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Top 10 Best One Piece New World Wallpapers HD

Updated on December 25, 2012

One Piece is one of the most infamous anime series today. We can’t blame millions of anime fans to be hooked with it as One Piece boasts a unique and thrilling experience. Its story revolves in the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy to find One Piece, a treasure hidden by the former King of Pirates. Together with his loyal crewmates Zorro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Brook, Franky, Chopper, and Robin, he embarked on a quest like any other before. The road is never easy yet Luffy is confident that with hard work, determination, and passion, becoming the next King of Pirates is within reach.

Are you still not convinced whether to watch One Piece or not? Here is a list of the Top 10 Best One Piece New World Wallpapers HD to convince you that this anime is worth your time. Prepare for hours of countless fun and excitement! Enjoy these awesome wallpapers everyone!

Sanji is Straw Hat Pirate’s cook. Aside from feeding Luffy and the whole gang throughout their journey, he is also a reliable combatant. Since he solely preserves his hand for cooking, Sanji only uses his feet for battle. His kicks are lightning speed and packed with monstrous power. His main reason why he joined Luffy is to find the One Blue, a place where rare ingredients for cooking are found and considered a paradise for every chef in the world. After being separated from the crew after the Kuma incident, Sanji was teleported to Kama Land. There he ran day and night while being chased by Kama land people. Sanji’s kicking power was greatly developed in the process. He also managed to create various interesting techniques along the way. After 2 years, Sanji became a man strong enough to protect any woman. The challenges up ahead their journey are uncertain yet Sanji will surely be able to face them all head on.

I know Luffy vs. Usopp happened before the Great War but this wallpaper is definitely a thing of beauty. It clearly illustrates how the Usopp can stand up against even a mighty foe like Monkey D. Luffy. Usopp joined the Straw Hat pirates because he wants to prove himself. Back at the village where he was born, Usopp was regarded as a big liar. All the adventures he told to the woman he admired were lies. Usopp is determined to make those stories real. Though many regard him as the weakest member of the Straw Hat pirates, they are all wrong.

This cute one piece new world wallpaper is definitely worthy being a part of this list. Chopper is the crew’s doctor. Others consider him simply as Luffy’s pet but he’s definitely far more than that. This tiny reindeer can transform into several forms boosting certain abilities. Chopper can even transform into a humongous monster that can crash anything in its path with ease. He was able to harness such strong power after the Kuma incident and he presently can control it in a limited duration. Chopper is a loyal, strong, and highly valuable member of the Straw Hat Pirates who is always willing to do everything to save his comrades and anyone in need.

For almost two years, Luffy trained with Gold Roger’s right hand in a remote island filled with powerful monsters. His aim was to develop a skill known as “Haki”, the only way to hurt a Logia-type devil-fruit user. Though it seems he never perfected it, it can’t be denied that Monkey D. Luffy’s power was immensely boosted. A proof of this is that Luffy easily defeated a Kuma clone the day he reunited with his crew. Whether Luffy is ready for the New World is not certain. However, there’s a big chance that he will pull it through since he is never alone. With his loyal friends around to aid him, anything is possible. Beyond their strong power and resilience, the true strength of the Straw Hat Pirates lies on how they value each other.

These are strong pirates who made allegiance to the navy for protection. Others regard them as merely puppets of the government but each of them seems to have a deep reason for serving the navy. Most of them aim for more power while a few do it for a noble cause which is to protect their land. Among the Royal Shichibukai, I admire Jinbei and Boa Hancock the most. They decided to join the group of elite navy protectors because they want to save their land from the government’s oppression. These two are perfect examples of strong people who are willing to risk it all just to safeguard the weak. Boa Hancock may seem cruel yet the goodness inside her emanated as she helped Monkey D. Luffy save his brother.

What made the Straw Hat Pirates so strong? Is it because of the Captain’s boldness? Or do they rely on individual strength? The crew’s strength is beyond measure mainly because of the unity. They fill up each other’s weaknesses and take care of each other on the battlefield. Every member is treated more than a friend but a brother or sister. Others believe that their soft hearts can be considered a weakness yet it’s definitely not. In fact, the goodness inside of each Straw Hat Pirate member completely separates them from selfish pirates who have crooked meaning for justice and won’t settle with peace.

Almost everyone believed that the Straw Hat Crew was all eliminated by Pacifitas. Some anticipated their return and they were right. After two years of being separated, the infamous Straw Hat Pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy reunited and set forth to the new world. They changed not only on the outside but their abilities were significantly boosted as well. Their adventure to the New World started rough. They met the Kraken along the way and got almost crushed. The crew also got caught up in a civil war during their stay at the Fishman Island. Nevertheless, the Straw Hat Pirates handled every obstacle with grace. Nothing can stop them from going to the New World and be closer to their goal, the One Piece.

One Piece has a very unique theme. Though most of it seems to resemble the renaissance era, several episodes feature technologies that are much more advanced compared to what we have now. What would the Straw Hat Crew look like in formal attire? This wallpaper is the best answer to such kind of question. For me, Roronoa Zorro and Monkey D. Luffy stand out. Sanji on the other hand always wears a black suit so it’s not a new look for him. Whether they wear their usual clothes or these formal clothes, the greatness of this straightforward group of pirates will never be erased.

Sunny is the Straw Hat Pirate’s ship that has been them for many years. It’s not an ordinary ship unlike most believe. It boasts mini-bursts that can propel it either backward or forward with immense speed. Such ability is perfect on both defensive and offensive end. In fact, it saved them from countless dangers during their journey towards Fishman Island. The team’s shipwright, Franky also installed several docks to Sunny which houses his new weapons. Sunny has been destroyed a couple of times yet always managed to be revived and turned into a much better pirate ship. Is Sunny ready for the new world? Only Franky can tell but with how he boasts about Sunny’s new power it seems the Straw Hat Pirates has nothing to worry about.

One Piece New World Opening Song!

Everyone who knows nothing about Luffy seems to laugh after hearing about his dream for the first time. You can’t blame them since Luffy’s thin body and innocent mind is very deceiving. It’s normal for anyone to initially regard him as a weakling. Nonetheless, Monkey D. Luffy defies all of our expectations. He stands firm in front of a formidable enemy and will never back down if it would mean compromising the safety of his crewmates. Luffy might easily be pleased with meat but his yearning to become the next King of Pirates will never be satisfied until he achieves it.

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    • Ericajean profile image

      Ericajean 4 years ago

      Me and my husband just started watching One Piece last year and since then I have been searching for wallpapers and other fan art to gaze at. I especially like the Sanji image on your hub!

    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 5 years ago from Davao City

      You're welcome! I hope you liked it.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for this.