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Top 10 Best Comedy Anime Series

Updated on January 5, 2014
Best Comedy Anime
Best Comedy Anime | Source

Best Comedy Anime Introduction

Hello everyone, this is my personal list of the best comedy anime that I have watched over the years. The list is not in any particular order!

Crayon Shin Chan
Crayon Shin Chan | Source

Crayon Shin-chan

I remember watching this when I was a little kid. I was laughing at it all the time, watching countless hours of it. I revisited the anime now, and it still never fails to make me laugh. Shin-chan is a very eccentric kid and loves to do over the top stuff such as drawing elephant ears on his doo doo. This anime is unique as it does not resemble the classic anime drawing see nowadays. I highly encourage you to check it out.

Baka and Test
Baka and Test | Source

Baka & Test: Summon the Beasts

In a school where students are placed base on their academic scores, it is not an uncommon thing. However, the best students get to enjoy air conditioning, nice seats and laptops. On the other hand, the "dumb" students don't get that luxury. Akihisa Yoshii has had enough of this and he wants to make a change. This anime has some hilarious moments. I loved the plot and I watched season 1 in 3 days!

Is This a Zombie
Is This a Zombie | Source

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka(Is This a Zombie?)

Ayumu Aikawa gets revived as a zombie after getting killed by a serial killer. He meets a magical girl and gets forced to cross dress. It is one of the funniest scenes in the anime. It might sound like a scary anime, but it is not that bad!

Gintama | Source


Gintama will parody anything and almost everything, making it absolutely hilarious. Gin and his two associates take on any job to try to keep from being so poor and make fun of both Japanese and Western culture while doing so. There is also quite some battle involved, so you can call this a battle comedy anime quite similar to Naruto. I didn't include Naruto on this list is because most people already watched it.

Wallflower | Source

The Wallflower

Four handsome young men living in a huge mansion of a wealthy landlady were tasked to turn her niece called Sunako into a respectable young lady. The agreement is that if they can do that, the rent at the mansion would be free. However, should they fail, the rent is tripled! These handsome young men are extremely good at handling women, so they think it would be easy. That is, until they finally get to live with Sunako. Looks like it is not that easy of a task anymore.

Ouran Highschool Host Club
Ouran Highschool Host Club | Source

Ouran Highschool Host Club

This anime is funny and unique. A girl named Haruhi Fujioka accidentally breaks a vase in a Host Club that "entertains" girls while trying to find a nice place to study. Because she can look like a guy due to her short hair, she gets enlisted into the Host Club to pay for the vase. The interactions of the Club members and Fujioka is extremely funny and is quite interesting to watch. You won't regret watching this.

Maid-sama | Source

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

A tough looking Misaki is the shining light of Seika High, a school dominated by boys. In a school that has very few girls, they were often bullied by the boys. Misaki is strong enough to stand up for the girls and has been nick named "boy-hater". Little did they know the tough "boy-hater" is a maid at a cafe store after school. This caught the attention of one of the most popular boy in Seika High when he spots Misaki in the maid cafe.

Naruto | Source


I added Naruto here because the initial 70 episodes up to the end of the invasion of Konoha are really funny to watch. Naruto and Sasuke has some really funny moments due to their rivalry. Unfortunately, the funny parts seem to diminish as the show goes on as they start shifting towards more action and less humor. Naruto Shippudden is definitely on the serious side, so it does not have much comedy.

Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk | Source

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is your sports entertainment combined with humor. Sakuragi is a wannabe basketball player in hopes of impressing a girl she likes in school. Little did he know that basketball is much more to him than he thinks. He often butt heads with his teammates and also makes eccentric moves during basketball matches. The latter part of the show is more serious, but it is still one memorable anime I watched.

School Rumble
School Rumble | Source

School Rumble

This anime also made me laugh a lot during the course of the season. I have only watched the first and second season, so I can only speak for the first two. The basic plot of the show is that there is a rather awkward love triangle going on between 3 characters. Due to the inability of 2 of the characters to express their love towards their crush, hilarity ensues. I think a lot of high school kids can relate to this. I did!

Best Comedy Anime Conclusion

This is my list of comedy anime. Hope you can laugh your way to heaven!

Have you watched any of these anime?

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    • profile image

      anonym 2 years ago

      kyou kara ore wa!!

      brilliant and yet simple change of style of animation during comedy scenes

      that makes the difference.

      all time favorite - a must watch

    • profile image

      Frr 2 years ago

      You're telling me Nichijou isn't on here?

    • profile image

      kareeensama 3 years ago

      Omg gintama-jjang. One of the best animes ive ever seen-and theres a lot :3 it starts off kinda slow, and boring so i gave up halfway, but soon got back to it and became addicted. So good.

    • profile image

      gameMaster 3 years ago

      where is seto no hanayome? that was one of the most hilarious anime ever made and baka to test.

    • profile image

      idk 3 years ago

      what about reborn

    • profile image

      idk 3 years ago

      what about sket dance and honey and clover

    • profile image

      idk 3 years ago

      what about sket dance and honey and clover

    • profile image

      anonynomuos 3 years ago

      you forgot to add full metal alchemist fumoffu

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 years ago

      Baka to test is the best comedy ever

    • profile image

      Demigod 3 years ago

      Some of your list r my favs like Slam Dunk and School Rumble. You should also watch Danshi Koukoshei no Nichijou, Nichijou, and Seitokai no Ichizon.

    • profile image

      stranger 3 years ago

      Skip Beat! - recommended if you find Wallflower and Ouran High School enjoyable.

      Kill la Kill - if y0u enjoy 'randomness' as humour

    • profile image

      Paul 3 years ago

      No excel saga?

    • profile image

      zeref 3 years ago

      School rumble the best!!!

    • profile image

      imnotgayatall 3 years ago

      Love School Rumble. Laughing so hard throughout every episode.

      The list should also include Blue Exorcist, The Devil is a Part-Timer, and Full Metal Panic though :)

    • profile image

      Anime&Manga-MyLfe 4 years ago

      No Beelzebub?

    • LofZOdyssey profile image

      LofZOdyssey 4 years ago

      It's a good list, but I feel there a few that need considering. Such as Azumanga Daioh, Nichijou, Special A, Mitsudomoe, Lucky Star, Nagasarete Airanto, Excel Saga, Minami-ke, and Seitokai Yakunidomo. I know the one I need to see is Gintama.

    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      oh. okay i've only seen some.

    • Hikapo profile image

      Seet 4 years ago from California

      I meant the first 70. :D

    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      I've watched some Naruto episodes with my younger brother. I didn't know the last 70 episodes were funny though. Great hub.