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Top 10 Best Dragonball Z Wallpapers HD

Updated on January 18, 2018

Hey There!

When did you start watching Dragon Ball Z?

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Please cast your vote on this poll. It would certainly be exciting to see what year other anime lovers started watching this EPIC anime series. I started watching this anime when I was still in Grade 4. I was 10 that time and now I am 28 years old and still watching Dragon Ball Z Super.

Dragonball is the anime series that started it all. No wonder many search for Dragon Ball Wallpaper HD. The fact that it’s still famous today despite being aired decades ago is a proof of its success.

It has everything an anime fan is looking for which includes humor, intense action, drama, love story, a story of true friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and many more. I grew up watching Dragon ball Z and I can say it greatly influenced me. I have several wallpaper in my room with different characters of this anime series. I just love this anime. It taught me how to be brave despite all the odds. To trust others and face any challenge without hesitation knowing that I’m not alone as I take each step.

Are you a Dragonball Z fan like me and is excited about making a Dragonball Z-inspired picture as the main image on your desktop? You don’t need to look elsewhere since here is the Top 10 Best Dragonball Z Wallpapers HD. I consider these as the best not just because of their quality but mainly because of the significant scenes they illustrate.

If ever you think some Dragonball Z photos are better than any in my list, feel free to leave a comment and express your ideas. Enjoy these awesome computer background and have a good read everyone!

In the Dragonball Z series where Son Goku is still recovering from a rare heart disease, it’s up to Vegeta, Son Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Trunks, and the rest of the Z Warriors to stop the androids from spreading chaos worldwide. I also have my own Android 18 wallpaper which was given to me by a friend.

Though the other strong characters put up a great deal of force together, it’s still not enough to even threaten the androids. Even in Super Saiyan mode, Vegeta can’t catch up with Android 18’s speed and power. It may seem that Vegeta is up against an innocent and compassionate android but it’s the other way around. She won’t hesitate to kill in order to comply with their mission. Vegeta is second to Son Goku in terms of energy level so it’s safe to say that if Vegeta loses this battle, the whole world will have to bow down to the androids.

Spirit Ball is Son Goku’s most powerful technique. However, he considers it as a last option since preparing the Spirit Ball requires a lot of time. Son Goku needs to come up with a stalling strategy to successfully gather enough energy. Even the kid Majin Buu who was regarded as the strongest form was no match against this technique. Aside from its seemingly unparalleled power, the Spirit Ball is a very reliable technique as Son Goku can cast it even if he already used up most of its power. This technique relies on the power of every living thing including us. By raising their hands, people across the globe shared some of their life force to Son Goku during his fight against kid Majin Buu which was the turning point of our victory against such a horrifying villain.

After Cell achieved a complete form, even the combined force of Vegeta and Trunks is no match. Cell got bored and decided to fight the strongest in the world through a martial arts tournament. The event gave both Son Goku and Son Gohan enough time to prepare. They trained hard in a special room where time is considerably slower compared to normal so a couple of years in it would only cost a few days. It’s pretty obvious that Son Goku can finish off Cell by his own hands. But then again, he decided to let Gohan embrace the task since Son Goku believed that it’s crucial for Gohan’s improvement as the next protector of earth.

Son Goku embarked on exciting adventures during his childhood. His innate power and resilience helped him survive them all. Probably one of the biggest factors which made Son Goku a true hero is his ability to easily make friends even with his previous foes. Anyone would find him lovable after experiencing his innocence and how love food above all. Despite his young age, Son Goku still managed to keep up with stronger and bigger opponents since he just won’t quit regardless how hard the situation may be. This is true particularly if the safety of a friend or anyone who is incapable of fighting is at stake.

After the death of Son Goku, no one was strong enough to stop the Androids. The rest of the Z warriors were all killed after a horrifying battle and the only survivor was Son Gohan. He trained Trunks to harness his power and transform into a Super Saiyan at an early age. Son Gohan died afterwards leaving Trunks no other choice but to fight the androids on his own. Nevertheless, Bulma saved his son from eminent death by creating a time machine. Trunk’s mission is to deliver a medicine that can cure Son Goku’s rare heart disease. By doing so, there’s a very big possibility that the future will change for the better. Though everything seemed to go as planned, Trunks was surprised that the androids he faced after the time travel was far more powerful than the ones in the future. Could this be that he altered the future? What surprises awaits the future Trunks and the Z warriors?

Frieza is the second main antagonist in the Dragonball Z series next to Piccolo’s father. He is merciless and would do anything to gain immortality even wipe out an entire planet. Frieza was the one who destroyed the Saiyan Plant, Son Goku’s true origin. And surprisingly, Vegeta is one of his underlings. But then again, the prince of Saiyan was just looking for an opportunity to eliminate Frieza and uplift the tarnished pride of his race. So how did Son Goku and the Z warriors got caught up in the battle at Planet Nemic? It’s simple, Son Goku just want to revive everyone who died during his battle against Vegeta and Napa by collecting the Dragonballs at Planet Nemic since the once found here on earth are already destroyed.

The next world martial arts tournament after Son Goku’s astonishing win over the cruel Piccolo was probably the most exciting yet. The son of Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and other mysterious fighters participated to oust Son Goku as the defending champion. After the fierce battles, the decision was a tie between Son Goku and Piccolo as they felt a much disturbing force closing to earth. It was Raditz; Son Goku’s long lost brother. Piccolo disregarded his quest for world domination and teamed up with Son Goku since he knew battling the strong Saiyan alone is futile. Though the two of them somehow defeated the strong warrior, Son Goku’s life was expended in the process. These events marked the transformation of Piccolo from a cruel villain into Son Gohan’s mentor and a reliable member of the Z warriors.

Son Goku and the Z warriors were saved by Shenron countless times. This dragon can grant almost any wish even revive the dead as long as it’s not due to natural causes. Nevertheless, the Z warriors were blind about the negative forces produced from their wishes. Each Dragonball transformed into horrifying monsters which spread havoc in the world. The Z warriors eventually stopped them but it took the ultimate form of Son Goku and Vegata’s fusion to do so. It was never easy and countless innocent lives perished in the process. Whether the Z warriors will face a much stronger foe in the near future is uncertain. The only thing we are sure of is that they won’t give up in leading our world towards the path of peace and prosperity.

Son Goku and Vegeta first met as enemies. Vegeta planned to make Earth a gift for Frieza but of course Son Goku and the rest of his team of Earth protectors didn’t allowed it to happen. Son Goku barely defeated Vegeta during their first duel yet it was a devastating experience for the prince of Sayan. The fact that an unknown Saiyan defeated a prince shocked him. He trained hard and vowed for revenge against Son Goku. As the series progressed, Vegeta decided to stay close to Son Goku and stay on Earth to discover his rival’s true power. Eventually, Vegeta’s evil goals were erased as he married Bulma and gave birth to Trunks. He became a reliable member of the Z warriors who are willing to protect Earth at all cost.

Majin Buu is probably the most destructive villain the Z warriors have ever faced. He might look cute at first impression but his cruelty and mercilessness is second to none. The Z warriors were defeated one after another. Son Gohan, after a special training from Great King Kai, tried to stand up against Majin Buu’s incomparable power but it didn’t went well as Majin Buu was able to consume Piccolo and Gotenks which made him even stronger. Vegeta and Goku fused to become Vegito yet their combined efforts were still no match against Majin Buu’s strength, speed, and unpredictable fighting style. In the end, Son Goku was left with no other choice but to use a much powerful version of the Spirit Ball technique which defeated Frieza.

More Dragon Ball Wallpapers Below

Hello guys, I decided to include more wallpapers below. These images are still hand-picked online. Either these had some nice feedback on other websites or I personally like the image. Hope you like these images too..

Dragon Ball Z - Broly
Dragon Ball Z - Broly

Broly is a survivor of the execution ordered by King Vegeta. Together with his father, Paragus, they were left to die. However, Broly survived and grew stronger in time. He is feared by King Vegeta since he displayed an unusual level of strength for a Saiyan. This character is also known as the “Legendary Super Saiyan”. You could see on the episodes that included him, Broly is emotionally unstable. This is certainly because of what he had gone through. He was controlled by his father using a certain device but eventually, he was able to set free from the control due to his overwhelming power. Aside from Goku, Goten and Trunk also was able to defeat Broly.

Trunks and Goten Super Saiyan
Trunks and Goten Super Saiyan

Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Goten is of Goku. This fact alone would surely make you think that these two have the potentials to become very powerful like Gohan. Of course on the episodes that I watched, I really did not see these two excel much in a fight against powerful opponents. Their best combo is their fusion which forms Gotenks. This new form also got the playful character of Trunks and Goten. Surprisingly after transforming to Gotenks, he was able to raise his power to super saiyan 3 which is an incredible feat for a Saiyan. It definitely took Goku a long time to become SS3. Though thought by many to be among the strongest characters in DBZ series, this character never had a chance against Beerus.

Quotes from Dragon Ball Z Anime

Another update on this hub is the inclusion of quotes that came from different Dragonball characters. I know there are a lot of anime lovers who are also inspired by words from these characters. Since this anime series has a really large fan base, I decided to include some image with quotes here since I do not see many of these online. If you like any of the quotes here, please share it or pin it on Pinterest. Thank you

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      5 years ago from Romania

      picture number 10 is the best


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