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Top 10 Best Horror Movie Soundtracks

Updated on July 4, 2017

The recipe for a horror movie that haunts our nightmares for years isn't that complicated: a terrifying monster, a hero we can root for, a haunting backstory, and of course a compelling soundtrack. Here's a list of the top 10 best horror movie soundtracks that have helped make some of our favorite scary movies instantly legendary.

NUMBER 10: The Exorcist Theme - Tubular Bells

Top notch acting and a truly original story are elevated with Tubular Bells, which is surely to haunt you long after you leave the theater.

NUMBER 9: Slumber Party Massacre

At Number 9 is the theme song to The Slumber Party Massacre. Not always known for its place in the horror canon, this movie's synth soundtrack stands out as one of the best in the genre.

NUMBER 8: The Fog Theme

John Carpenter isn't just an accomplished writer/director, he's also a master composer. His musical work on the Fog is one of his masterpieces.

NUMBER 7: Insidious Theme

At number 7, the Insidious soundtrack's high strings, often played at a frenetic pace, underscore's the film's tense suspense sequences and jump scares.

NUMBER 6: Halloween Theme

No list of horror movie soundtracks is complete without the Halloween theme, one of the most iconic in history.

NUMBER 5: Beyond The Black Rainbow Theme

Beyond The Black Rainbow wasn't a well known horror film, but it's an effective and powerful "light and sound show" as one critic noted. The film's synth soundtrack stands out as among the best.

NUMBER 4: Libera Me - Interview with the Vampire

When Interview With the Vampire's opening song, Libera Me, starts to play, you know you're in for a serious film. Although the movie is light on scares, the legendary vampire icon Lestat (played by Tom Cruise opposite Brad Pitt as Louis), the writing, directing, strong performances, and of course elevate this film to one of the most serious in the genre.

NUMBER 3: World War Z - An Isolated System by Muse

World War Z, with Brad Pitt, licensed Muse's "An Isolated System" for its main theme, and to strong effect.

NUMBER 2: 28 Days Later Theme

At Number 2 is the theme to 28 Days Later, one of the more underrated horror films of our time. Its soundtrack, which instills a sense of anxiety, highlights the film's sense of overwhelming dread.

NUMBER 1: A Nightmare On Elm Street

The Number One best horror theme soundtrack of all time is, without any argument, A Nightmare On Elm Street. The film was masterfully crafted by Wes Craven and spawned about a dozen sequels and a tv series.


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