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Top 10 Best Steven Seagal Movies Part II

Updated on September 1, 2011
Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal

 Hope you saw the first post on Top 10 Best Steven Seagal action movies of Hollywood before reading this write up. Steven Seagal's movies are indeed amazing and the martial arts fights and movies are a treat to watch even if you are not a Steven Seagal fan. Some people complain that he does not act and shows no emotions irrelevant of any scene. They don't understand and it is his style which makes high impact on the action sequences.

6. Fire Down Below

Steven Seagal movies

 This is my personal favorite - one of the best Steven Seagal movies that you can watch multiple times even back to back instant replay on TBS. The movie happens on the country side with a nice romance story on the side. No scarcity for action though. Steven Seagal plays the role of an environmental protection agency officer takes charge of the case to detect what happens behind the underground mine-shaft fires threatening to turn kentuckys hill country into a wasteland.

7. Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast is a great action movie which showcases Seagal's aikido skills. The hand-to-hand fight in the market with thugs is so good. The entire movie is shot in Thailand. Steven Seagal's daughter is kidnapped by Abu Karaf gang and  how he rescues her forms the rest of the story. Watch for his reaction when he was told his daughter is kidnapped - basically he shows no reaction or emotion - awesome acting I would say. I like his acting and that is his style - amazing! Steven Seagal has always been an awkward action hero. Initially, he had a certain amount of credibility thanks to his nebulous association with secret government agencies and mastery of aikido, which helped to excuse his bad acting.

8. Exit Wounds

Steven Seagal plays a cop again this time in Detroit. Orin is a cop who works in Detroit's 21st precinct, and his attitude and rough means of enforcing the law always end up annoying the captain. Orin kills the terrorists in an incident involving vice-president. The captain transfers Steven Seagal to Detroit's worst precinct. What follows makes it one of the best Steven Seagal's Hollywood action movies.

9. Out for Justice

Drug dealer Richie Madano shoots Bobby Lupo, a policeman in broad daylight and in front of his family. Bobby's friend and partner, Gino Silva upon hearing this, tells his captain that he can find Richie, because he and Richie grew up together but he has to be left alone. So Gino goes to every single one of Richie's hangouts and either misses or was not there when he was. Richie doesn't care if he lives or dies, which makes him more dangerous. How Steven who plays Gino brings him down forms the rest of the story. Another one of best Steven Seagal's action movies from Hollywood.

10. The Glimmer Man

Steven Seagal plays yet again the role of a cop but this time on chasing a serial murderer in this psychological action-thriller. Seagal is a lieutenant specializing in serial murderers, who teams with a homicide detective played by Keenen Ivory Wayans to track an elusive killer.

What is your favorite Steven Seagal movie?

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    • profile image

      ASyed Mazhar 4 years ago

      as far i concerned the best holly wood actor is THE GREAT STEAVEN SEAGAL AND Iam really enjoyed his way of fighting using maritial arts .very nice.

    • profile image

      beatriz perus 5 years ago

      as long as i can remember steven is my FAVORIT actor and i collect his movies and i am 10 short from having all of them

    • profile image

      alexander 5 years ago

      the greatest actor in action movies

    • profile image

      gordon hillyer 5 years ago

      i like that the movies are the best i have seem in the world i like them / A great star off actionest movies /////wil i like so that's what matters what awacth and my mind likes ///////////////////////// ty s.s

    • profile image

      james Winston 5 years ago

      Steven is good as it gets when it comes to kickin ass in action packed movies period.

    • profile image

      Johnjhegedus111 5 years ago

      I just admire him because he actually knows his art

    • profile image

      Keith 6 years ago

      It's the way his facial expression rarely changes when he's is kickin someone's ass!! Classic.

    • italianizeyoursel profile image

      italianizeyoursel 7 years ago

      Steven Seagal does have 10 good movies. Even if they're unintentionally funny, they are still entertaining. He may be weird in real life, but you can't deny that he does have some action classics.

    • profile image

      pasha 8 years ago

      Come on guy. you cant be so mean!

    • profile image

      issues veritas 8 years ago

      He doesn't have 10 good movies