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Top 10 Best Fairy Tail Wallpapers HD

Updated on March 5, 2016

Fairy Tail is an anime series which features Magic, friendship, love, and everything in between. Billions of anime fans across the globe are looking forward to see Fairy Tail’s newest episodes. This is not a surprise since Fairy Tail is packed with crazy anime fights and situations that will surely leave anime fans at the edge of their seats. Are you among the many anime fans who are searching for beautiful computer wallpapers inspired by Fairy Tail? Look nowhere else since this hub features the Top 10 Best Fairy Tail Wallpapers HD. If ever you have a Fairy Tail Wallpapers which is far better than any included in this list, feel free to leave a comment. Have fun watching Fairy Tail and enjoy these works of art everyone!

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I am just wondering who is the most popular Fairy Tail Character? Nothing could show it better than a pool where you could select your most favorite character for this anime series. I think whoever gets the most vote about be considered as the most popular.

Hopefully you could participate on the pool so we all see which of these great anime characters is the most popular. I personally like Gray the most. How about you?

Natsu Dragneel is a fire dragon slayer who won’t back down on any fight. His main goal is to find Igneel, the dragon who taught him the magic which disappeared without notice. Natsu managed to join Fairy Tail and met new friends his scary but caring mentor Erza Scarlet. His rival an Ice-Make magic user Grey Fullbuster never fails to encourage him at times of desperation. And of course, Fairy Tail’s newest member Lucy Heartfilia is Natsu’s partner who will never leave his side particularly during dire situations. Natsu Dragneel will never choose to abandon a teammate or put anyone in harm’s way even at the cost of his live making him one of the greatest wizards of Fairy Tail.

Celestial Spirits come with unique powers. They can be summoned through keys and require a contract which signifies their loyalty towards a Celestial Wizard. This is the magic which Lucy Heartfilia inherited from her mother. Beyond Lucy’s knowledge, her mother was a famous wizard and was among the strongest during her prime. Compared to majority of Celestial Wizards featured in the anime series, Lucy convinces Celestial Spirits to join her through love, care, and a bit of charm. She treats her Celestial Spiritsnot as tools but friends which is probably why he managed to made a contract with rare and strong Celestial Spirits like Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn, and Taurus.

Erza Scarlet is regarded as the strongest female wizard in Fairy Tail. She is an S-Class Mage who uses Requip magic which enables her to switch armors and weapons instantly. Erza is also the strict mentor of Natsu Dragneel, Grey Fullbuster, and Lucy Heartfilia. Despite her charming looks, Erza is a mage not to be taken lightly since she seems to have an armor perfectly suited against any kind of enemy. Both Natsu and Grey can’t defeat Erza so they fear her above anyone else. But don’t misunderstand this young lady since beyond her strong armors and sharp blades, is a heart that knows how to love and care.

In fact, she seems to be greatly in love with her childhood acquaintance named Jellal Fernandez. And their peculiar love team is featured in this hub: Top 10 Best Anime Love Teams

Oracion Seis is one of the dark guilds which belong to the Balam Alliance. Their main goal is to awaken Nirvana, a magic that can turn light into darkness. With its power at hand, they can force good guilds to join their cause and spread chaos. One of their members, Cobra is a poison dragon slayer so this guild is not something to be taken lightly. Natsu was helpless against Cobra yet our hero managed to somehow end up victorious through sheer will and tenacity. Fairy Tail was not alone in the fight against Oracion Seis. Strong members of Blue Pegasus, an ally guild were also there to help out. Their combined efforts in protecting each other and stopping Oracion Seis from achieving their goals led to the victory many deemed to be impossible.

Gray Fullbuster an Ice-Magic specialist and Natsu Dragneel the fire-dragon slayer often argues on anything. They already fought a couple of times yet it hasn’t been decided yet as to which of them is stronger. The clash between fire and ice is always interrupted by their strict mentor Erza Scarlet. Nevertheless, these two great Fairy Tail mages acknowledge each other as reliable guildmates. In fact, several episodes illustrate how much Natsu Dragneel trust Grey Fullbuster and vice versa. A synchronized attack from these two hot-headed Fairy Tail wizards will surely leave a pile of destroyed structures. Though they always successfully neutralize any threat and get the job done, the Magic Council despises them as they always bring destruction which also goes true with other members of Fairy Tail.

Aquarius the Water Bearer is without a doubt Lucy Heartfilia’s strongest Celestial Spirit. She can summon a gigantic wave and wash away strong foes. Sadly, Aquarius treats Lucy not as a master but a hindrance of her happiness. In fact, she intentionally includes Lucy as her targets while attacking. Though her hate against Lucy lessened after meeting her long lost love Scorpio, Aquarius remained careless in delivering her attacks. However, Aquarius can’t be relied upon at all time as she can only be summoned with the presence of any body of water. Nevertheless, Aquarius knows the true power of Lucy and will always be ready to save her particularly at life-threatening situations. She is a perfect illustration of beauty and power combined!

Fairy Tail is an anime series filled with gorgeous ladies. Among them are Erza Scarlet and Lucy Heartfilia. Wendy, the wind-dragon slayer is also a character filled with cuteness and innocence so not loving her is almost impossible. The beauty that these ladies have is just part of the whole package since each of them has special abilities to help their guild surpass any trial. They simply don’t quit regardless how strong the foe is. These ladies are vigilant in maintaining peace and making it certain that any struggle to carry out a dark and dangerous plot won’t succeed.

Lucy Heartfilia’s beauty made her worthy to be a part of this list: Top 10 Most Beautiful Anime Girls.

Fairy Tail is not about senseless battles unlike most anime series today. It features love, teamwork, trust, and true friendship. Lucy, Grey, Natsu, and Erza are exploring the world of Magic together. They form an unstoppable team of light that will do anything possible to protect everyone dear to them from Dark Guilds. Many tried to destroy their friendship yet all efforts failed. This simply shows how deeply rooted their relationship with one another is and a mere fake betrayal won’t be enough to erase a lifelong devotion of trust, care, and love. Fairy Tail is truly an anime worth watching as it incorporates important life values with intense anime action.

Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia first met in an unusual circumstance. It was Natsu who led Lucy to Fairy Tail. Natsu was also the one who accompanied Lucy on her first adventure as a Fairy Tail wizard. Both humorous and dangerous situations these two strong Fairy Tail members shared strengthened their bond. They look good as a couple as well which is why many Fairy Tail fans hope that they’ll end up sharing a relationship beyond friendship someday. Natsu care for Lucy so much that he is willing to give up his life to save her. The weird but sweet relationship shared by Natsu and Lucy is also featured in this hub: Top 10 Best Anime Love Teams

Fairy Tail Video Tribute!

Fairy Tail is an anime series which features a number of unique characters. Each of them masters a certain magic and carries a different personality. This is among the many reasons why Fairy Tail fans are amassing as we speak. Each Fairy Tail episode is filled with heart-pumping anime action. Fairy Tail is also a favorite among anime lovers who seek for humor. Knowing that Natsu Dragneel, one of the most highly-respected and strongest Fairy Tail members can’t handle any kind of transportation will surely make you laugh. Fairy Tail’s fame is steadily rising and is expected to equal the Best Anime Series today which includes Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto Shippuden in the near future.

More Wallpapers Below

Just recently this 2016, I decided to update my hubs and for hubs which show anime wallpapers, I will do my best to add more images here so visitors could get what they are looking for. Even though I do not guarantee that you'll certainly be getting what the wallpaper you want, I'll certainly be doing my best to add images here as often as I can. I am pretty much aware that Fairy Tail has a lot of fans. Even I was among the first people who saw its first episode. However, I was not anymore updated with the new episodes. Surely when I have the time, I would be watching the episodes I missed.

Juvia - Fairy Tail
Juvia - Fairy Tail

Juvia of the Sea

Juvia is a member of the group named “Phantom Lord’s Elite Group”. Before when she was still an enemy, her target was Lucy. Her power involves water which makes him quite a powerful character. I personally think that those who have powers to manipulate water and other main elements like fire are really strong. She is able to take physical attacks as her body is formed from water so she could always reform herself. In the later part of the anime series, this character fell in love with Gray. She was defeated by Gray which I think made them closer to each other. Her name means rain, that is why when it rains, most likely Juvia is feeling emotional.

Fairy Tail - Juvia
Fairy Tail - Juvia

String Eucliffe - The Dragon Slayer

String Eucliffe is considered to be the “White Dragon Slayer”. He is part of a strong and powerful Guild called Sabertooth. His exceed name is Lector. He was lucky enough to be raised by the Dragon Weisslogia when he was an orphan. Together with other four young Dragon Slayers, String was brought into the future. He is usually a clam person and smiles a lot. When it comes to being a friend, he never abandons anymore. The same as Natsu, even though this character is pretty strong, he also suffers from motion sickness. I personally think that string is among the coolest character in Fairy Tail.

Sting Eucliffe
Sting Eucliffe

Fairy Tail Opening 21 "Edge of Life - Believe In Myself"

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