bush People. (Discovery Channel)

In this series we follow the daily adventure and life of Billy Brown and his family as they live off the grid, a subsistence lifestyle in the Alaskan wilderness.. The family includes Billy Brown with his wife and seven children, 5 boys and 2 girls who were born and raised in the wild, so they have developed their own accents and culture. At times they go without seeing an outsider for 9 months and they love that about their way of life. After being aired for some time now, the production house is bombarded with the most controversial question of all, Is It real?. It is indeed the most controversial show in this list.

Alaska Bush People TV

4. Out of the Wild. (Discovery Channel)

Out of the wild is a reality adventure television series, in its first season we follow volunteers from the urbanized civilization use their survival skills to survive the extreme winter cold of Alaska where there is no prize money after you survived. In its third season we then follow a new set of adventurous volunteers for a different location of Venezuela in South America battling hunger, rain and injury. The volunteers are dropped off in the middle of nowhere and given a map to the end goal, that is to reach civilization. This show pushes you to your extreme limits, it's inspiring to watch how they fight their own self to reach their goal and prove themselves.

Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment

3. Duck Dynasty (A&E)

Duck Dynasty introduces Robertson Family, the most loved family in Louisiana. Robertsons are known to live their lives with love, family values and tradition. They shot to the richest with their family operated business of making duck call. Apart from their christian views Robertsons are also known for their redneck long beards. This huge family mainly features Phil and his extremely funny brother Si, along with Phil's sons Jase, Willie, and Jep and their respective family. It's a laughing riot with a sense of adventure at the same time. You can't miss this one.

Duck Dynasty TV

2. Alaska the Last Frontier. (Discovery Channel)

Alaska, because of its rugged, remote and often harsh environment which makes it very difficult to survive a normal life is commended to be known as the last frontier. 600-acre homestead of this last frontier is home to the Kilcher family for four generations now. They love their subsistence lifestyle, caring and helping each other along the way. In Alaska the Last Frontier, Kilcher family prepares themselves by hunting and stocking food for the rapidly approaching long cold winter. This show depicts an epic battle between a family and their struggle against the environment for the ultimate survival.

Alaska: The Last Frontier

1. Ultimate Survival Alaska. (National Geographic Channel)

Ultimate Survival Alaska is about the toughest, experienced, most extreme survivalist competing fiercely for the title of ultimate survivor. The competition starts once they are dropped in the middle of Alaskan bush with a map (for their next landing zone) and bag pack with their individual belongings. They’ll fight and navigate through hunger, fatigue, extreme weather conditions, bone chilling glacier river currents, treacherous mountains, huge predators to complete the race first. This show provides the audience with a complete package of thrill, excitement, adventure and television.

Ultimate Survival Alaska TV

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    • adroitsumi profile imageAUTHOR

      Adroit sumi 

      4 years ago from Mumbai

      I am glad you liked it. Thanks

    • scifidimension profile image


      4 years ago from United States

      Great selection of adventure and reality TV shows -- I'd say all them seem good! Thanks for giving me new ideas on what else that's good to watch.


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