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Top 10 Best Episodes of We Bare Bears

Updated on May 3, 2017

Watching cartoon shows is definitely entertaining for people of all ages. While most people thinks it is just for kids, there are teenagers, young adults, and even middle-aged adults who find happiness in watching cartoons. Doesn't it bring some good old memories of being a child once in a while? Sure enough, we still have the heart of a child when we want to bring the old days back through cartoon shows.

Today, there are many shows to watch on TV, but finding a really good one could be a challenge. The one that can truly satisfy your taste in cartoon no matter what your age or gender is. A show that caters not only to entertainment but also the educational values that the viewers should learn. One cartoon show that most people consider as friendly and heartwarming is 'We Bare Bears' which features the three cute bears as brothers who tries to overcome their daily lives and troubles together. Meet Grizzly (also called Grizz), Panda, and Ice Bear. Created by Daniel Chong, the show has given millions of smiles to viewers since 2015. This year, the show is in its third season. If you like to take a peek on this show, check out these top 10 best episodes of We Bare Bears, and start to fall in love with the cutest and most adorable bear cartoon of our time.

10. Coffee Cave

If you're looking for an intense episode that can make you stand up from your seat, then this one is for you. This episode escalates quickly from a cute one into a thrilling suspense action. Coffee Cave is the 7th episode of the third season and the 58th episode in the entire series.

The story focuses on the amazing talent of Ice Bear as a coffee barista and their 'home sweet home' turned into a fancy and popular 'Coffee Cave' shop. While Ice Bear shows incredible talent in making artistic coffee for his brothers, he didn't make one for himself because he can't handle the caffeine. When an athletic woman became attracted to the aromatic smell of the coffee, she asked if she can take a break and have coffee. Panda refused at first, but the optimistic Grizzly offered her the service. Each of them took the role - Ice Bear the barista, while his two brothers serves as waiters. Things went well when they started the coffee service. More and more people go to their place to chill and have coffee, until they became popular and their humble home takes a transformation into a fancy cave of coffee shop.

However, things started to turn dark when Ice Bear's energy depleted from making too much coffee. Instead of letting him take the rest, the older brothers forced the youngest to drink coffee so he can gain his energy. Ice refused first, however, he can't say no to his pleading brothers, so he took the coffee. But Ice became so addicted to coffee that they had to stop the coffee service to the customers just to make the creepy bear from his coffee obsession. Good thing, the story ended well when the two older brothers said sorry to Ice for making him work so hard, while Ice is also sorry for ruining the Coffee Cave.

9. Primal

What will happen if our cute and cuddly bears transformed into scary beasts of the wild? When a bear is hungry and angry, would that make them look 'hangry?' This episode reminds us that bears can go on a primal state... and it is dangerous. 'Primal' is the 8th episode from the first season of the series which shows Panda and Ice Bear's transformation from the adorable bears into the scary and wild bears trying to hunt for food in the deep woods.

The idea of living an exciting life in the wilderness begins when Grizzly saw the advertisement video showing how life in the forest is more interesting than living in the boring city. Grizzly tricks his brothers by thinking that they will be having a picnic in the woods. When they reached the edge of the mountain, Grizzly eagerly convinced them to explore how fantastic the forest is. However, his exciting plan didn't work out and they fell into the lake.

Soaked wet and feeling tired, the two younger bears started complaining about food. To make up for this, Grizzly set out to search for food, only to find junks in the lake. Panda and Ice Bear started to have hallucinations because of hunger. Ice Bear is seeing his scary paws while Panda thinks of a fro-yo machine. When Grizzly went back to where the young bears are, he missed them. He searched for them everywhere, but was so surprised when Panda and Ice Bear attacked him while they are in their primal state. From cute and cuddly bears, Grizzly saw his brothers transformed into a wild and scary beasts. They are no longer the adorable bears that lives in the cave, but the aggressive animals trying to hunt for food in the wild. Grizzly tries to escape by running here and there, and thank goodness, he managed to end the disastrous event by bringing the two dangerous hungry beasts in a distant restaurant called Burger Boy.

8. Icy Nights

An episode featuring the coolest, smartest, strongest, and youngest bear of the series, Ice Bear, and his customized vacuum called Roomba. Icy Nights is the 18th episode of the second season and the 44th episode of the entire show.

It was a fine night for Ice Bear inside the fridge, reading the book War and More War (a spoof of the novel War and Peace by Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy). However, he decided to go to the quick mart for shopping. While going to the mart, he brings his "updated" Roomba for a ride. Many people wowed over with his cool vacuum. However, Barry, along with his two friends are playing around it while Ice is inside the mart. When Ice sees them, Barry ask for how much Ice would like to buy his Roomba. His brows furrowed, and he simply replies that his Roomba is not for sale. But Barry wants to get it, so he threatened Ice by saying "When I want something, I get it". But Ice Bear, with his monotone voice said, "Ice Bear will repeat: Not. For. Sale." Barry feels frustrated, so he took the opportunity when Ice comes back inside the shop to finish his shopping to steal his vacuum ride. When Ice Bear saw him getting away with the vacuum, he tried to chase them but it's too late. The cashier asked if she's going to call the police, but Ice said himself, "Ice Bear will take care of this."

Ice goes to a secret and exclusive place owned by Russian gangs and asked Yana to help him find out the gang who stole his Roomba using the symbol he saw on the truck. Ice Bear discovers the truth about the "Techies Gang" and with his own power and strength, tries to save his stolen Roomba from the evil guys. This episode gives us the idea of Ice Bear's connection to Russian underground gangs and the information he gathers through them. It also features the cool and hidden side of him that his older brothers do not know about.

7. Professor Lampwick

Besides the three cute bears as the main protagonists, Chloe Park is one of the most well-loved characters in the show. She is a little girl (10 years old) but already studying at University of California because she is a prodigy. Described as an intelligent girl in her school, she also had a terrifying experience when she encountered Professor Lampwick, a stern-looking Chemistry professor that gives Chloe the chills. This episode is the 4th from the third season and the 56th episode overall.

Chloe described Professor Lampwick as an 'intimidating' teacher. While she knows herself that she can easily pass the chemistry lab test, she failed it because of Lampwick's scary atmosphere while he observes her. She started to get anxious when the professor stood behind her while watching her doing the test. She panicked and started to mess the exam. When the bears learned about it, they wanted to help their friend Chloe. While Chloe aims for some quality time to speak with Lampwick, she just can't because he is too scary and he doesn't even have office hours. How can the bears help Chloe to talk to Professor Lampwick so she can re-take the exam? Grizzly have an idea.

The next day, Chloe is left in shock and surprise to see Professor Lampwick inside the bears' cave, tied in a chair with a tape that seals his mouth. The little girl feels horrified as she learned how the bears kidnapped her professor, because as Grizzly explains, this is the only way for Chloe to have some 'good quality time' to talk to Lampwick. Funny, intense, and a cute Chloe under pressure, she overcomes the biggest challenge of proving herself as a child prodigy in front of the most intimidating professor ever.

6. Anger Management

While Nom Nom could be the most hated character in the series, sometimes we sympathize with him as a lonely character who needs some love. It's true that he is an evil villain who always pretend to be cute and adorable. He can easily gain the trust of everyone and betrays them later; and that's what makes him so annoying. But in this episode, we learned that despite his evil tricks to gain popularity, fame, and success, he is still a sad animal waiting to be loved in order to love in return. Anger Management is the 2nd episode of the third season, and the 54th episode overall.

Famous Nom Nom is working in a shooting with The Corgis, but he can't work well with the director and staff because of his anger. His popularity and wealth is now in danger because he can't control his anger towards everyone in the filming set, just because he needs to show the biggest and brightest smile. Since he is known for his aggressive personality, he thinks he is forced to do it, so he feels frustrated and he snapped out of his control until he finally exploded. His secretary wants him to take the anger management counseling therapy. His anger exploded once more when he learned that Grizzly handles his therapy.

His anger seemed helpless at first, because Nom Nom tends to go out of control when he is really mad. But when Grizzly hugged him tight in order to calm down, things changed upside down. Nom Nom can now handle his anger and is ready to work with The Corgis as long as Grizzly is there to do the hug therapy just in case. The episode seems funny all along, but it also shows us that more than money and fame, Nom Nom needs love the most.

5. The Library

Another episode featuring the bears and the cute Korean girl, Chloe. The Library is the 21st episode from the second season and the 47th episode in the entire series.

This episode is just one of the funniest ones that won't end without leaving you in tears from too much laughter. The story happens inside a library, where the three bears find their best friend Chloe in an exhausted state. She told the bears that she needed to study hard for their upcoming exam. The bears, seeing how too much studying have caused a heavy toll on Chloe's state, decided to help her. The kind trio supported her needs in the best way they can... and they even got the most hyperactive Chloe ever.

Grizzly suggested to Chloe that she should take a break from the serious review, so he brought her into the vending machine. He asked Chloe to eat some sweets to boost her energy, so Chloe took some chocolates. However, the chocolates seemed strange because it literally boosted Chloe's energy! She was moving in the speed of light and she is not aware that she is causing some troubles inside the library!

The bears are also confused about Chloe's state, so they also went to the vending machine and eat some chocolates. They got the same result as Chloe. As they eat the chocolates, everything around them seemed to be so slow. Little did they know that they are the ones who are in hyped conditions, and they are devastating everything inside the library room!

4. Tote Life

Being Eco-friendly is definitely a positive thing. But when you go overboard and went a little obsessive about it, things can really go wrong. This episode has something to do about the promotion of using tote bags instead of plastic bags in order to help our environment. Tote Life is the 19th episode of the first season, and the episode that shows the reality of our laws today about the use of tote bags to save the nature from the harmful chemicals of plastics.

The story begins when Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear feels embarrassment after the hipster cashier clerk asked them about their tote bags, which the three bears are not aware of. The cashier explains that they have to bring their own bags because they have no reusable bags. The three brothers decided to buy one tote bag in order to solve the issue. However, a surprising moment came when everyone in the grocery welcomed them as part of the so-called 'tote life'.

At first, the bears are happy to be part of the social trend, the tote life. But they went a bit obsessed about buying lots of tote bags even though they already have enough. This rapidly turns into an obsession as they begin buying every bag they see. It eventually gets to the point where they were overflowing with bags, as they walk around everywhere with bags piled on top of themselves and their cave being nearly packed full with tote bags. It gets so bad that tote bags are littered everywhere in their area, causing the EPA to send someone to their house to take care of the environmental issue.

3. Yuri and The Bear

One of the saddest, heartwarming, and heart-breaking episodes of We are Bears is the 17th episode of second season and the 43th episode of the entire series, entitled 'Yuri and the Bear'. This episode features a young Ice bear living in the cold snowy place and the human who taught him many basic things in life. A backstory about Ice Bear and how he became a skilled bear with strong mind and body.

Baby Ice Bear is living on his own in the Arctic. He wanted to hunt the bird for his food, but he did not succeed. He seemed strong and well, but when the angry wolves started to howl, the innocent bear is afraid. The cute cub suddenly finds a tent with a warming soup boiling inside the pot. He entered the tent and deliciously looked at the soup when suddenly, a huge man entered the tent. Baby Ice Bear tried to hide under the bed, but the man tried to attack him using his ax. When the man gets in trouble because of attacking him, Baby Ice Bear helped him instead of escaping from the tent. The man decided to have him work for food and shelter.

The man's name is Yuri. He taught Ice bear how to chop woods using ax, how to read and write in Russian, how to skillfully cook fish, and the way he speak in third person. Everything seems fun and good between Yuri and the bear, until one day, he became mad at Ice Bear because Ice did something forbidden. Ice Bear escaped out of the tent, but he was trapped by the bad hunters. Now this is where it gets emotional. Even though Yuri is mad at Ice, he still saved him from the bad hunters until they have to separate ways in order for Ice Bear to safely escape. A Baby Ice Bear is left in tears as Yuri sent him away in the ice together with his ax.

2. Captain Craboo

Note: If you haven't watch this episode yet, please watch the episode entitled 'Emergency' before watching 'Captain Craboo'. 'Emergency' is the 18th episode of the show and is part of the first season.

The episode that will make you excited with its cliff-hanging actions, breathless with its intense scenes, and tearful with its heart-wrenching sad moments is the 14th and 15th episode of the second season and the 40th and 41st episode of the entire series. Captain Craboo features the character of a clever crab named Captain Craboo. This crab is first seen in the episode 'Emergency' as an antagonist; the one responsible for pinching Ice Bear's ear, causing them a huge trouble and a big emergency.

The story of Craboo continues in this episode when one morning, the three bears woke up only to find their house being devastated. Upon knowing that the cause is the troublemaker crab, Ice Bear feels no mercy as he shoved him with a broom out of the door. But the brothers were so soft-hearted towards the clever crab, and Craboo became a cherished pet to them. While Ice is not fond of Craboo at first, the playful crab gained his approval when Craboo took a revenge for Ice when Nom Nom pushed him on the floor. The story continues with Craboo being on jail while Ice, Grizzly, and Panda tried their best to save their precious pet, only to get separated with them in the end for the sake of one another.

This episode has a lot of emotions, showing the sadness in Ice Bear's eyes as he tried to let go of Craboo. He must have felt some regrets when he was being harsh on the lovely pet. The two bears, Grizzly and Panda, feels lonely and sad both for Craboo and Ice. And of course, the evil Nom Nom is the villain of the day who deserves punishment for his bad attitude in the end.

1. Losing Ice

One of the most heartwarming episodes of this show is 'Losing Ice'. Even without watching the earlier episodes, you will easily understand the story and the strong bond between the three bears. This is the 7th episode of the second season and the 33rd episode overall. The episode shows the true brotherly love between Grizzly, Panda, and Ice, and the proof that our two older bears cannot live without their youngest, Ice.

The story begins with Grizzly and Panda watching TV while Ice Bear is getting their dinner ready. The two older brothers are so hyped up with the breaking news of a car chase, while Ice rings a bell to call for his brothers that dinner is ready. However, Grizzly and Panda are so immersed in the news, they didn't leave their seats to walk in the kitchen for dinner. Ice starts to get frustrated, so he throw away the food in the trash and leaves the house. Finally, when the older brothers went to the kitchen, it was too late for dinner because the food is in the trash and Ice is not there to prepare dinner.

While Ice is having a stroll in the streets, he saw a Teppanyaki restaurant and became interested with the cooking. He saw a "Help Wanted" sign, and the next thing, he is already seen wearing a chef apron and hat, meticulously cooking and working inside the restaurant. When Grizzly and Panda learned about this, they became upset and angry towards Ice, as they felt betrayed by him serving for strangers. To fill the place of their little brother, Grizzly and Panda set out to "hire" a new younger brother. Eventually, they met Darrell, a kind person who did his best to become a good brother for the two. But because he isn't as excellent as Ice Bear, the two bears disrespected him. But in the end, the bears apologized for their rudeness and Darrell helped the two reconcile with Ice.

Though there are many heartwarming episodes in the entire series that shows how these three bears really love and care for each other, this one shows their strong bond despite their misunderstanding. It is a good example of being sensitive and sorry when things don't go well between siblings. It also shows how being inconsiderate of the others' feelings is a disrespectful thing, just like what Darrell said to Grizzly and Panda about their troubles with Ice.

Apart from the strong familial love of the trio, this episode also shows how childish our characters are. First, the older brothers Grizzly and Panda have forgotten to show consideration to Ice who always prepare the food for them. Instead of being sorry to their little brother, they depend on him too much as they waited for hours expecting him to come home and make dinner for them instead of cooking the dinner themselves. Second, Ice became impatient with his brothers' actions. He is known in the show as a cool bear who has great endurance, and it is so unlike him to snap and get frustrated over a dinner. Well, he's still the baby brother despite his mature image.

Of course, one of the best things in this episode is the character of Darrell. He is a good portrayal of a kind and dedicated person. He even risked his freedom just to get the three bears reconcile. Though his last part in the episode is truly heartbreaking, his character will always be remembered as one of the bests in the entire series.

That's All!

Here we are! We're done with the top 10 best episodes of the cutest, sweetest, and most adorable cartoon show, We Bare Bears! Are these episodes your favorites too? Let us know what you think by sharing us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Which episode of 'We Bare Bears' is your favorite?

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