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Top 5 Best Irish Sayings

Updated on March 9, 2014

All the Sayings


These phrases lay the ground floor for any visit to Ireland or any Irish celebration such as St. Patricks Day. You may want to learn these off or else you may feel isolated when you're in on the banter (meaning news or talk of the town/group). That can't be included as it is a word and that is saved for another day and another post!

I have posted an explanation under each phrase for those who may not be common with these phrases or the slang. There are so much more that are used in niche areas of the country so I can not do all of them, but only the most popular.So let's dive right in!

1. Would Ya Go Way Outta Dat

Excuse my spelling, this phrase has an unbelievable amount of different spellings so it is based on the region of Ireland. This means that you should more or less stop your idea or proposal as it is a very bad idea and not worth pursuing. It can also be used to turn down a question or offer. It is used across the country and for many people it has replace words such as "stop" or "give up" and even "no thanks". Here is a conversation piece :

"I think I'll put down my name for the Mars expedition", "Would ya go way out a dat!"

2. The Press

The press, this is another word for the cupboard and is normally small, not to be confused with a pantry. This is much larger and not to be confused. There is also a hot-press, this is where clothes are kept and normally the houses main boiler. Here is a conversation piece :

"Where are the biscuits?", "In the cupboard"

3. Chips

These are not crisps (potato chips). These are french fries and if you describe or call them by that name you will most certainly get very unusual looks! So do not get confused with these. Here is a conversation piece :

"Do you want chips with that?", "Go on then!"

4. The Guards

This is the police force. The full name is 'An Garda Síochána' which stands for the 'keepers of the peace'. These are the standard issue non-armed police force that patrol the streets with batons! Here is a conversation piece :

"I think someones in our house", "Call the bleedin' Guards!"

5. Póg Mo Thóin

This is a very crude saying which stands for "Kill my ass". It is used my often in Irish speaking communities and an abnormal amount during the St. Patricks Day celebration. Sorry for the rudeness!

Just Use The Phrases And Have Good Irish Banter


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