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Top 10 Best Bleach Wallpapers HD

Updated on February 10, 2013

The popularity of Bleach is not something to be surprised about. Though other anime series such as Death Note also featured Death Gods as their main characters, no other anime series does it better than Bleach. This anime series do not only boast intense action but a lot of funny and sweet moments as well in every episode which makes it a complete package. You can also learn a lot of important values such as bravery, hope, and trust while watching Bleach so it’s definitely not a waste of time.

Have you tried searching for Top 10 Bleach Wallpapers HD online but haven't found any that satisfies your taste? Beautify your desktop or laptop with these Bleach-inspired computer backgrounds! I consider them the best for several reasons so if you think one of your Bleach wallpapers is better, don’t hesitate to leave a comment explaining why. Enjoy scanning through this list of HD Bleach wallpapers and be amazed about the Anime's unique characters and heart-pounding action scenes!

Zaraki Kenpachi is the captain of Gotei 13’s offensive squad. He is known for vicious attacks and not using the true form of his zanpakuto. Kenpachi fears nothing even death and is always eager to face a strong opponent. This is the main reason why searched every corner of the Shinigami realm just to search for Kurosaki Ichigo who broke in that time to save Kuchiki Rukia. Their battle was intense and Kenpachi seemed to have an advantage in terms of power but Ichigo managed to defeat him through sheer will. Kenpachi along with the members of his squad are tasked to defeat every foe and face each one of them fearlessly.

Kurosaki Ichigo’s power lies on his conviction to protect the ones he hold dear and sustain the peace enjoyed by both the mortal and spirit world. However, there are some situations where his rage awakens the hollow sleeping inside him. Though the evil force grants him with immense power, Ichigo usually ends up on a rampage and tends to destroy anything that catches his eyes. As Ichigo reaches the peak of his rage, no one can stop him other than himself. He needs to fight it out and bring back his true self before he puts even his allies in great danger. Nevertheless, he slowly learned how to control such a very destructive power and uses it to battle against seemingly undefeatable foes.

Abarai Renji is the right-hand of Kuchiki Byakuka. He was also the one who brought back Rukia to the Spiritual Realm using her power to turn Kurosaki Ichigo into a substitute Shinigami. Such action is strictly forbidden and anyone who tries to disobey will meet death. Don’t misunderstand Renji since he’s probably the closest friend of Rukia. They grew old together and he even promised to protect Rukia at all cost. No one is more devastated in seeing Rukia executed other than Renji. Eventually, he joined forces with Kurosaki Ichigo and helped rescue Rukia. Renji found himself facing his captain which left him with no choice than to use his zanpakuto’s Bankai.

Inside Kurosaki Ichigo’s soul is a battle between good and evil. His hollow form is always there waiting for him to weaken so it can finally take control of Ichigo’s body. Nevertheless, our brave shinigami won’t let that happen. Though there are only a few occasions where he lost control, his friend’s tend to be in great danger once it happens. Ichigo’s hollow form is ruthless. You can’t find any sign of fear or hesitation in its eyes while destroying anything on its path. Though unleashing Ichigo’s true power often aids him during battle, he knows the risks and would prefer being defeated than to seek aid from an uncontrollable source of power.

Kuchiki Byakuya is the 28th head of the Kuchiki Family and the 6th Division commander of Gotei 13. He is known for being composed and silent. Byakuya even carries out such attitude during his battles. Regardless how much an enemy tries to annoy him, Byakuya’s mind will remain at ease and focused in eliminating the enemy in the least risky method possible. However, his calm nature can be easily broken if his sole sister’s safety is on the line. Many think of this as one of Byakuya’s only weakness. And sad to say, this was one of the factors which lead to his death. Byakuya Kuchiki might be dead yet everyone will remember his bravery as he gave up everything to ensure Rukia’s safety. But like in most anime series, there might be some way to revive him or maybe his death was simply a fluke. Only time can tell.

The invasion of quincies in the Soul Society left numerous deaths and among them is the Gotei 13’s Captain Commander, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto. The enemies decided to retreat leave out of a vague reason but their return is highly expected. There was no other captain fitted to be the next captain commander other than Shunsui Kyoraku. His calmness at times of great distress is a sign of true strength. Though he might not boast immense Spiritual Power like Genryusai, his strong leadership and resilience in protecting the Soul Society will surely play a big role as the enemy strikes once more.

Kurosaki Ichigo’s adventure as a shinigami started after Kuchiki Rukia stabbed him with her zanpakuto. It instantly turned Ichigo into a substitute shinigami. It was the only option left for Rukia to save Ichigo’s family from a dangerous hollow. Ichigo was able to defeat the enemy leaving Rukia surprised. As the anime series progressed, the two shared a special relationship where both of them are willing to protect each other even at the cost of their life. Others even believe that these two strong shinigamis would make a really cute couple. Whether Rukia ends up as Ichigo’s love interest or not, she will always be valued as a loyal friend and a strong shinigami.

Orihime Inoue’s life changed after he met Kurosaki Ichigo. She decided to help Ichigo rescue Rukia and took a crucial part in the mission. Inoue’s power is not mainly for battle since it is often used to heal or protect anyone. Her strength is undeniable since even Sosuke Aizen found Inoue useful and kidnapped her. He made it believe that his main intention was simply to lure Ichigo in but what Aizen was aiming is Inoue’s immense healing ability. Throughout the bleach series, Inoue never failed to encourage Ichigo. She was always there especially when our hero needs her the most.

The Gotei 13’s sole purpose is to protect soul society. Though they are known for extreme spiritual powers, protecting Soul Society from all sorts of threat is never easy. Several tried to invade it out of different reasons and a few managed to break in. In the recent episode, a group led by a very strong Quincy almost destroyed Soul Society and killed countless shinigamis including the Gotei 13’s captain commander. Both Ichigo and Renji’s zanpakuto were destroyed during the battle. Even the ruthless captain of the 13th Squad Zaraki Kenpachi was left half-dead which only proves how strong the enemy was. Despite all the loss, the Gotei 13 will remain resilient in protecting Soul Society until each of its members fall.

Kurosaki Ichigo's Tribute Video

So what made Bleach among the most infamous anime series today? As I see it, Bleach gained billions of patrons across the globe as it offers an array of lovable characters. Their diverse personalities made it easier for fans to look for someone who they can idolize and look up to. Whether you’re a bully like Zaraki Kenpachi or an aspiring hero such as Kurosaki Ichigo, there’s certainly a bleach character that perfectly fits your personality. If you never heard of Bleach before, now is the right time more than ever to start tuning to both manga and anime. They come in a complete package of action, comedy, and romance so you’ll surely love it!

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    • profile image

      alice 2 years ago

      Sorry wrote wrong i meant rukia is always there for ichigo not orihime

    • profile image

      Alice 2 years ago

      I wanna say that it's not true that orihime inoue isn't the one who encourages ichigo and is always there for him but its rukia who is always there for rukia and always encourages him