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Top 10 - Best Comedies (In my opinion)

Updated on April 12, 2011

Let me start out by saying that this was a very difficult list for me to compile. There are so many funny movies out there, and I love so many of them, it was very hard to narrow it down to only ten. Second, I understand that comedy is very subjective, I’m personally not one for slapstick comedies, or movies that seem to make the plot revolve around the joke they’re trying to tell. So therein, all the Airplanes, and Naked Guns get eliminated. I’m also not one for the a-typical “one bad thing goes wrong” and let the mayhem ensue. So Very Bad Things, Rat Race, and a few others get eliminated there. I would also like to state that a few of these movies started out lower on the list, but when I laughed just looking at the screen shots, they moved up a few ranks. So with all this in mind, please read on and when you’re all done you can tell me how very, very wrong I am. Enjoy.

#10 - City Slickers

Billy Chrystal at his very best. The interaction with Curly alone is enough to make your sides hurt. Very funny from almost the very beginning, and a heartfelt ending as well. Two thumbs up.

#9 - Meet The Parents

Though I'm not a big Ben Stiller fan, and this movie does go against my original statement. There is enough humor to carry it to the #9 spot. DeNiro is hilarious as he tortures poor Stiller throughout most of the movie.

#8 - Clerks

Kevin Smith's first and arguably greatest works. This dark comedy has it all, from the sarcastic to the obscene. A comedic masterpiece that earns its high rank not only for it's brilliantly written script, but the fact that every actor is, was, unknown prior to this movie, and Kevin Smith made the entire film for $30 thousand after selling his comic book collection.

 #7 - Stripes

Bill Murray could do no wrong in the 80's, it seemed that every movie with his name attached was an instant classic, and I do love all of them. From Caddyshack to Ghostbusters, Bill Murray is one of my absolute favorite comedic actors of all time. Stripes paired Murray with Harold Ramis, the chemistry between them was brilliant. It's easy to see why the pair was an easy choice for Ghostbusters as well. The duo set forth on a ill begotten scheme to join the army, and once there are teamed up with John Candy as well, who is the center of my favorite scene in which he's mud wrestling in a local dive bar. Hilarious.

#6 - Grosse Pointe Blank

How you ask, how could this movie be rated higher than Stripes? Well I'll tell you, it's a dark comedy. Honestly I don't even know if humor was the goal with this script, but parts of it came out so funny that I literally hurt myself. John Cusack having disappeared from his home town for a decade returns with hopes to rekindle his lost love with Minnie Driver at their ten year high school reunion. Everyone who runs into him asks him what he's been doing and he direcly responds, contract killer, but no one takes him seriously. HA. And then of course there is Dan Aykroyd, his rival contract killer, and his scenes are all hilarious.

#5 - Shawn of the Dead

This may be one of my favorite movies of all time. The first half of this movie is as funny as anything else out there. Our hero Shawn walks around for two days while a zombie apocalypse is beginning, and he wanders through without noticing a thing. My favorite scene in this movie (pictured right) is their first interaction with the undead in where they sort through his record collection trying to find suitable ones to throw at the slow moving duo of zombies.

#4 - Super Troopers

The first five minutes of this movie are as funny as anything you'll ever see in my opinion. This whole movie is hilarious. From the repeater, to meow, to the shenanigans scene, every scene in this movie is hysterical. I love it from beginning to end.

#3 - Analyze This

So both Billy Chrystal and Robert DeNiro get two slots on my top ten. And if it had been a top eleven, I think Analyze That may have made it too. This movie has so many funny aspects to it it's hard to pin them all down. The relationships between Chrystal and his parents, between Kudrow and pretty much everybody, even the mafia interactions are funny. The whole movie is a masterpiece of comedy.

#2 - Monty Python & the Holy Grail

I've also never been much into the "dry British comedies" but this movie is a work of art. It has so many funny scenes that you almost don't mind the complete let down at the end. My favorite scene is The Black Knight, seen pictured here. "It's only a flesh wound!"


#1 - Office Space

I know right now some of you are shaking your heads, and to some point I agree with you. But this is a movie, that no matter how many times i've watched it is still funny every single time. And the few scenes with Diedrich Bader are my absolute favorites.

So there you have it, my top ten favorite comedies. Agree with me or not, I got a laugh just putting this together. I'd like to give an honerable mention to Adam Sandler, you almost made the list with Billy Madison, but I just couldn't make room for you. The Friday movies, well the first two anyway, also a very close cut. Steve Martin in The Jerk, Caddyshack, and Old School were all in the final cut, but didn't quite make it.


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