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Top 10 Best Naruto Shippuden Wallpapers HD

Updated on February 28, 2016

Naruto Shippuden is among the big three in the anime world today alongside with Bleach and One Piece. Millions of anime fans are excited to experience each of its episodes as they are filled with intense action and heartbreaking drama. Its story centers on a bashful shinobi from the Hidden Leaf known as Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto’s childhood was never easy as everyone treated him as a monster knowing the nine-tailed demon fox is trapped inside him. Nevertheless, he never gave up and eventually encountered real friends along his journey. His main goal is to become the next Hokage and protect the Hidden Leaf Village with his own hands.

Are you a Naruto Shippuden fan who is searching for the best desktop wallpapers inspired by this awesome anime series? Look nowhere else since this hub features the Top 10 Best Naruto Shippuden Wallpapers Hd. If ever you have a Naruto computer background that is better than any on this list, feel free to leave a comment for me to consider your suggestion. I hope you all enjoy these epic Naruto Shippuden Wallpapers!

Uzumaki Naruto and Hinata Hyuga anime love team is second to none in terms of sweetness. Though Naruto only treats Hinata as a close friend since childhood, such fact didn’t hinder the innocent girl from secretly loving the energetic and straightforward ninja from Konoha who aims to become the Hokage someday. This Naruto Shippuden Wallpaper illustrates how lovely the couple is. If ever they end up having a bond beyond friendship n the near future, it will prove the old verse that opposites tend to attract. Hinata Hyuga has several insecurities when she was just as a kid. She was supposed to be the heir of their clan yet her father saw through Hinata’s weakness. She trained hard to be accepted yet all her effort seemed pointless. At that time, no one believed in her other than Naruto. Despite Naruto being surrounded by a number of kids, he didn’t runaway and protected Hinata at all cost. Hinata treated Naruto as a special someone from that day onwards and recently she confessed her love and proved it by dying to save Naruto from Pain.

Here's a hub which features this lovable couple: Top 10 Best Anime Love Teams

Others believe that Uzumaki Naruto’s strength solely lies on the Kyuubi trapped inside him. But this energetic ninja’s true power lies beyond that. Naruto values friendship above all. He is willing to do anything even put his life at risks in making sure his friends are saved from eminent danger. Naruto is never alone. At times of great distress, his father is always there to support him as well as his teacher, Jiraiya. Though these two famous Konoha ninjas already passed away, their memories have a special place in Naruto’s heart. Whether this young boy will become the next Hokage of Konoha or not is out of the question since it’s his destiny.

Uchiha Madara’s quest for world domination started hundreds of years ago. Though many believed he died after his first battle against Konoha’s first Hokage, he proved them wrong by announcing his presence in the present generation. Sole effort is futile against his immense power so all the hidden villages decided to join forces and together fight for freedom and peace. Will Uchiha Madara successfully engulf the whole world with darkness? Is Naruto’s strength enough to put an end to his madness? Nothing is certain other than the fact that there’s no other way to diminish Uchiha Madara’s evil plans other than overflowing courage, unbreakable loyalty, and exact unity.

Madara Uchiha

Ever since childhood, Naruto considered the monster trapped inside him as a curse. Though the Kyuubi’s power helped him to defeat strong opponents in several occasions, Uzumaki Naruto won’t accept the demon fox as an ally. However, everything changed recently as Naruto successfully gained full control of the Kyuubi’s immense power with the help of a friend Jinjuriki, Bee. With the Kyuubi’s power at his disposal, Naruto became a formidable ninja strong enough to stand against even a mighty foe like Uchiha Itachi.

Sasuke decided to embrace evil out of vengeance. He believed Uchiha Itachi murdered their whole clan out of no reason and he has the responsibility to avenge them. During their first encounters Itachi mocked Sasuke’s improvement which provoked him to search for new sources of power. At the end, Uchiha Sasuke killed Itachi but his quest for vengeance remained. Before his death, Itachi explained that the assassination of the Uchiha clan was a direct order of the Hidden Leaf council. Sasuke was wrong to think that Itachi denied him as a brother since he was the only survivor. This only means Uchiha Itachi just can’t eliminate his younger brother even if it would mean the Hidden Leaf treating him as a traitor. Sasuke’s cried after the battle not only out of sadness but great hatred as well. He vowed to avenge his clan and most especially his brother.

Naruto Shippuden is one of the most infamous anime series in our generation mainly because of its intense battles. Each shinobi has a unique style of fighting and quitting seems to be out of their vocabulary whether they are fighting for justice and peace or the other way around. Rivalry is also a common sight in Naruto Shippuden. The in-depth coverage of the Hidden Leaf’s history and how it affected the current generation is greatly delivered along with explanations why once loyal shinobis end up joining the forces of evil. Naruto Shippuden is definitely a must watch for every anime fan and this wallpaper clearly describes how diverse its characters are and the endless possibility of pure anime action.

Uzumaki Naruto vs Pain is a battle between Jiraiya’s students. Jiraiya first met Pain along with his friends during the first shinobi war. Back then, Pain regarded Jiraiya as a strong and just mentor. However, the death of Pain’s childhood friends led him to the darkness. It happened after Jiraiya left so Pain felt nothing but abandonment. He longed for so much power which eventually released his true potentials. Pain’s power revolves around hatred which is contrary to Naruto’s. Pain single-handedly destroyed Konoha but Uzumaki Naruto successfully protected its people just in the nick of time. Pain saw hope from Naruto’s courageous eyes so he used up his remaining chakra to revive the ones he killed that day. It was a victory not only for Naruto but the whole Hidden Leaf Village.

A sole force against Uchiha Madara’s evil plot is impossible. This is why the hidden villages decided to form an alliance to defeat Madara and put an end to his evil schemes once and for all. Despite the immense power their combined forces created, the road to peace and justice is still vague. Madara was able to revive fallen shinobis and turn them into his allies. The technique was quite troublesome since the alliance was forced to go against the greatest shinobis of all time. To win is the only acceptable outcome since losing this great battle will only mean the future’s total darkness. Uzumaki Naruto, after controlling the Kyuubi’s power is in the frontline and will never stop to move forward. He knows his strength is not enough but Naruto is confident that his friends and allies will support him without hesitation.

The Akatsuki is a group of bandits who leaves nothing but destruction and death in any village they pass by. Their main goal is to collect all the legendary monsters and use their power to dominate the world. The hidden villages tried their best to stop Akatsuki yet they still managed to capture most of the beasts. Naruto and Bee are the only ones left which is probably the main reason why several leaders of the alliance were worried about the two of them in the war’s front line. However, it can’t be helped since the alliance will surely fall without their assistance. Though most of the core members of the Akatsuki are already dead, their leader and the strongest members still impose a great threat.

Akatsuki Members Names and Power

Naruto Shippuden Openings!

Naruto Shippuden is all about bonds. Whether it’s love for the opposite gender, brotherly love, relationship shared between teacher and student, a secret love, or friendship, they are all illustrated in this popular anime series. The drama behind the intense anime action made Naruto Shippuden an anime worth watching. There’s a meaning in every fight. Every attack seems to be filled with emotion and every character has a unique reason for fighting. No other anime series defines the reality of life and the consequences of love and peace other than Naruto Shippuden. If you haven’t seen even a single episode, give it a chance and you’ll surely get hooked to it in no time!

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Addional Naruto HD Wallpapers for 2016

Since I observed that a lot of people are searching for Naruto Wallpapers, I decided to add some more images on this hub. Hopefully, you'll be able to find what you are looking for. Naruto is among the most popular anime series ever made so certainly many would be looking for images related to this anime. The hub intends to provide another avenue for people to find HD wallpapers. Hope you guys enjoy!

Gaara of the Sand Waterfall

sabaku no gaara (or gaara of the desert)
sabaku no gaara (or gaara of the desert)

Kakashi Hatake

the leader and teacher of Team 7
the leader and teacher of Team 7

Naruto and Sasuke

naruto and sasuke picture
naruto and sasuke picture

Naruto - Hokage of Konoha

Naruto - Seventh Hokage
Naruto - Seventh Hokage

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is the second and youngest son of Mikoto and Fugaku
Sasuke is the second and youngest son of Mikoto and Fugaku

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      5 years ago

      He is my love.... I can't live without seeing him every day..... beloved it

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      anna khan 

      5 years ago

      naruto is da best i luv it

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      Prince Himanshu 

      5 years ago

      i love naruto watching .... naruto is my best show....i like it to much

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      best naruto

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      This series are Awesome !!

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      7 years ago

      i luv naruto since i was a kid,i luv to watch this cartoon.....


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